Android screen CARON CR6 360 Plus

The CR6 360 screen is known as the best-selling “BEST SELLER” product in CarOn Pro’s segment that you must definitely try. So what are the technical specifications and functions? The article below CarOn will provide detailed information for you!


CPU 8 Core – 1.6 GHZ
Resolution 1280 x 720 (FULL HD)
Bluetooth connection Have
Split screen multitasking Have
Integrated tire pressure sensor Have
Integrated 360 Camera, journey Have
Split screen multitasking Have
Anti-glare IPS Have
Command Kiki’s voice Have
Apple CarPlay Have

Sharp interface, fast processing speed

The CarOn screen is not only beautiful but also brings a great experience to the user. High resolution and realistic colors reproduce images clearly and vividly. You will enjoy your favorite movies, videos and photos in the best way on the car’s wide screen (9-10 Inches).

In addition, you can change the color interface according to feng shui to create a different highlight in the control area.

At the same time, with a powerful built-in processor, the Caron screen responds smoothly and quickly to all your requests. Whether you are running multimedia applications, searching for information on the internet or performing vehicle settings, the Caron display ensures no interruptions and the smoothest experience.

Command KIKI voice

With KIKI, you can perform all operations with just “ONE TOUCH” required for all tasks such as: Opening Dashboard Camera, 360 Camera, good songs like maps,… From there, it will help your travel process. You are safer, more hands-free and more convenient.

In particular, with outstanding improvements, CARON Screen also recognizes the languages ​​of the North – Central – South regions extremely quickly and accurately.

Multimedia entertainment

With the Caron display, you’ll have access to thousands of your favorite songs, movies, videos and podcasts without having to use multiple mobile devices.

Additionally, Caron displays provide a high-quality movie and video viewing experience with excellent definition. Go online to apps to enjoy unlimited entertainment content.

Wifi connection – 4G SIM

WiFi – 4G connection on the Caron screen allows you to access the Internet conveniently. You can surf the web, watch news, search for information, access online services, make phone calls… bringing flexibility and convenience to your driving experience.

Connect peripheral devices

Tire pressure sensor

The tire pressure sensor is integrated on the CarOn screen, helping you monitor and control tire pressure conveniently. You will receive a notification when the tire pressure is too high or too low or there are unusual signs, helping you avoid the risk of an accident due to tire failure. This helps improve driving safety and save fuel.

Camera journey

With the Dash Cam integrated on the car screen, you can store and review all videos in high quality, turn off the camera, speed warnings, and useful evidence in case of an accident. accidents and disputes over traffic responsibilities.

360 degree camera

360 degree camera

The 360 ​​CarOn camera is installed with a screen, with 4 camera corners. You can monitor and have a panoramic view of the vehicle’s surroundings, eliminate blind spots, support parking, and drive safely.

Smart, modern map

Read traffic signs

Caron car screen brings you not just one, but three leading smart maps, helping you navigate and move easily and accurately on each trip: Google Maps, Navitel and Vietmaps1.

Updated every 3 months, can hear the voices of the North, Central and South regions, providing continuous, fast and accurate traffic flow, saving travel time.

In particular, it also provides features like collision reporting, traffic sign reading, lane departure warning, etc. to help you avoid breaking the law and drive safely.

Run multitasking applications smoothly

With powerful processing performance and intelligent operating system, Caron allows you to perform multiple tasks at the same time, bringing unlimited convenience to your journey.

You can easily open and run multiple applications on the Caron screen without any problems. You can surf the web, listen to music, watch videos, and even interact with the vehicle’s driver app, all in a smooth and consistent manner. No more worrying about performance or interruptions, get the most out of it, delivering a great multitasking experience.

Vivid sound quality

Vivid sound – 48 Channels

With CarOn car display, you will experience outstanding sound quality thanks to the integrated 48-channel system. With each individual channel, sound is reproduced realistically and vividly, giving you a great listening experience right in the comfort of your car.

The Bass will be strong and deep, the Treble will be clear and clear. Whether you are listening to music, watching a movie or even chatting with friends, the sound will spread fully and create a truly musical space.

Bluetooth connection, hands-free calling

Bluetooth connection, now you don’t need to worry about holding your phone while driving or losing concentration while moving, you can keep your focus on the road and enjoy calls conveniently. You can access your phone contacts and make calls with just a few simple taps on the screen. Some Caron monitors even support voice recognition, allowing you to make calls just by saying commands.

More importantly, using Bluetooth and hands-free calling on the Caron screen helps you maintain a safe driving position and focus on driving. You can listen and speak directly through the car audio system, without using your hands to hold the phone. This helps reduce the risk of accidents and creates a safer driving environment.

Connect Apple Carplay

Apple CarPlay

A smart feature that helps you interact and use your iPhone easily and safely in the car. By connecting your iPhone to the CarOn display, you can access and use iPhone apps, services and features right on the car’s large screen.

With Apple CarPlay, you can easily access your phone contacts, messages, calls, music, maps and more with a simple, easy-to-use interface, enjoying the iPhone experience without need to touch the phone screen.

Speed ​​warning, lane departure warning

The speed warning feature on the Caron screen helps you keep your vehicle’s moving speed within a safe range. When you exceed the set speed, the screen will warn you so you can adjust your speed and comply with traffic regulations. This helps you avoid potential risks and maintain safety for yourself and others on the road.

In addition, the lane departure warning feature on the Caron screen helps you maintain the right lane when traveling. If the vehicle deviates from its lane without a turn signal, the screen will warn you to correct your orientation. This helps avoid collisions with other vehicles or the risk of crossing into the opposite lane.

GPS positioning – remote monitoring

CarOn Tracking remote positioning

Vehicle tracking feature based on GPS positioning helps you know the exact location of your vehicle in real time. You can view location information, travel speed and direction of the vehicle right on the Caron screen

Through the CarOn Tracking application, you can know the exact location of your vehicle, its speed, stops and direction of travel even from afar.

– Vehicle location monitoring: Displays speed, engine on/off status, speed violations, continuous driving time,…

– Review vehicle behavior: Helps users easily locate vehicles such as: Vehicle location, vehicle status, operating time, parking time, etc.

– Manage multiple vehicles on the same account: you can manage up to 5 vehicles on the same device, making tracking time faster and more economical than ever

– Save travel history for 365 days: The routes you have traveled will be continuously updated on the software. Helps vehicle users track their route through the CarOn Tracking application on CARON screens and mobile phones.


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