At the upcoming Japan Mobility Show 2023 event at the end of October, Toyota Auto Body – the electric vehicle segment of Toyota Japan will introduce a series of concept cars, including the Toyota Vellfire Spacious Lounge – an MPV. 4 special seats.

Toyota Vellfire Spacious Lounge is developed based on the latest generation Vellfire version, launched at the end of June 2023. The outstanding difference of this version compared to other versions is the focus on air optimization. Space for passengers in the back row, the car only has 4 seats while the standard version is 2+2+2 with business seats in the 2nd row. This creates a more spacious space, especially suitable for long trips.

Not only stopping at creating a comfortable space, Toyota Vellfire Spacious Lounge is also equipped with many high-end amenities. In the cabin, you will find a convenient refrigerator located in the center armrest with the capacity to hold up to two bottles of champagne. At the same time, the car also has clothes hangers, a desk and a power outlet for passengers who need to work during the journey. The integrated speaker system in the headrests of the front seats promises to deliver vivid, realistic sound.

To protect passenger privacy, Toyota Vellfire Spacious Lounge is equipped with curtains to create separation between the driver’s compartment and the passenger compartment. The vehicle’s floor is luxuriously carpeted and provides underfloor space for you to store bags or shoes. With all these convenient equipment, the Toyota Vellfire Spacious Lounge turns the vehicle space into a truly mobile business lounge.

Toyota Vellfire Spacious Lounge still uses the TNGA-K modular platform with impressive overall dimensions. Although there is still no detailed information about technical specifications, the new generation Toyota Vellfire in Japan has been launched with 2 engine options.

The first option is a 4-cylinder gasoline engine, 2.5L capacity, producing a maximum capacity of 180 horsepower and maximum torque of 235 Nm. This engine is combined with a Super CVT-i continuously variable transmission and a front- or full-time drive system.

The second option is a hybrid powertrain, combining a 4-cylinder Dynamic Force gasoline engine, 2.5L capacity, with a powerful 180 horsepower and 270 Nm electric motor located on the front axle. The total capacity of the hybrid system reaches 247 horsepower, accompanied by a front-wheel drive system.

The safety system of the Toyota Vellfire 2024 is also very notable with 6 SRS airbags, vehicle stability control system, panoramic view screen, parking assist, hill control assist, lane keeping assist. road, forward collision warning system, highly adaptive LED headlights and blind spot monitoring system.

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