“NEW” – Vehicle owners with modified lights and steering wheel can still be registered

According to some amendments and supplements to Circular 85/2014, vehicle owners who change some details, add spare parts and accessories can still be registered. The second draft of the Circular amending and supplementing a number of articles in Circular 85/2014 regulating the improvement of road motorized traffic is being drafted and consulted by the Ministry of Transport. In this draft, there are many proposals that allow users to change details, parts, and accessories that are still registered.

According to the new proposal, vehicle owners can change some details, parts and accessories while still retaining the right to registration. Details can be customized and upgraded regarding appearance without changing the basic structure of the vehicle.

Special Changes:

  • Lights: Vehicle owners are allowed to freely upgrade lighting without the need for notification procedures for renovation or change. However, new lights must still meet the requirements for position, deviation, and light intensity when tested.
  • Steering wheel and Other Accessories: Upgrading the steering wheel, separate fog lights, and roof rack of the car without changing the vehicle width is also considered valid.

With these changes, car owners can easily upgrade the lights and steering wheel to suit their needs and personal style. This not only gives them creative freedom in customizing their vehicles, but also helps the registration process go more smoothly, reducing unnecessary inconvenience.

If the proposal of the Ministry of Transport is approved, vehicle owners can upgrade lights without completing procedures to notify the renovation or change to the authorities. However, vehicle owners need to comply with technical and safety requirements when making changes. New lights and installed steering wheels must meet inspection standards to ensure safety when participating in traffic.

Changes in registration regulations promise to bring many benefits to car owners who are passionate about lighting and steering. Being able to freely upgrade without having to notify and complete complicated procedures will make the process of owning and using a car more convenient. This is a positive and modern step forward in the field of car registration.

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