Difficulty starting the engine or not being able to start the engine is not an uncommon situation for many drivers. So what is the cause and how to handle it? In the article below, CarOn will answer your questions!

The reason why the car is difficult to start or does not start

Spark plug urgent problem

caron brown brick red spark plug
There is a problem with the spark plug

The fuel combustion process that takes place in the engine cylinder must fully meet the following three conditions: Gas – fuel – heat. If the ignition coil or spark plug is faulty, there will be no spark or the spark will not be strong enough to ignite the air mixture.

This causes the car to have problems of not starting or having difficulty starting, the driver needs to wait a long time to be able to start.

The car battery is weak or out of power

This is the most common cause of car ignition problems. The cause may be because you turned off the engine and got out of the car but forgot to turn off power-consuming devices such as the display screen, car lights, speakers, etc. ..

The battery is weak or out of power

Because even if you turn off the car engine without turning off these devices, they will still use power from the battery to operate until they run out of power.

At the same time, when the engine is turned off, the battery is not charged, so the situation of low power and running out of power will happen very quickly. To handle this situation, you can energize the battery through an electric starter or ask another car to assist.

In addition, the battery terminals are oxidized and the contact points are corroded, causing the car to have a hard time starting. The battery terminals will corrode over time and the battery will also be weak. gradually if used for a long time

Corroded battery terminals or weak electricity due to reaching the limit of its lifespan will make the car’s power supply ineffective. The only way for you to solve this problem is to replace a new battery.

The starter is faulty, causing the car to not start

There is a problem with the roots

Listen to the sound when the car starts. If the car’s starter is difficult to start with a clicking or clicking sound, there is a high possibility that the car’s starter is faulty. Normally this error will cause the car to have difficulty starting when the engine is cold, the car will have difficulty starting when the engine is cold, etc.

The cause may be because the starter carbon brushes are worn, the starter relay is broken, and the starter is broken or the connections are rusty, etc. To handle this situation, you should bring the car to the garage for inspection. If you notice serious damage to the starter, it’s best to replace it to ensure the safety of your car.

Clogged fuel injectors

When the fuel injector is clogged, the fuel supply to the injector will not have enough flow, thereby causing the engine to be unable to operate. After a long period of operation, the injector will develop dust and dirt.

Fuel injector clogged

Users need to pay attention to cleaning the injectors according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to eliminate blockages that can cause the vehicle to Car starts hard to start.

Anti-theft system or faulty car key

Most new cars today are equipped with automatic anti-theft systems or engine immobilizer systems… Failure of these systems is very rare. However, if these systems fail, the car cannot start.

In addition, if your car uses a smart key/button start, when the key runs out of battery, the car cannot start the engine.

The gear lever was not in the correct position and forgot to apply the clutch brake

Forgot to apply the clutch brake

There are also cases where the driver forgets to return the gear to (P), forgets to press the brake pedal (for automatic transmission vehicles), or the clutch pedal (for manual transmission vehicles), the car cannot start the engine. Therefore, the driver needs to clearly understand how to start the car engine properly so that this process can take place quickly and safely.

Experience in using a car that has difficulty starting or won’t start

To limit vehicle stalling Car starts hard to start or the engine cannot start, you need to note the following:

  • Turn off all electrical equipment before turning off the engine.
  • Check and replace the battery after 100,000km of vehicle operation or after 4 years of use.
  • Check and clean fuel injectors periodically every 20,000km.
  • Check relays, fuel pumps… periodically every 20,000km.


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