“Discover Notable Points In KIA Carnival Facelift 2024: New Image and Hybrid Powertrain”

“Admire the first image of the 2024 KIA Carnival Facelift and Highlights of the New Design and Technology of This Unique Model.”

It will certainly make men and car fans excited to know that the 2024 KIA Carnival Facelift has been completely transformed with notable improvements in both the exterior and interior. Join us to explore the unique features of this version before the official launch date!

KIA Carnival Facelift has chosen a new design path, inspired by the EV9 electric car model. The new LED headlight design is placed vertically on the car, along with LED daytime running lights to create an interesting and modern exterior.

The interior of the Carnival Facelift is not only spacious but also comfortable. The car is equipped with automatic sliding doors, a sunroof, and the interior space is designed in an SUV style. The ADAS system (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and other technology features are integrated, providing a safe and modern driving experience.

One of the most unique features of the Carnival Facelift is the addition of a Hybrid powertrain. The combination of gasoline and electric engines will not only deliver outstanding performance but also help reduce emissions and save fuel.

KIA doesn’t just stop at improving design and engines. Carnival Facelift 2024 is also equipped with advanced technologies such as a HUD screen, highway driving assist 2 (HDA2), and Ergo Motion Seats from the EV9 electric car model. This not only enhances comfort but also improves driving safety.

Expected to launch in Korea later this year and then land in other markets early next year, KIA Carnival Facelift 2024 promises to be a new star in the world car market.

For more details and updates, stay tuned tapchioto.vn. We will bring the fastest and most detailed news about the KIA Carnival Facelift 2024!

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