Details to pay attention to when periodically maintaining your car

Cars, like any other type of vehicle or machine, over time use and work, their parts wear out, and the quality of lubricants and solutions of the vehicle’s systems is reduced. . Therefore, after a period of operation, the vehicle will be inspected and maintained to ensure the safety and stability of machine parts, reduce breakdowns and increase the life of machine and engine parts. car.

Today, CarOn will give you details to pay attention to when periodically maintaining your car, so that your beloved car always looks like new!

Change oil and check oil filter

Usually when customers bring their car in for a routine check-up, the car has been in use for quite a long time, the mileage is quite far and the car often shows an oil warning (because each oil change is set and when the set number of kilometers is reached). If you place an order, the car will notify you). This job is quite simple, the mechanic lifts the car up and removes the oil drain screw to drain the engine oil into the oil tank to clean it, then remove the oil filter to check how dirty the filter is.

Normally, when a car changes to the second memory, the oil filter will be replaced (for every 2 oil changes, the filter is changed). After checking and tightening the oil drain screw, the vehicle will be filled with the correct amount and type of oil according to the manufacturer, customer requirements or at the maintenance center.

replace-loc-nhot caron pro
Tools used to check and replace oil filters

Check and clean the engine air filter

The engine air filter is a quite important detail, it is responsible for filtering the air before mixing with fuel and entering the combustion chamber. When the air filter is torn, dirt will not be blocked and will directly enter the engine, affecting the operation process and causing damage to the machine. If the air filter is too dirty, it will be clogged, and the amount of air passing through will also be blocked, leading to a lack of air mixing with fuel.

Whenever you go for regular vehicle maintenance, you should ask the technician to remove the air filter to check and clean it. The work is quite simple, just remove the air filter, take out the air filter and blow out the dust. In case the air filter is too dirty and clogged, replace it with a new filter of the same type as the car’s old air filter to ensure good operating condition. for engine. Experts recommend changing the air filter every 50,000km to ensure the engine always has enough clean air when operating.

kt-loc-gio_caron pro muscle
Check and clean the engine air system

Check air conditioner air filter

The job of the air conditioner filter is to retain dirt from the outside air before passing through the air conditioner to bring cool air to the car space. If the air filter is clogged with dirt, it will clog, causing the car to quickly cool when the air conditioner is turned on and may be accompanied by an unpleasant odor. You should ask a technician to check and clean the air conditioning fan to ensure comfort when turning on the car’s air conditioner.

Cleaning the air conditioner in Caron Pro cars
Check and clean the air conditioning system

Check brakes (brakes)

A car’s brakes are one of the hardest working parts, always subject to high temperatures and pressure when operating. Brake pads need to be cleaned after a period of vehicle operation to avoid scratching the disc when dirty, increasing friction. When you check and see that the brake pads no longer have friction or are too worn, you can ask the technician to replace the brakes to ensure the vehicle moves safely on all roads.

caron pro car brake
The brake pads of drum brakes are flat and located on steel sheets

Check other details and parts

Wheel tyres

If you have some free time, walk around the car and visually inspect the four wheels. If you have more time, consider the 4 tires more carefully.

The tire is the part in direct contact with the road surface and the smallest contact surface area is the size of the palm of the hand. Therefore, if the tires are worn out, the vehicle’s traction will also decrease, meaning the accident rate increases, especially on slippery roads. You should get into the habit of checking your tires once a week and measuring tire pressure. Under-inflated tires are the cause of many problems when driving a car such as: Causing wear and tear on the tires, creating resistance (increasing fuel consumption) and poor traction when turning or braking. Users can use touch tire pressure variable to check whether the tire tension is appropriate for the different conditions of each road segment. For example, when operating a vehicle on sandy roads, it is necessary to reduce tire pressure and soften the tires

To learn more about ways to maintain tires, please read the article:

Car lighting system

Ensuring that the lighting system both inside and outside the car is working properly is essential when driving. You can ask someone else to help with this task, especially when checking the tail lights.

In case the vehicle’s headlights or taillights are broken, it should be repaired immediately, not only for your own safety but also to avoid violating traffic laws. If you find that your vehicle’s lights are not bright enough, do not rush to replace the bulb with a higher wattage because this will void the vehicle’s warranty, or more seriously, the new bulb may melt surrounding parts due to heat. height

Spark Plug Parts

Located in the ignition department, car spark plugs are parts that always have to operate in extremely harsh environments with extremely high temperatures and pressures. Therefore, regular care and maintenance of spark plugs is extremely important, greatly affecting the performance and longevity of the vehicle. Most spark plugs usually have a “expiry date” of about 100,000 km (Iriddi Spark Plug).

Depending on the vehicle engine, as well as the driving terrain conditions, you choose the appropriate time to replace the spark plugs. According to expert recommendations, car spark plugs should be replaced when the operating distance is between 60,000 km and 100,000 km. If the car has a turbo, it needs to be replaced between 60,000 km and 70,000 km.

caron pro car spark plugs

Check the fluids in the vehicle

In addition to engine oil, other oils such as transmission oil, brake oil, power steering oil, glass washer fluid and coolant level must also ensure adequate quantity and quality so that the vehicle always operates in a quiet condition. most attentive. These oil levels must always be in a guaranteed condition and so should the coolant. It must be filled fully to avoid the vehicle lacking coolant causing poor engine cooling. In addition, periodically checking and cleaning the fuel filter is also necessary to wash away dirt in the fuel filter, making the filter more clear to facilitate the process of supplying fuel to the engine.

Whether it is a mid-range car or a luxury car, it needs to be maintained carefully and periodically. “What lasts depends on the person” – always preserve and take care of your companion on every step of your journey.

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