Signs of broken cooling water pump and how to fix it

The cooling system plays an important role in maintaining a stable operating temperature for the car engine. And the cooling water pump is an indispensable component in this system. The cooling water pump is responsible for providing the necessary water flow to cool the engine and ensure the operating temperature is at a safe level. However, like any other part of the vehicle, the coolant pump can also experience problems and signs of failure.

What is the use of the cooling water pump?

The coolant pump is an important part of the engine cooling system. The main task of the coolant pump is to push coolant from the tank through the engine and then back to the tank to maintain the cooling process. cool effectively. The coolant pump ensures a constant flow of water and enough pressure to circulate the water through the cooling system, helping to lower engine temperature and protect against damage or overheating.

Signs of cooling water pump failure?

The car is overheating

One of the clear signs that the coolant pump is failing is an increase in engine temperature. If the water pump does not push water properly or does not have enough pressure, coolant flow will be limited or insufficient to cool the engine. This results in increased engine temperature, which can be seen through the heat gauge or high temperature warning light.

Coolant leak

Coolant leak

Another sign that the coolant pump is failing is loss of coolant in the vehicle system. If there is a water leak or coolant from the cooling system, it is likely that the coolant pump is having problems.

The car makes noise and vibrates

If the coolant pump has a problem, it may make unusual noises or vibrations. This may be due to the pump part being worn and not operating smoothly. If the vehicle owner notices loud noises or feels unusual vibrations from the coolant pump, this can be a clear sign of a pump problem.

The car turns on the temperature warning light

When the coolant temperature increases, the engine temperature also increases and the car will turn on the lights to warn. If not detected and treated promptly, the coolant will become hot, boil and emit white smoke.

Cause of cooling water pump failure

Lack of regular maintenance

If you do not clean and periodically check the water pump, the parts inside the pump can accumulate dirt and rust and affect the pump’s operation. At the same time, not replacing old parts in the pump after a period of time can also lead to damage.

Abrasion due to long-term use

Coolant pumps can wear out due to age and use. Continuous operation, water pressure and friction will lead to wear of pump parts such as shafts, bearings, impellers. Wear reduces pump performance and can lead to failure.

Poor quality of cooling water

Poor coolant quality can also contribute to coolant pump failure. Using coolant that is not of good quality or contains corrosive impurities, such as residue or chemicals, can cause damage and wear to the pump. Impurities in water can clog or damage pump mechanisms, reducing the life and performance of the cooling water pump.

How to fix coolant pump errors

When detecting unusual signs from the car’s cooling water system, the car owner should take the car to the Garage for inspection and replacement.

Check and clean the water pump

  • Clean the water filter: Check and clean the water filter to remove dirt and impurities. If the filter is clogged, water cannot circulate properly, causing reduced pressure and performance.
  • Clean the water pump: Turn off the engine and remove the water pump from the engine. Use a cleaning solution or clean water to wash the water pump, making sure to remove dirt and residue inside the pump. Carefully clean parts such as impellers, shafts and bearings.

If the car’s coolant is seriously damaged, the water pump should be replaced. The price of car cooling water pumps currently ranges from 550,000 – 6,000,000 VND.

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