Should you customize your car’s rims?

Parking has become a popular trend for many drivers, making the car unique, expressing personal style and enhancing the car’s aesthetics.

Wheel alignment is an important part that not only enhances the aesthetics of the vehicle but also plays an important role in balancing, transmitting power and enhancing driving performance. So what are rims and what should you keep in mind when customizing rims? Let’s learn about the article below.

What are car rims?

The rim (wheel) is an important part of the car, attached directly to the vehicle axle and is the point of contact with the road surface. The rim not only has the effect of supporting and maintaining the weight of the vehicle, but also plays an important role in creating the shape, appearance and performance of the vehicle.

Car wheels are often made from materials such as alloy, aluminum, steel or composite. There are many different sizes and designs, designed to suit each type of vehicle and purpose of use.

Effect of wheels

Weight support

The wheel is the main contact point between the vehicle and the road surface, bearing the weight of the vehicle and other loads such as goods, people, etc. The wheel is designed to withstand the load and distribute weight evenly on the four wheels. of the car.

Connect the tires

The rim is tightly attached to the tire, forming a central part called the wheel. The rim provides a solid connection point between the tire and the axle, allowing the tire to rotate and move as the vehicle drives.

Aesthetics and personalization

Car rims play an important role in creating the vehicle’s appearance and style. Car owners can choose wheels with different designs, materials and colors to personalize the car, making it stand out and unique.

Communicates driving force and performance

Wheels have the role of transmitting force from the transmission system to the tires and road surface. Wheel specifications, such as size, material and construction, can affect the vehicle’s driving performance, stability and balance.

Heat dissipation and cooling

Some wheels are designed with ventilation slots or radiator structures to help cool the brakes and other suspension components. This enhances braking performance and ensures system stability.

How many types of car wheels are there?

There are many different types of car wheels, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Below are some popular wheel types and their pros and cons.

Steel tray

  • Advantage:
    • The price is lower than other types of trays, popular and easy to find.
    • Durable and impact resistant, able to resist small impacts and high impact forces.
    • Easy to maintain and repair, replacing a steel wheel is simple and low cost.
  • Defect:
    • Heavier than some other types of rims, affecting driving performance and fuel consumption.
    • Limited in creating diverse aesthetic designs, often with simple designs and not highly personalized.

Aluminum alloy wheels

  • Advantage:
    • Lighter than steel wheels, helping to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle, improving performance and fuel economy.
    • There are many options in terms of design, style and size, from simple wheels to those with complex and beautiful designs.
    • Better heat dissipation, helps cool the brake system and increases the life of related parts.
  • Defect:
    • The price is higher than steel wheels.
    • More susceptible to impacts and scratches than steel wheels, requiring careful care.
    • Durability and bearing capacity may be lower than some other types of rims.

Carbon Rims

  • Advantage:
    • Very light, helps reduce vehicle weight and increase driving performance, increase acceleration and reduce fuel consumption.
    • Has the ability to resist oxidation and withstand high pressure, allowing the vehicle to operate stably and safely.
    • Improves balance and heat dissipation, reducing the risk of overheating and increasing braking performance.
  • Defect:
    • High price, carbon wheels are high-end auto accessories.
    • Susceptible to damage due to strong impact, requires care when used and maintained.
    • Requires periodic inspection and maintenance to ensure safe use and durability of the tray.

Cast tray

  • Advantage:
    • Diverse and flexible design, allowing for high personalization, suitable for each person’s preferences and driving style.
    • Lighter than steel wheels and capable of enhancing driving performance, helping to improve vehicle stiffness and stability.
    • Provides better balance and better damping, helping to reduce vibrations and enhance the driving experience.
  • Defect:
    • More susceptible to impacts and scratches than steel wheels, requiring careful care.
    • Durability and strength may be less than some other types of wheels.
    • The price is higher than steel wheels and some aluminum alloy wheels.

Price of car rims

  • For 13 inch wheels – 4 holes: 4 – 5.5 million VND
  • For 14 inch tray – 4 holes: 4.5 – 6 million VND
  • For 14 inch wheels – 4 or 5 holes: 6-8 million VND
  • For 16 inch wheels – 4 or 4 holes: 9.5 – 14 million VND
  • For 17 inch wheels – 4 or 5 holes: 10-17 million VND
  • For 18 inch 5 hole wheels: 16.5 – 21 million VND
  • For 19 inch 5 hole wheels: 20-26 million VND
  • For 20 inch 5 hole wheels: 21-28 million VND

Where is the wheel alignment?


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