How to protect your car from rodents and insects

Mice are some types of rodents or insects such as mice, squirrels, weasels, cockroaches, etc. These animals can cause bad odors, waste, and even get into the air conditioning system to nest and give birth. More dangerously, they can also bite off electrical wires and puncture car fluid containers.

So is there any way to stop these animals? Let’s find a way to solve this difficult problem with CarOn!

What are the signs that rodents and insects are getting into cars?

To a rodent, your car makes a very attractive home. They like warm, enclosed spaces and the interior compartment and space under the hood are perfect for them to hide in. Some reasons why rodents and insects attack your vehicle are:

  • Take shelter and protect yourself from larger prey
  • Attracted by food sources that have been spilled or forgotten in cars.
  • Attracted by the electrical wire coating made from soybeans on some car models such as Toyota Camry or Toyota 4Runner.

Letting these insects penetrate into the car will be very dangerous, but there are clear signs to recognize this:

  • There is more and more dirty garbage appearing on cars, but it is unclear where this dirty garbage comes from.
  • When I opened the car’s hood, I smelled an unpleasant odor caused by rat feces and urine.
  • Strange sounds were emitted in the car, including the sound of rats running and rats chewing on electrical wires and the car’s interior.
  • If the car falls into a situation where the lights don’t come on, the horn doesn’t make a sound, the wipers don’t work, etc., the car owner needs to immediately think about the case of rats in the car that have damaged these devices.

Harmful effects of letting rodents and insects get into your car

Rodents and insects will always harm your car. Because rats will destroy the wiring system, cockroaches will create a bad smell in the engine compartment, rusty parts, etc. Some harmful effects can include:

Causes unsanitary car interior compartment

Rats are animals that love garbage, they often like to drag garbage back to their place of residence. Therefore, if you do not take measures to prevent their appearance early, you will have to face the car space always filled with dirty garbage and an extremely unpleasant stench. Affects the environment in the car interior.

Causes negative effects on the air filter

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Rats nest for a long time in cars with loads of dirty garbage along with mouse urine and feces, causing the engine air filter and the entire system to operate at full capacity. In the long term, it will affect the function and performance of the air filter, the durability of this part will also be affected, you will have to replace the air filter soon.

Causes damage to the engine compartment

As mentioned above, the computer compartment is always the first choice of the mouse. Therefore, if the engine compartment is not checked and cleaned regularly, it will easily become a permanent home for mice. The fact that this type of rodent is stable in the engine compartment causes many unpredictable dangers.

Not only does it cause unsanitary conditions, rats bite electrical wires and belts, affecting the operation of the engine block and a series of other important car parts. We cannot rule out the situation where rats destroy the engine cooling compartment, causing the car engine to overheat…

Causing a car fire

It will be very dangerous if during operation the engine suddenly catches fire or smoke. This is one of the dangers that rats cause because they chew through electrical sources, causing open circuits. If this leak gets into gasoline, it will easily cause the car to catch fire and the risk of an explosion is very high. This is considered one of the most dangerous consequences that rats cause when they penetrate inside cars.

Some ways to prevent rodents and insects from getting into your car

Check and clean the engine compartment

Car engine compartments are a favorite place for mice to live, especially in cars that are rarely used or cleaned. They will bite and give birth right in the engine compartment – this will be very dangerous for your beloved car.

Many car owners often forget to clean and check the vehicle’s engine compartment, but that is an opportunity for mice to hide. In fact, cleaning the engine compartment is very safe and not as difficult as many people fear.

The cleaning method can be to use a brush, broom or towel to wipe away dirt and oil in the compartment. Then use a spray pump to clean the engine compartment surface or you can take the car to a car care center to have the vehicle compartment cleaned properly. Regularly checking and cleaning the engine compartment will limit the rate of Rats get into the car. If there are mice, they will be quickly handled. Furthermore, cleaning the engine compartment will remove mouse feces, mouse urine, mice’s favorite odors and their food, preventing them from finding nests there again.

Always make sure the car doors are closed

Frequently forgetting to close the car door is an indirect way for rats to access the inside of your car. Therefore, after using the car, remember to close the door carefully to ensure that rats will have difficulty penetrating the car’s interior.

The same goes for windows, make sure all windows are tightly closed to prevent rodents and insects from entering the cabin. Pests can enter the car with just a small gap or crack in the window.

Keep the car interior clean

The smell of food and drinks in the car can attract rats and other pests very quickly. Therefore, remember to bring food and drinks when getting out of the car, and remove trash bags from the car to avoid odors.

In addition, it is necessary to clean the car regularly. Eating and drinking in the car is difficult to avoid spilling. Be sure to clean food stains and collect food debris. Creating a habit of using a vacuum cleaner to clean your car regularly is the best way to keep the cabin clean and deodorize the car.

Use camphor and mothballs to repel mice

Camphor or mothballs are known as the antidote to cockroaches and mice. Therefore, you can refer to how to use camphor or mothballs to prevent mice in the beginning. However, this method is only effective in the beginning, then the mice will easily get used to the smell of camphor and will become destructive again.

Use specialized measures

Many drivers have successfully prevented mice from entering their cars with peppermint essential oil, cat litter, dog or cat hair, red pepper… You can put them in the engine compartment or spread them under the parking lot. .

It is also possible to repel mice using the frequency waves of a mouse repeller. This is the method that is rated as the most effective today. This type of machine emits a frequency wave that is harmful to mice, causing them to stay away from protective devices. In particular, this device is very safe for human health.

Install an additional air filter

Mice often easily penetrate the engine compartment through the air filter. That’s why installing an air filter will minimize the way mice can easily penetrate the car’s interior. This method is not only effective against mice but also helps you protect your car from other insects such as snakes, centipedes, leaves, and dirty garbage penetrating the car.

Avoid leaving your car in a state of little use

Cars that are rarely used are also one of the reasons why they attract more rodents and insects. Therefore, car owners need to limit this situation by using the car more often so that rats have less opportunity to come into contact with their car. If you must leave your vehicle unused for a long time, keep it in a cool, dry place, avoiding dark and damp places.

Some of the harmful effects as well as car maintenance measures when leaving the car rarely used that you can refer to in the following article:

Above are some experiences that CarOn tells you to prevent and protect your car from nasty rodents and insects that damage your car. If unfortunately your car has any bad phenomena caused by rodents or insects, quickly bring the car to the CarOn Pro maintenance center to be able to promptly handle the situation, avoiding accidents. in case of more serious damage.

For detailed information about CarOn’s maintenance services and products, please contact via hotline 0961.247.360 or via website for direct consultation support!

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