Should car paint be polished and adjusted?

Many articles talk about the uses and importance of polishing and color correcting car paint. So what’s the truth? The article below will answer your questions from CarOn!

Common cases of car painting

Structure of car paint layer

Car paint color structure

The paint layer on a car consists of 3 main components:

  • Primer/Base Coat: This is the first layer painted directly onto the metal surface/original material of the vehicle. The use is to increase the adhesion between the color layer and the vehicle’s surface, preventing corrosion, oxidation and impacts from the external environment.
  • Color Coat: The main color layer is the color layer for the car, providing color and gloss for the car applied to the original layer, ensuring the car’s color against rain, dirt, etc.
  • Protective coating (Clear Coat/Top Coat): This is a protective coating that has the function of protecting the color and gloss of the car, preventing oxidation, scratches, sunlight, etc. At the same time, it will enhance color fastness and shiny fastness of the color layer.

This situation often occurs on car paint

The car’s paint is scratched
  • Spider web stains (Spiderweb scratches: These are obscure scratches on the car’s paint surface, forming a spider web-like pattern. Usually occur when using hard or improper cleaning materials.
  • Scruffs: These are small scratches on the paint surface, usually caused by light collision or rubbing. Scratches are usually not deep, but they also cause unsightly damage to the car if there are a large number of them.
  • Swirl Mark: Often has a curved shape like a ponytail that appears when the washing process is not done properly or when inappropriate scrubbing materials are used.
  • Oxidation: Then the paint color shows signs of fading, discoloration, and is no longer as shiny as before. This happens due to the effects of weather, abrasion, pollutants, or lack of proper maintenance.
  • Chink: When cracks appear, this case is due to age, mechanical impact, temperature changes and elasticity of the material.
  • Air bubbles: Small bubbles appear on the surface of the paint, this is the result of incorrect painting process or other factors such as high temperature, humidity and pollution.

Should I polish or correct the paint color?

The answer is: “YES” – Polishing and adjusting car paint is an important process to regenerate and protect car paint. Helps your car be shiny and look like new.

Restore the beauty of the exterior

Whether or not to polish and correct the car’s paint

Over time, your car can lose its shine and become dull. Polishing and adjusting the paint color will help your car remove scratches and defects on the paint surface, bringing back the original beauty of your car.

Protect car paint

Paint correction and polishing not only adds beauty but also creates a protective layer on your car’s paint so you can protect your car from the sun, pollutants, dirt and environmental factors. other school. Extends vehicle life and prevents vehicle deterioration.

Increase car value

If you intend to transfer your car, a car with a beautiful and shiny appearance will often “Get a Price” and have a high value, attracting more buyers. Increases the ability to sell and retain vehicle value in the long term.

How often should you polish your car?

The periodic time to calibrate the paint and polish the car can vary depending on many factors such as: Current paint condition, level of use, environment, etc. However, according to experts, it should be done. Adjust the paint and polish the car every 12-24 months to remove scratches, increase the aesthetics and longevity of the car.

Car paint correction and polishing process?

Car wash

Car wash

The first step will begin with a thorough car wash to remove dust, dirt and contaminants from the paint surface to detect and clearly see scratches.

Check the paint

Check the paint surface to determine the condition and remove scratches and damage on the paint surface. From there, you can come up with the right method and correct the paint color in the right place.


Each car model has a different paint base, some have hard paint, some have soft paint. Therefore, choosing the right type of abrasive to roughen and fade scratches is extremely important.

Polishing, paint correction

Use specialized paint or polish correctors to remove scratches, blemishes, oxidation and create a more uniform, shiny surface.

After paint correction, continue polishing the paint surface to increase brightness and create a smoother paint layer. Use specialized polish or wax and work in small sections on the painted surface.

Paint protection

To protect painted surfaces after correction and polishing, use a protective coating such as wax or sealant. This coating helps create a layer that protects the paint surface from the effects of sunlight, pollutants and other environmental agents.

Polishing price – car paint correction

The price for car paint correction and polishing can vary based on many factors such as car paint condition, size, vehicle type, etc. However, the price will fluctuate between 1,500,000 – 3,500,000 VND

This price does not include ceramic coating

Can you polish and adjust car paint at home?

Polishing and correcting your car’s paint at home can be a suitable option if you have the skills, equipment, and time to do the job carefully and in detail. However, consider the following factors before deciding to do it yourself:

  • Skills and experience: Polishing and correcting car paint requires specialized skills and knowledge to ensure proper work and no harm to the paint surface. If you are not confident in your abilities, you should leave this job to car care experts.
  • Equipment and products: To achieve good results, you need the right tools and products such as polishing machines, compound, polish, wax, and specialized car washing tools. Make sure you have all the necessary tools and products before starting.
  • Time and effort: Polishing and correcting a vehicle’s paint requires significant time and effort, especially if the vehicle has a lot of scratches or paint defects. Make sure you have enough time and are willing to invest the effort necessary to complete the job.
  • Working environment: Polishing and correcting car paint at home requires a clean and protective environment to avoid dust, dirt and other agents that damage the paint surface. Make sure you have a suitable space to work.

If you don’t have the right skills, time, equipment and environment, consider sending your car to a professional car care shop to have it done by experienced professionals. .

What parts can be polished on the car?

Polish car windows

Polish car windows

Polishing car windows helps remove stains, plaque and light scratches on the glass surface. This improves visibility and overall vehicle excellence.

Polish car lights

The outer protective layer of car lights is usually made of polycarbonate plastic. This type of plastic has the disadvantage of being easily affected by heat radiation, dirt and pollutants. This is also the reason why after a while car lights often show signs of yellowing, opacity and residue,… besides this type of plastic is also easily scratched. So polish your car lights to increase brightness, remove fading and oxidation on the car’s surface.

Car rims

The wheel rim is an important part that is often located low and exposed to dirt and impacts from the outside. So you can have it polished to remove stains, dirt and oxidation on the surface. This helps the wheels shine and enhances the beauty of the wheel system.

Where is a reputable place to polish and correct car paint?


CarOn Pro – 5S standard car service system

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