When using car air conditioning in the summer, you need to pay attention and follow a few things below to avoid “heat shock” and make the most of the car’s air conditioning system. Here are a few detailed instructions you can follow.

Adjust the temperature slowly

Adjust the temperature slowly

Adjusting the car air conditioning temperature gradually is the best way to avoid heat shock and provide comfort when using the air conditioning system. Because the outside temperature is too hot while the inside is too high, the temperature difference is too large and will affect your health and spirit. Therefore, to ensure safety and comfort when driving, adjust the temperature slowly to avoid heat shock and allow your body to gradually adapt to the new temperature.

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Leave the air conditioner in ventilation mode

Starting the air conditioner in ventilation mode before switching to cooling mode is an important step to avoid thermal shock and ensure system efficiency.

When a car is parked outside in the hot sun, the temperature inside the car is often very high. If you immediately turn on the cooling mode, it can create a large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car. Therefore, before turning on cooling mode, start the air conditioner in ventilation mode for a few minutes to push the hot air inside the car to the outside.

Use air reuse mode

If your car has an air recycling feature, use it to limit the amount of cold air from outside entering the car because this is also one of the effective ways to save energy and system performance. air conditioning system.

Use re-air conditioning

The benefits of this can include:

Energy saving: Using re-air mode allows the air conditioner to reuse previously cooled air, instead of having to draw new air from outside. This helps reduce the required cooling capacity and saves the car’s energy consumption.

Noise reduction: When the air conditioning system uses air reuse mode, the cooled air is filtered through the air filter. This helps reduce noise and dust from outside entering the vehicle.

Reduce capacity load: When using air reuse mode, the air conditioning system does not have to cool new air, thereby reducing the operating capacity of the compressor and refrigeration system. This can increase the life and performance of the car air conditioning system.

However, there are some issues to keep in mind when reusing conditioned air as follows:

Limit use when there is an unpleasant odor: If there is a foul or unpleasant odor in the interior of the vehicle, limit the use of air recycling mode. This helps avoid the retention of unwanted odors and ensures the air in the car is always clear.

Regularly clean the air filter: To ensure efficiency and air quality in the vehicle, regularly clean and replace the air filter according to the schedule recommended in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. This not only helps remove dust and other impurities from the air and maintains clean, clear air inside the car.

Periodic inspection and maintenance

This is important to help ensure the performance and longevity of the air conditioner. You check:

Check air filter: The air filter in the car air conditioning system needs to be checked and replaced periodically. This helps remove dust, pollen and other impurities from the air before it is blown into the car ensuring the air inside is always fresh and clean.

Regular maintenance of car air conditioning

Check and refill refrigerant gas: Car air conditioning systems use a refrigerant (such as R134a) to cool the air. As time passes, the refrigerant may be lost and the system will need to be refilled to ensure cooling performance. Checking the refrigerant gas level and refilling if necessary is an important part of air conditioning system maintenance.

Check the cold passage system: The evaporator in the air conditioning system can become clogged with dirt and other impurities. Periodic inspection and cleaning of the cold runner system helps ensure that chilled airflow is unobstructed and that the system operates efficiently.

Check the fan and heat system: The fan and condenser system should be checked to ensure that there is no dirt or impurities affecting cooling performance. Cleaning or spraying water on the radiator helps remove dirt and increase cooling performance.

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Use sunshades or car window film

Car insulation film

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Place sunshades over your car’s windows and use a heat shield on your steering wheel to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your car. This helps reduce internal temperatures and reduces pressure on the cooling system. Sunshades and heat-insulating films also help protect the car’s interior from the sun, keeping the temperature inside the car more stable.

Avoid parking in hot weather

Limit parking in the sun

This is an important measure to protect the vehicle as well as the vehicle’s air conditioning system. Because this can cause:

Increase the temperature in the car: When parking your car in the hot sun, the temperature inside the car can increase very quickly. This makes cooling the car more difficult and puts great pressure on the car’s air conditioning system.

Increase operating capacity: When a car air conditioning system operates in a hot tropical environment, the compressor and other components must work at increased capacity to cool the air. This can cause overload and faster wear and tear on system components.

Increased risk of failure: High temperatures and high pressures on car air conditioning systems can cause damage to cavities and wear out important components such as valves, pumps, pipes and evaporators. This can lead to breakdowns and vehicle operating costs and fuel consumption.

Change coolant on schedule

Refer to the manufacturer or vehicle manufacturer’s owner’s manual for the schedule and procedure for changing your vehicle’s coolant. This helps ensure the coolant is always in good condition and sufficient to cool the engine.

Car coolant

Normally, experts recommend about 2 years or after 40,000 – 80,000Km. However, the specific schedule may vary and depends on the vehicle brand and conditions of use.

If you cannot do it yourself, go to a reputable car company or Garage to change the coolant correctly and safely.

Adjust ventilation openings

You can adjust the opening level of the vents to control the amount of air entering the car, which will create a larger airflow for faster cooling. Depending on your individual needs and feelings, you can adjust the opening level of the ventilation doors accordingly.

Cool before picking up the car

Cooling before taking the car helps create an airy and comfortable environment for the driver. However, remember that cooling is only effective when the car is parked in one shaded and ventilated environment.

There are ways like:

  • Open the ventilation door
  • Open the door or window
  • Use a fan
  • Use the third mode to use air conditioning
  • Place the cover on the outside glass,…

Turn off the air conditioner before turning off the engine

A few minutes before stopping your car, proactively turn off your air conditioning system to protect the air conditioning system, save energy, and avoid heat shock when getting out of the car!

Above are some things to note when using car air conditioners in the summer. Hopefully you can clearly understand how to use them and what to note to use the air conditioner in the best way possible.

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