Discover Lynk & Co Club in China: Not Just a Place to Buy a Car, But Also a Special Experience

Lynk & Co Club is not simply a place to sell cars, but also a space that combines a unique shopping and brand culture experience. At Lynk & Co Club, you will find a completely new model, directly connecting brands with customers in a unique space different from traditional car showrooms.

Lynk & Co Club in Hangzhou is located at a special location on Nanshan Road, famous for the city’s rich culture. This is part of the Chinese automaker’s global expansion strategy, combining global influences and local cultural characteristics. Hangzhou has 11 other Lynk & Co Clubs in 6 European countries, each taking advantage of its unique location and imbuing the culture of each city.

During the trip to Hangzhou, the Vietnamese journalist group experienced not only car buying, but also a part of Lynk & Co culture, including the “Club”, which not only sells cars.

Lynk & Co Club Hangzhou has an exterior design combining modern and classic, located interspersed among rows of green trees along the road. Here, the space is quiet, not noisy, with most electric cars moving at slow speeds.

The first floor of the Club displays a Lynk & Co car model, but you will quickly forget it because everything around makes you feel like you are walking in a convenient shopping area. From technological devices, personal items, toys – all related to car use.

From the 2nd to 4th floors, Lynk & Co Club is filled with youthfulness and color. This is where you can work, relax with friends, and your children can play. No matter which angle you stand in this area, you have the opportunity to take beautiful photos.

The third floor of Lynk & Co Club is the hub for brand events, art exhibitions and meetings. There are many cards and guest books from people who came to experience it, marking the uniqueness of the Hangzhou Club space.

Lynk & Co Club also shows its connection to the major event, the 2022 Asian Games in China, by decorating the space with objects related to the event, such as the torch used during the event. Congress.

After exploring the experience space, you can enjoy coffee at To Go shop on the 1st floor or enjoy Lynk & Co’s unique drinks at 04 Not Found coffee shop on the 4th floor.

Lynk & Co car company has shown signs of entering the Vietnamese market, and it is possible that there will be a “Club” in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City in the future. With the slogan “More than car”, Lynk & Co has created a different direction, focusing on young people and connecting the community.

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