The CarOn screen is not only a multimedia entertainment system, but also gives you a wonderful and safe driving experience. With FULL HD resolution, the ability to connect to the Internet and peripheral devices… CarOn deserves to be the leading safety driving aid to help you drive more safely and hands-free. In addition, when equipped with a CARON CR6 BASIC smart car screen, you can also experience countless other convenient features, creating a difference and a luxurious driving space. Below are details about the CR6 Basic product that you definitely should not miss.

Salient features

  • Full HD sharp interface
  • Connect Apple CarPlay
  • Split screen multitasking
  • GPS navigation via CarOn Track
  • Multimedia entertainment system
  • Lane departure warning, speed warning
  • Integrated 3 smart route maps
  • Connect peripheral devices Camera, tire pressure sensor
  • Install using Zinc jack according to the car.

Gifts according to CARON display

  • Free Dash Cam
  • Free VietMap S1 copyright
  • Free 32GB memory card
  • Free home installation
  • Warranty up to 3 years
  • Error 1 for 1 exchange within 12 months

Outstanding features are on the CarOn screen

Sharp interface, fast processing speed

Sharp interface

The CarOn CR6 BASIC screen has a sharp interface and fast processing speed, creating an outstanding user experience. With QLED technology, the screen reproduces accurate colors and good contrast, providing vivid and realistic images.

The screen’s 1280×720 resolution provides clear and detailed images, allowing users to perceive important information easily. Accessing and controlling entertainment features, GPS navigation and other functions is also easier and more responsive than ever.

Command KIKI’s sharp voice

Not only does the interface have a sharp, high resolution and fast processing speed, the CR6 BASIC screen also has a voice command feature activated through the KIKI assistant. This is a valuable utility that helps users drive hands-free and more safely. With KIKI voice command feature,
Users can interact and request multiple tasks on the CarOn screen with just “ONE COMMAND”.

For example: Listen to music, watch movies, make calls, open the Camera, search for locations, get directions,… Thanks to that, your travel also becomes simpler, safer, more convenient and hands-free.

Multimedia entertainment

The CarOn CR6 BASIC screen allows you to access and download many applications on the screen, you can enjoy your favorite online music or play games, listen to music, watch TV, surf the web… through applications. downloaded directly via CH Play such as Youtube, VTVgo, Facebook, Zalo,… just like a tablet.

In particular, you can make requests via the KIKI voice assistant without touching the screen, creating flexibility and convenience, minimizing risks and stress while driving.

Split screen multitasking

The CarOn CR6 BASIC screen also has a split-screen multitasking feature that helps users enjoy many features at the same time on a large screen. You can divide the screen into two equal parts or adjust the size as desired, for example: left half of the screen “Listen
music”, right half “View map” or left half “Watch movies” right half “Surf the web”.

Split screen multitasking

This feature provides flexibility and convenience in using in-vehicle functions. You can track essential information and control functions easily without
Switch between applications.

Connect peripheral devices

– With the ability to connect a Dashcam, the CarOn CR6 BASIC screen allows you to view and record images from the Camera directly on the car screen. This gives you a clear view of the vehicle’s environment and records incidents in traffic. You can also use Dash Cam features such as recording videos or reviewing recorded images.

– In addition, you can also connect the tire pressure sensor to the CR6 Basic screen and provide information about the pressure of each tire directly on the large screen. You can monitor and check tire pressure easily. When there is a problem, the screen will display and alarm if the tire pressure is too high or too low, helping you detect the problem and have timely solutions, ensuring safety during travel.

Wifi connection, 4G SIM

Wi-Fi connection and 4G SIM on the CarOn screen open up a large Internet access space and continuous connectivity, providing a great multimedia online experience in the car. You can continue to work, entertain, watch movies, listen to music and interact online even when

Integrated 3 smart, modern maps

The CarOn CR6 BASIC screen is integrated with three smart map applications: Google Maps, Navitel and Vietmap, providing flexibility and diversity for in-car navigation and positioning. In particular, you can watch directly on CarOn’s large screen, providing a large viewing angle and precise control without losing focus while driving.

With just one command like: “Directions + Address + Application (Google Maps/ Navitel/VietMap). You can enjoy diverse features and choose applications that suit your needs, quickly, easily, safely and conveniently.

Speed, lane departure, distance warnings

The CarOn screen provides many important warning features to help you drive safely and avoid traffic violations, such as when going over the speed limit, a voice warning signal will appear, or when lane deviation will also appear. signal. At the same time, it also provides an image of the distance to the vehicle in front, helping you react promptly and drive more safely.

Vivid sound quality

With up to 32 channels of CarOn display integrated audio processing, optimize your audio experience in the car. With a large number of channels, the CarOn screen helps you enjoy music, movies and multimedia content with high quality and vividness. You will feel the smallest sound details, from powerful bass to vivid highs creating a vast, realistic sound space down to every detail.

Bluetooth connection, hands-free calling

What is Bluetooth technology - All information about Bluetooth technology - CarOn Pro android smart screen for cars
Bluetooth connection

You can connect Bluetooth directly to your phone, allowing contacts and calls to be synchronized to the car screen. You can also give KIKI voice commands when you want to make a call to a friend in your contacts. As simple as: “Call A Phong” then the screen will automatically make the call without having to touch the phone. This helps you free your hands and eyes, increasing safety and convenience while driving.

Connect Apple CarPlay

The CarOn display supports Apple CarPlay connectivity, allowing you to enjoy iOS features and applications on the vehicle screen. Helps bring iPhone applications and functions to the car screen in a smart and convenient way. You can access and use applications such as electricity
voice, texting, music, maps and other entertainment applications on the CarOn screen. All operations and operations on the CarPlay screen are controlled through a simple and easy-to-use interface, with the support of the touch screen and steering wheel controls.

GPS positioning via CarOn Tracking

The CarOn Display provides GPS navigation through the CarOn Tracking app developed by CarOn Software Engineers. With this application, you can track and locate your vehicle’s location accurately and conveniently.

Provides you with detailed information such as: “Current location of the vehicle, travel speed, stops – parking, storing trip history up to 365 days,…” From there, you can monitor and protect wealth
Personal products are safer.


  • The CarOn screen has a huge configuration, superior to its price.
  • CarOn’s Android car screen is equipped with Mali-G52 chip right from the most high-end low segments on the market, a powerful and advanced graphics chip, providing high graphics performance and great visual experience. for users.
  • Long-term warranty policy: When installing a CarOn screen, you will be guaranteed that the product will be protected from technical errors and incidents of “1 for 1 exchange within 12 months” warranty of up to 3 years. Helps you feel secure in using the product and enthusiastic support 24/7 when you encounter problems.
  • Good products, skilled technical team: You will receive free installation including installation, troubleshooting and delivery, information and useful gifts to help you enjoy a great driving experience. great.
  • Good price: With a competitive price in its segment, the CarOn screen ensures that you can enjoy many features and benefits of the smart screen in your car without investing too much. This is also a strong point that makes the CarOn screen an attractive choice for many users.

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