Lack of sleep is one of the factors that seriously affects human health, leading to a series of diseases such as obesity, aging, heart disease, increased stress, etc. Especially the state of loss of concentration

In fact, there have been many accidents, even serious accidents, when the driver drove the car in a sleepy state. Often, when traveling on long distances, drivers often feel drowsy and fall asleep. Because driving long distances makes them feel tired and driving at night is contrary to their daily routine, it makes the driver tired.

So is there any method to prevent drowsiness? If so, what is the solution? Let’s find out with CarOn right in this article!

Tips to prevent drowsiness while driving

Drink coffee

Drink Coffee

According to research, the caffeine in coffee has the effect of preventing nerve transmissions, making you have a more alert brain. This is considered a common method chosen by many drivers when driving long distances. In addition, coffee also helps improve memory, lose weight, bring a feeling of happiness, protect the body from some diseases, etc. However, do not overuse it, use a sufficient amount. Please!

Take vitamins

Besides a complete meal, vitamins B6, B12, and C will also help your body work more effectively. Truck drivers should avoid caffeine and sweets or unhealthy substances to improve health. Your body burns through sugary substances quickly. Therefore, abstaining from stimulants and alcohol and instead taking vitamins or drinking plain water will help drivers drive for hours without feeling tired.

Rest properly on the travel route

Rest on the moving route

When you plan to travel somewhere, arrange your rest scientifically and reasonably. If you are moving and feel tired and sleepy. Get out of the car, take a few turns and breathe the outside air. This will help you be more comfortable and at ease.

Normally, experts recommend that when driving for 2-3 hours, the driver should arrange to rest in the middle of the journey.

Adjust sitting posture

A long driving journey means you will have to sit in one position for a long time, leading to problems such as pain, numb limbs, etc. If you can maintain a sitting position while driving long distances If done correctly, your body will significantly reduce the above problems.

What you need to do is adjust the seat so that it is most comfortable while still ensuring good visibility. You can equip additional headrest and backrest pillows. Sitting posture should be completely against the driver’s seat, keeping the back and buttocks perpendicular.

Play music or listen to the news

CarOn smart screen

Most vehicles today are equipped with radio devices and you should take advantage of this on your long journeys. In addition, you can play music on YouTube, listen to news, etc. on the CarOn smart screen. Fast-paced, exciting music or updated news will make you more focused, mentally clear and prevent drowsiness quite effectively.

Turn on interior lights if driving at night

Turn on interior lights at night

If driving at night You should turn on the interior lights. This is considered an effective way to prevent drowsiness when driving at night. Because if the lights are turned off, in dark conditions, the body will easily produce Melatonin – a hormone that causes sleepiness.

Lower the car windows or choose an air conditioner to take in outside air

Lower the car window

When driving with the door closed and the air conditioner on for a long time, the body will easily get tired due to lack of oxygen in the cabin. Therefore, if you sit in the car for a long time, you should occasionally choose the outside air mode or lower the car window to allow air to circulate, ensuring the amount of oxygen in the car cabin, avoiding feeling tired. This is a solution to prevent drowsiness while driving and should be applied when driving long distances.

Take anti-drowsy medication

Take anti-drowsy medication

Currently on the market there are many anti-drowsy drugs such as Modafinil, Alertness Aid, Antisleep, Ostrovit Caffeine, etc. However, you should not overuse the drug too much as it can negatively affect your health. especially the cardiovascular system, disrupting the body’s biological clock. In the long term, it can affect memory and even paralyze the desire to sleep.

Eat sour fruits

Eat sour fruits

Eating sour fruits is an effective way to treat drowsiness while driving, but not everyone knows. Sour fruits such as oranges, tangerines, grapefruits… often contain a lot of vitamin C. This vitamin has the effect of increasing stimulation, creating excitement, and strongly affects sleep, making it difficult for users to sleep. This is also the reason why experts often advise limiting eating fruits high in vitamin C in the evening.

Note before driving long distances

To avoid drowsiness or drowsiness when driving, especially long-distance driving or driving at night, drivers can apply some of the following experiences:

Get enough sleep Before departure, this will help the driver have a clear mind.

Avoid overeatingEating too much often makes you feel sleepy, so you should limit eating before driving long distances.

Take a cold shower, cold water helps increase heart rate, promote oxygen circulation in the body, and help make the mind more alert. However, you should be flexible in applying this method. You should not bathe in cold water when it is cold or bathe at night. You can replace the cold water bath with washing your feet with cold water. This is also an effective way to relieve drowsiness while driving.

Limit your intake of sweets, high blood sugar easily makes the body tired. Therefore, if you want to avoid drowsiness, you should limit eating sweets and replace them with fruit.

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