Car smells: Causes and solutions

Cars are a means of transport that are being used more and more in Vietnam because of their convenience, comfort and luxury. However, sitting in a car does not always feel comfortable. Because if the car has an unpleasant smell, it’s a “torture” feeling, right?

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Causes of bad odors in the car

Unpleasant odors in cars seriously affect the health and mood of people sitting in the car. If the car is not cleaned periodically, the car’s interior will “smell” and make the car owner feel haunted. Some reasons why odors appear in cars include:

Due to the car’s air conditioning system

If a car is used for a long time, it is inevitable that dirt will stick to the air conditioning system. The reason is that the weather is hot and humid and there is moisture in the air. So when the air conditioner operates, the rotating fan blades encounter dirt and water, combining together and clinging tightly to the fan blades. Over time, this dirt will create mold and odors.

In addition, the weather in Vietnam is humid and traffic is complicated, creating a lot of dust. When the air conditioning system operates, it sucks dirt into the air conditioner filter. If the air conditioner filter is not cleaned for a long time, it will also create dirt and mold, causing an odor in the car.

This smell often carries bacteria that are not beneficial to people in the car, so drivers need to take timely preventive measures.

Bad smell from the car’s interior

This is an unpleasant odor due to the damp interior of the car. This smell often carries bacteria that are not beneficial to the people in the car, so drivers need to take timely preventive measures. So where does the humidity come from?

– Area below the control panel: Normally when the air conditioner is turned on, water during the air conditioning process will rise in the evaporator located right under the control panel. That water needs to be taken out of the car, but if the drain pipe is clogged, it will cause water to flow into the inside of the car, causing the carpet and surrounding details to become moldy.

– There are many players who choose to upgrade their cars by installing equipment to protect the car’s interior, for example: leather seat covers, floor mats, steering wheel covers, etc. This device is made from leather, felt, and plastic with a very specific smell, tightly packed in an airtight cabin. Not only that, these are also environments that easily create musty odors and contain many toxic chemical ingredients. Especially when exposed to high air temperatures, this odor will increase many times. Special attention should be paid to cleaning these areas.

Car floor mats show signs of mold and dirt, causing unpleasant odors

– In addition to the main cause above, the car can also be penetrated by water through a gap around the window or in the door or car body gap or from the sunroof. During the past days of heavy rain, accidentally bringing water into the car is also unavoidable. Therefore, you should regularly clean these areas during the rainy season.

Burning smell in car interior

This burning smell may come from the electrical control system or some details related to electricity and car plastic next to the burned electrical part. This is a quite sensitive smell, because not only is it quite easy to detect through its characteristic odor. When detecting the smell of electrical or plastic burn, it is necessary to urgently check and take quick repair measures to avoid more serious damage occurring later.

Due to a problem with the brake or clutch

Usually when there is a problem with the brake and clutch, it will create a pungent or burning smell. The reason is that the brake pedal is released but the brake shackle is still stuck in the brake disc, creating extremely high friction, generating heat and thereby causing a burning metal smell.

Caron holds the brake lever while driving
Hold the brake lever while driving to ensure safety

In addition, it is possible that the driver did not release the clutch pedal when shifting gears, causing the centrifuge to overwork, leading to overheating, causing a fire and creating a burning smell similar to the smell of burning rubber.

Due to car oil leak

Oil leaks cause a very unpleasant smell. It signals to you that your car is having a problem and you should have it checked immediately.

  • Light yellow oil may be related to a problem with the vehicle’s engine box.
  • Oil that is red and feels slippery on the hand is transmission and power steering oil.
  • If you see water drops but the surface is not smooth on your hand, it may be coolant.
  • If your car is leaking oil at the bottom of the crankcase or axle seal, check under the chassis to see it most easily.
  • If the oil leaks from the camshaft line seal or above, it is very difficult to find out where the oil is leaking out.

The cause of the car’s oil leak is that the spark plug gaskets in cheap cars, after traveling about 100,000 km, become hard, shrink and show signs of aging. Causes the engine cover to not be tightly closed and causes car oil to leak out. In addition, it is possible that the vehicle has been operating for a long time, causing the bolts to loosen or the oil seal to be cracked or damaged.

In this case, it is necessary to bring the vehicle to a facility for maintenance as soon as possible.

The car exhaust manifold is broken

The exhaust converter is a part that helps control emissions and changes exhaust gases to reduce harmful emissions. When they are not working properly, you will smell a rotten egg-like smell in your car.

In addition, improper coating of a car’s underbody can lead to damage to the car’s exhaust catalytic converter. It is necessary to replace the exhaust converter with a new one immediately to avoid affecting other parts and causing discomfort when moving.

The foul smell from the engine compartment entered the car

Although car manufacturers have designed the engine compartment to be as tight as possible with the car cabin to limit odors and noise. But that is not the most optimal method, there are still some gaps. Because of these gaps, the smell from the engine compartment still permeates the car cabin. The bad smell coming from the engine compartment can be a bad smell from gasoline, dirt and mold, or it can also be a bad smell from insects accidentally entering the engine compartment.

Cleaning the engine compartment is necessary because this is the only way to limit the above odors.

Due to the habits of car users

Not to mention, one of the reasons why cars have an unpleasant odor is due to inappropriate habits of drivers. It seems that the habit of considering your beloved car as a mobile room is unintentionally creating unpleasant odors in the cabin.

Smoking habit: Some people who have a habit of smoking think that smoking is to increase their ability to concentrate. However, cigarette smoke is the enemy of the driver’s cockpit. The smell of cigarette smoke will easily creep into the car even if you smoke outside next to the car. The smell of cigarettes will stick to parts of the car over time and is difficult to remove

Eating habits in the car: This is a habit that most people encounter. The smell of food, grease, etc. will easily stick to the car’s interior. There are even many cases where food and drinks are spilled on the car. Even cleaning the food stains is difficult to completely remove. If you leave food in the car, it’s even worse. The smell of food and drink over time will create an extremely unpleasant odor.

Carrying fresh food on the vehicle: Usually when you go home during the holidays and go on long trips, your car will probably carry a lot of fresh food. Even if you wrap it carefully and ice it, on a long trip, the smell of food will linger in the car’s compartment. This will create an extremely unpleasant odor, directly affecting people in the car.

Habit of carrying pets without using mats: Even though pets have been bathed, they will still have their own unique smell. Therefore, if you do not use separate carpets for pets, their smell will linger in the car for a long time.

Some ways to treat unpleasant odors in the car

Deodorize your car with pineapple (pineapple)

Pineapple has the ability to deodorize cars very effectively, and the method is also extremely simple. Buy a ripe pineapple and place it in the most convenient location in the car’s cabin. The bad smell in the car will soon “leave” without a trace. You can use pineapple to deodorize your car in the following simple ways:

  1. Leave a whole pineapple in the car’s cabin. Replace after 2-3 days because when pineapple spoils, it will easily attract insects.
  2. Cut 1/4 to 1/2 of a pineapple onto a plate and place it on top of the car. Be sure to fix the disc so that it doesn’t vibrate or shake when walking.
  3. You squeeze the pineapple into juice, then use an essential oil diffuser to diffuse the smell. This method creates a very good smell, but the downside is that it makes the car damp, affecting the car’s interior.

Note: Replace pineapples regularly to ensure that the smell of damaged pineapples does not affect the space of your car.

Deodorize your car with activated carbon

The deodorizing effect of activated carbon is probably no longer strange. This material not only deodorizes well but also has the ability to “eliminate” pollutants in the air.

To deodorize your car with activated carbon, place the activated carbon bag near the air vent or under the seat. This will help you get rid of unpleasant odors in your car

Deodorize your car with coffee

The scent from coffee beans can overwhelm bad odors inside the car’s interior. The smell of coffee, although strong, is very fragrant and pleasant. You can place a bag of coffee (beans or ground) near the car’s air conditioner so that the aroma can easily diffuse. You should leave it for at least a few hours or overnight so that the coffee helps eliminate unpleasant odors. Pre-roasted whole coffee beans can also be used.

Besides, you can hang the coffee bag near the car’s air conditioner so that the aroma can easily diffuse. Placing coffee bags in the car not only helps deodorize well and quickly, but also brings alertness and refreshment to those sitting in the car.

Deodorize your car with grapefruit peel

Grapefruit peel is also a great deodorizer for cars. With its characteristic pure fragrance and good moisture absorption ability, grapefruit peel will deodorize cars very well, especially the leather smell of new cars.

Put the grapefruit peel in a small box or jar (with ventilation holes) and place it in the back seat or under the car. After 2 – 3 days, the unpleasant smell that haunts your car will definitely be gone.

Use essential oils

In essential oils, people often use pure essential oils, not mixed with other chemical ingredients (also known as 100% natural essential oils), so they not only ensure safety for health but also bring benefits. many benefits. Therefore, car essential oils are increasingly chosen by more and more people, considered a solution to deodorize cars, kill bacteria, purify the air while creating fragrance for the car that is both effective and natural.

Some popular essential oils today are: cinnamon essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, cajuput essential oil, peppermint essential oil,…

Use a specialized car deodorizing solution

To eliminate unpleasant car odors, you can refer to using some specialized car deodorizing solutions from famous brands such as: Tenzi – Odor Off Nano, Ventek deodorizing solution, Sonax deodorant solution…

Clean your car periodically

To help avoid having an unpleasant car odor, take the time to take your car to be washed and cleaned periodically at reputable car care centers. The staff at the center will help you clean all stains and remove all unpleasant odors from the car.

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