Chevrolet Equinox EV: 513km/Charge, Price From Only 645 Million VND

Chevrolet has announced plans to release the Equinox EV electric crossover. Although this announcement comes later than expected, Chevrolet is ready to surprise users with this new product.

Initially, Chevrolet planned to launch the Equinox model on the market in the fall of 2023, but in reality, it will have to wait until early 2024 for this model to ship.

Next week, Chevrolet will begin accepting deposits for the Equinox EV, and about 200,000 people are ready to place orders for this model.

Equinox EV will have 2 versions, including 2RS FWD front-wheel drive version and 2RS AWD all-wheel drive version. The starting price of the 2RS FWD version is 49,000 USD (equivalent to 1.2 billion VND), while the 2RS AWD version is 3,400 USD higher, or 1,287 billion VND. Prices for both versions do not include support from the government and/or state, such as a $7,500 tax incentive from the US government.

The 2RS FWD version is capable of traveling 513.38 km according to EPA standards. This version is equipped with a 17.7-inch touch screen, interior lights, Super Cruise automatic driving assistance system, adaptive cruise control, and heated front seats.

The company will also have a very accessible version, called 1LT, priced from 34,995 USD, equivalent to 860 million VND. This version is compatible with the government’s $7,500 subsidy program, helping Americans buy a car for about $27,495, equivalent to VND 675 million.

The 1LT version of the Chevrolet Equinox will use front-wheel drive and will have the same battery as the version that will be deposited next week, allowing about 513.38 km of range per charge. Chevrolet has demonstrated its commitment to meeting market and consumer needs with its Equinox EV.

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