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In today’s automobile market, 360 camera technology is becoming increasingly popular and is of interest to many car owners. So what is Camera 360, how does it work, and what is the best type of 360 camera today? Let’s learn about the article below!

What is 360 Camera?

Camera 360 Android CarOn screen

360 car camera is a system of many cameras installed on cars, including: Front, rear and side cameras. These cameras work together to create a panoramic image of the vehicle’s surroundings, displayed on the central screen or the Android camera screen. 360 car cameras provide the driver with a comprehensive view, helping to minimize blind spots and assist in observing and parking.

With the ability to provide a comprehensive view, the 360 ​​car camera helps the driver see obstacles around the car more clearly, ensuring safety when moving in narrow spaces or when parking. In addition, 360 car cameras also help reduce the risk of collisions and accidents, while also providing an easier and more comfortable driving experience.

Factors when choosing a 360 car camera?

CarOn Pro screen camera
Camera 360 – CarOn screen

✔️High and sharp image quality and resolution

✔️ Wide viewing angle and good viewing range

✔️ Superior functions and warnings

✔️ Reliability and anti-interference ability

✔️ Compatible with the system

Benefits of installing a 360 car camera

Enhance driving safety

The car’s 360 camera provides a comprehensive view of the vehicle’s surroundings, helping the driver easily observe obstacles. This helps minimize blind spots and the risk of unwanted collisions, especially when moving in narrow spaces or when parking.

Minimize the risk of accidents and breakdowns

360 car cameras help drivers promptly detect dangerous situations such as vehicles backing out of hidden corners, collisions when parking, and crowded traffic breaks. By providing detailed information about the surrounding environment, 360 car cameras help drivers make safe decisions and avoid unnecessary accidents or failures.

Turn off the camera 24/24

24/7 recording helps monitor and protect the car’s security during the time you are not in the car. It can record acts of fraud, theft or vandalism. At the same time, it also helps provide information about vehicle usage, driving habits and car condition. You can monitor and manage driving data, speed and distance between vehicles, helping to improve vehicle safety and performance.

Increase driving experience

Improve driving experience and support automated technology: 360 car cameras can integrate with automated technologies, such as blind spot warning systems, proximity assist or automatic parking systems . Thanks to its comprehensive and accurate viewing angle, 360 car cameras enhance the driving experience and provide useful information for automatic support systems in space management and safety.

Record memorable moments

You can preserve beautiful scenes, memorable trips or share them with family and friends.

Should I install a Dashcam or a 360-degree Camera?

Each type of Camera has different uses, depending on the purpose of use and your desires. Below is a comparison table between Camera 360 and Dashcam:

Characteristic 360 degree camera Camera journey
Number of Camera eyes 4 Camera eyes 1-2 Camera Eyes
Installation location Head/tail and both sides of the vehicle Front, rear or dashboard windshield
Observation range Panoramic view around the car Front or back of vehicle
Uses Increase safety, reduce the risk of collision Provide evidence in case of mishaps, record driving moments
Size Compact – Many components included Compact
Image quality Full HD, 2D. 3D HD. Full HD. 2K. 4K
Rotation 170-180 degrees 100-170 degrees
Price 5 – 30 million 2-9 million

360 Camera Price

360 cameras have an average of 4-5 eyes and a central processor, so the price is often quite high. Ranging from 5-30 million. Wall-type 360-degree cameras cost from 5-10 million VND. High-end 360 cameras usually cost from 10-30 million VND. The above price includes installation.

Should I install Camera 360 or Camera 360 screen?

If you simply need to see the whole scene around the car, you should choose a separate 360-degree camera. If you want a cheap price, integrating more features and utilities, you should choose the Camera 360 instant Android screen.

Here are some advantages of installing a Camera 360 screen:

  • Convenience and integration: Camera 360 instant screen has built-in sensors and 360-degree camera functions in a single device. You do not need to install individual cameras and separate monitors, saving space and reducing installation complexity.
  • Performance and compatibility: Camera 360 instant screens are often designed to work compatible and optimally with integrated sensors and cameras. This ensures that the system operates stably and provides clear and high-quality images from all angles.
  • Additional features: Some Camera 360 instant screens have built-in Android operating system, giving you access to additional apps and features such as GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, music listening, and even viewing video. This provides convenience and multi-functionality when used in the car.
  • Aesthetics and integration with vehicle systems: Camera 360 instant screens are often designed with appropriate designs and sizes to perfectly integrate with the vehicle’s control system and equipment. It helps create an aesthetically pleasing appearance and does not take up space or obstruct views.

However, it should be noted that installing a 360 Camera instant screen requires higher installation knowledge and skills than installing a standalone 360-degree camera. If you are not confident or do not have experience, please seek the help of a professional auto shop to install the Camera 360 instant screen for you.

Note when choosing a 360 camera instant screen

Currently on the market there are many segments and prices for Camera 360 Android screens, however, choose branded screens that meet all the criteria: Durable, beautiful, good after-sales policy to save money. Lose your injustice!

If you are still wondering which screen to choose, you can refer to the Instant Camera 360 CarOn Pro screen with high resolution and many superior features. Reasonable price and extremely good after-sales policy.

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