Dashboard camera and information you need to know

Dashboard cameras are increasingly popular and have become an indispensable and familiar equipment for every driver. So what makes Dashboard cameras so important? What is its structure and how does it work? Let’s find out with CarOn through the article below!

Camera journey is what?

A dash cam (also known as a dash cam) is a device that records images and sounds while the vehicle is rolling.

Information will be transmitted directly to the driver during traffic, broadcast remotely to those with access via wireless waves and stored in the device’s memory. The dash cam also has the function of observing traffic at night, giving directions through the GPS system, reading traffic signs, warning and measuring the speed of road vehicles.

History of formation and development of Dashcam

Around the world, people have been attaching dash cameras to cars since 1980, starting with police in Russia. The first dash cams used VHS tapes and were mounted using a tripod. The first cameras were very bulky and the images were not sharp. Then in the early 90s, dash cams received more attention because there were many accidents, but these accidents involved suspicious behavior, so the police used the documents recorded in dash cams to investigate. as evidence.

Seeing this convenience, researchers have tried to design compact and high-tech dash cams at a cheaper price. That’s why most people in Russia have dash cams.

But other countries, including the United States, still do not care much about these product lines. Towards the end of 2000, there was a series of insurance fraud cases where people crashed into your car and claimed to be injured – this became terrible for those participating in traffic. Therefore, everyone wants to install them to protect themselves when traveling on the road.

Nowadays, dash cams have become an indispensable equipment in every car. This is a useful means to ensure safety and benefits in traffic-related issues for users.

Structure and operating principle of Dashboard Camera

About structure

Lines car dashboard camera Currently, it is composed of 4 main parts: Outer shell, camera eye, screen and infrared light.

About the outer shell of the dash cam:

This is the part to protect the electronic parts inside the camera to avoid the effects of the outside environment. The outer shell of a car camera is usually made of durable materials such as: plastic, metal, alloy, waterproof and impact resistant. The shell is designed delicately, compactly and suitable for different types of vehicles.

Regarding the dash cam eye:

The car dashboard camera eye is the most important part of a car dashboard camera. It has basic parts such as: Lens, processor chip, microelectronic circuit, connection port, card slot. miss…

Cameras with 170-degree wide-angle eyes help record a comprehensive range of images and sounds during traffic. This also helps the driver to observe a wider angle and promptly come up with solutions when there is danger.

About the dash cam screen:

This is the part that will direct the images recorded by the camera and the cameras will be connected to the screen via connection wires or wireless systems such as bluetooth or wifi. The car dash cam screen is usually an electronic touch screen type that allows the driver to see both the front and rear cameras of the car.

About dash cam infrared lights:

This is a device that helps the camera observe in low light conditions. However, recorded images can only be displayed in black and white.

About the principle of operation

The dash cam is powered through the vehicle’s power source or directly attached to the battery. The camera operates when the power switch is turned on and records images continuously and stores them on the memory card in the camera.

The standard dash cam is designed with an LED and infrared light system to help the camera record the sharpest footage at night. This system helps increase the light intensity for the camera area, combined with vehicle lights and road lighting to help capture the best quality images.

Daily journey cam on caron pro screen

Integrated with Live View display, when using the dash cam, the driver can directly view the images that have just been recorded, and if they encounter collisions, they can be resolved immediately. In addition, the camera also allows customizing sound and images through the settings menu very conveniently.

In addition, the dash cam also has an integrated AV OUT port and HDMI port that allows connecting images to all other screens in the vehicle.

In addition, some high-end dash cams allow the camera to integrate many other features such as: integrated GPS to save the entire journey, travel coordinates, 3-way collision sensor, emergency braking, etc. These all support the driver in both locating the route and increasing safety when traveling.

Why is it necessary to install a Dashcam?

Observe traffic, ensure safety when traveling

The most basic function of a dash cam is to observe surrounding developments when the vehicle participates in traffic. This device ensures that the driver can monitor the whole scene, without hidden corners, without blind spots, ensuring absolute safety when driving.

Anti-theft alarm, ensuring security

In addition to the above functions, dash cams also have extremely accurate positioning capabilities with warnings in case of collision, helping drivers always proactively monitor the vehicle’s location, limiting theft. , security.

Extract images, serve investigation

override on caron pro dash cam

Any type of camera can be used for security purposes. And dash cams are no exception. Every image on your route is recorded. Helps you have evidence in all traffic situations. The video recorded by the camera will be important evidence for you to provide to the police or insurance companies in case of an accident.

Other special features of the Dashcam

Integrated GPS navigation

The GPS integrated dash cam also has the function of giving directions and locating maps without needing a 3G, 4G or wireless Wifi connection, helping to save all parameters of the route on a google map, displaying it. coordinates of the vehicle in circulation, displaying the number of kilometers running. From there, it helps the driver locate and choose the right direction.

Warning traffic signs

Currently, the traffic warning feature only mainly warns of speed limits, or entering/exiting densely populated areas with speed restrictions. This feature is also part of the built-in GPS navigation system, which provides warnings when the driver exceeds the allowed speed limit, or other notes.

Tire pressure warning

Usually these dash cams will integrate a radio receiver, link with sensors located at the tire valve position, and issue warnings when tire pressure is below standard. This feature also causes the price of dash cams to increase significantly.

Lane departure warning

This feature will use algorithms to track road markings through captured video data, and provide simple audio warnings to the driver. Although not as “luxurious” as similar pre-equipped features, this feature still makes a positive contribution.

Safe distance warning

This feature also works similarly to the lane departure warning feature through algorithms processing video data. However, the above feature also contributes to improving safety when driving.

Record 2 channels

A camera capable of recording front and rear images at the same time will be more comprehensive than just recording images from the front of the vehicle. Because, sometimes collisions caused by vehicles behind not keeping a safe distance can also cause a lot of unnecessary controversy, if not recorded by the dash cam.

4G & Wifi connection

Nowadays, dash cams are integrated as a multi-purpose device, almost completely replacing car entertainment devices with a built-in Android operating system. These dash cams can connect to 4G with Wifi hotspot features, sharing data with other smart devices. In addition, users can install additional entertainment features such as listening to music, YouTube…

Choose to buy a suitable dash camera

Currently, dash cams are no longer a strange product on the market. There are many designs and styles with prices ranging from low to high. But “you get what you pay for”, there is no shortage of cheap products of low quality or fake and counterfeit products. This will lead to bad experiences when using, not ensuring safety when driving. To be able to choose the most suitable dash cam for your beloved driver, you need to choose according to many criteria such as: features, image quality, price, brand, etc.

CarOn has also compiled and summarized the necessary criteria when choosing to buy a dash cam. Please refer to the following article:

CarOn Pro smart car screen – super product with integrated dash camera

With the increasing need for drivers to use all kinds of screens from dash cams, reversing cameras, 360 cameras…, arranging space to keep these camera screens is not easy at all because of the large size. The space in the front of the car is limited, if too many devices are installed, it will obstruct visibility. So why don’t you choose a monitor that can integrate all types of cameras that is both compact and space-saving?

Smart car screens are the optimal solution for you. As one of the hottest car screens today, the CarOn smart car screen stands out with outstanding features such as: Utility, Safety, Modernity, Unlimited Entertainment.

One of the most popular features of the CarOn smart car screen today is its integration with a dash cam. Drivers can feel secure on all roads because there is a CarOn smart car screen: speed warning, collision warning, lane departure warning…

In addition, the CarOn smart car screen can be integrated with all types of cameras that are popular in use today. With diverse designs, modern designs and many attractive features, the CarOn smart car screen is a worthy investment for your car.

So, we have just introduced to you the most basic information about car dash cameras. Hopefully through this article you will understand more about dash cameras. Refer to the CarOn smart car screen product through the images below. Contact us immediately via hotline 0961.247.360 or via website https://caronpro.vn/ for timely advice and support.

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