The car engine compartment consists of many important parts… cleaning this area needs to be done properly to avoid affecting the machinery, electrical system as well as other details.

So what are the steps to take, what should you keep in mind? The article below CarOn will answer for you!

Is cleaning the car engine compartment really necessary?

Is cleaning the car engine compartment really necessary??

The car engine compartment is the location where important parts of a vehicle are located, including the engine, cooling system, battery, etc. If you want the vehicle to always operate smoothly and quietly, users need to keep the compartment clean. The machine is always clean. Because dust and dirt cling to details, it reduces the value of the vehicle, even causing some mechanical parts to be damaged, affecting the operation process. Therefore, washing the car engine compartment is a necessary activity and should be done periodically.

When do you need to clean the car engine compartment?

Cleaning and cleaning the engine compartment is a good thing to do, but this job also needs to be done at the right time or on a regular schedule. Car owners can proactively clean the engine compartment based on the following 3 signs:

Drivers should clean the engine compartment periodically Every 6 months so that problems can be promptly detected and corrected. Thereby contributing to increasing the life of the engine compartment while helping the vehicle operate safely and effectively on each route.

When do you need to clean the car engine compartment?

When you discover that the engine compartment has a lot of mud, dirt, trash, etc., you should immediately clean the engine compartment.

Cleaning the engine compartment should also be carried out when observing the engine compartment for signs of mice, harmful insects residing and gnawing on details in the engine compartment.

Should I wash my car’s engine compartment at home?

Car owners can completely wash their car’s engine compartment at home because the process is not too complicated and the supporting tools are quite simple. However, this job requires care because a small mistake can cause serious damage. Unnecessary damage to the car.

Some necessary tools that users need to prepare when cleaning the car’s engine compartment at home include masks, gloves, soft bristles, toothbrushes, clean towels, clean water, and specialized cleaning solution. low pressure spray nozzles and appliances.

In addition, users also need to pay special attention when performing operations to ensure their own health and not affect the car’s parts.

Absolutely do not use high-pressure spray hoses or garden hoses to clean the engine compartment.

Because it can cause scratches or cause some parts and joints to come apart due to too much force. In addition, users should not use dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, or laundry soap to replace specialized car engine compartment cleaning solutions. Common detergents can cause the surface of many parts to corrode and oxidize quickly, causing rust, damage, etc.

Steps to clean the car engine compartment at home

Step 1: Open the hood and clean the engine compartment

Open the hood and clean the engine compartment

After the car is running, the engine compartment area is often very hot, high temperatures in some parts can cause burns. Therefore, before cleaning, you need to open the hood for 10 – 20 minutes to cool down. This helps prevent parts in the engine compartment such as valves, rubber pipes, belts, etc. from having their lifespan reduced due to sudden temperature changes.

Remove debris, branches or dry leaves… that get into the engine compartment, especially in the area near the air vent, under the windshield. Some car models often have an engine cover that you should remove for easy cleaning.

Step 2: Shielding electrical circuits, engine air intakes…

Shielding electrical circuits – Source: Collected

After cleaning up trash that has entered the engine compartment, you should use plastic wrap or specialized waterproof tape to shield electrical circuits and electronic devices. Check the cover covering the battery terminals. If it is not safe, temporarily disconnect it. In addition, you should use a clean towel or plastic bag to cover the air intake and generator to prevent water from entering and causing damage.

Step 3: Spray engine compartment cleaning solution

Spray cleaning solution on areas in the engine compartment, then leave for 3-5 minutes for the solution to dissolve and soften dirt or grease on the parts. Currently on the market there are versions of specialized solutions from Meguiars, 3M,… to clean car engine compartments. If taking care of your car at home, car owners should equip these types of solutions instead of using soap or detergents that can corrode metal and rubber parts in the engine compartment.

Then use a brush, mini brush combined with engine cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains or greasy areas around the engine compartment…

Step 4: Rinse with clean water

Note, do not use high-pressure sprayers, and do not spray directly into areas where electronic parts and circuits are installed, even if they are shielded. Instead, use a small brush to clean nooks and crannies and then use a clean towel to dry to avoid water entering these details.

Step 5: Dry the details

Use a soft cloth combined with a compressed air spray to dry the inside of the engine compartment. Pay attention to dry the connectors, spark plug wires, electronic parts…

Step 6: Check the engine compartment again

After completing the cleaning of the engine compartment, begin disassembly with glue and plastic wrap covering the electrical circuits, engine air intake, generator, and check for any debris left in the engine compartment. Then close the engine cover and hood and start the car to check if the details are working normally or not.

Compare washing the engine compartment at home and at the Garage

Washing the engine compartment at home or using a service both has its own advantages and disadvantages

Wash the engine compartment at home

– Advantage:

  • Spend less time, don’t have to travel
  • Be proactive at home
  • Cost savings

– Defect:

  • Health effects due to exposure to chemicals
  • Not being careful can lead to the risk of damage, fire, explosion, short circuit of equipment, etc.
  • In addition, washing the car’s engine compartment at home will not be able to remove all old stains and grease stains because there are no specialized tools.

Wash the engine compartment at the Garage

– Advantage:

  • Thorough cleaning, highly effective
  • Affordable cost
  • Guaranteed safety

– Defect

  • Waste of time traveling

Washing the engine compartment at home is entirely possible, but not everyone can do it. Therefore, to help keep the vehicle clean, operate stably, save costs and ensure health, users should prioritize doing this at reputable centers every 3 months. Only when you cannot take your car to a maintenance center should you wash the engine compartment yourself at home.


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