Experience of driving on mountain passes, “survival”

Driving on mountain passes can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know how. Here are some experiences to help you master the journey and be more confident:

Check and maintain the vehicle periodically

Regular maintenance at CarOn

Before going on the mountain pass, make sure your car is in good condition. Check the brakes, steering system, tires and other components to ensure they are operating effectively because when driving on mountain passes, where factors such as inclines, slopes and turns can converge puts great pressure on the vehicle. Therefore, please maintain regularly to keep your car running well and safer when traveling!

Reduce speed before entering the pass

When approaching a mountain pass, reduce speed and prepare for difficult driving conditions. This gives you enough time and space to respond to unexpected situations such as sharp turns, high inclines, etc.

Go on the right side of the road

Go on the right side of the road

Please follow the signs, directions and traffic signs on the pass, always stay on the right side of the road, keep a safe distance from oncoming vehicles and other vehicles with enough space to pass if necessary.

Especially when driving around curves on mountain passes, pay attention to curves and adjust speed and steering angle accordingly. Hold the steering wheel firmly and control the vehicle’s speed.

Avoid swerving into the opposite lane

Avoid sticking too close to the road markings

Sticking closely to lane markings can pose a risk of collision with surrounding vehicles, and can limit visibility ahead and around. This reduces the ability to detect and respond promptly to unexpected situations such as vehicles going in the opposite direction, objects on the road, etc.

Especially in bad weather conditions or wet roads, sticking close to the road markings can increase the risk of slipping and losing control. So always leave a safe distance between your vehicle and road markings to avoid danger.

Keep a safe distance

Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front

This is considered an important principle when driving on mountain passes, keep your distance from surrounding vehicles to have space to react if an unexpected situation occurs, for example, the vehicle in front suddenly brakes or crashes. Unintended incidents. Absolutely do not follow behind, especially large trucks, tractors, etc.

Pay attention when cornering

Before entering a corner, take a moment to evaluate the curve and corner. This helps you adjust your speed and steering angle appropriately to go through corners safely and smoothly. Then reduce the vehicle’s speed to a safe level, this will give you better control and reduce the risk of losing control or steering.

At the same time, use the rearview mirror to monitor surrounding vehicles and make sure no other vehicle is passing the corner at the same time.

Once you’ve passed the corner and are about to exit, accelerate slowly to restore your starting speed. However, do this in a controlled manner and comply with the speed limit on the road.

Use lights properly

Use lights properly

Especially when driving on mountain passes in low light or bad, rainy and windy weather conditions. Please use lights appropriately to make the most of the lights and drive safer:

Headlight: Headlights are an important part of the vehicle’s lighting system and are used for front lighting. Make sure your headlights are working properly and are strong enough to see clearly ahead. When driving on mountain passes at night, use headlights to illuminate and increase visibility.

Fog lights: In case of fog, rain or haze. Use fog lights to increase visibility and recognition of other vehicles.

Warning lights: When driving on mountain passes, especially in curves or blind spots, use warning lights to notify other vehicles of your presence to help reduce the risk of collision.

Do not overtake recklessly

There have been many situations where accidents have occurred when overtaking recklessly on mountain passes, because at this time, if an unlucky car appears, the possibility of a collision will be very high. Therefore, keep a safe speed, follow the law and be careful.

If you have an urgent need to go quickly, you need to carefully observe factors such as visibility, curves, slopes and other vehicles on the road. Use turn signals to signal your intentions to other vehicles on the road, monitor blind corners with 360 Camera, rearview mirror, etc. for the safest trip.

Remember that safety is always the top priority. If you do not have enough time, do not have enough ability or do not have safe conditions to pass on a mountain pass, please be patient and continue driving in your lane.

Stop and park at the designated place

Stop the vehicle at the designated place

Pay attention to signs and find a safe, suitable parking location. Avoid stopping in places with prohibited parking signs, obstructing traffic or dangerous places such as corners, intersections, etc.

When parking, park close to the curb and turn on the warning lights (flag lights, signal lights) to notify others of the vehicle’s status.

What should I do if my car loses brakes on a mountain pass?

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc K, residing in Vo hamlet, Phu Cuong commune, Tan Lac district – a resident who has lived right next to the slope for many years, said: “Walking on steep roads is very dangerous, when there are no evacuation routes, there are many accidents.” happened. Worth mentioning, right at the foot of the slope is Phu Cuong market. If there is no escape route, if the car accidentally crashes into the market, the consequences will be huge.” So you should: “Pay attention to see if there is any evacuation route nearby, observe and enter this route to promptly prevent bad situations from happening.

Car rescue road

If not, please:

  • Stay calm and don’t panic: First, the most important thing is to stay calm and not panic. This helps you focus on solving the situation effectively.
  • Use engine brake: If the main brake does not work, use the engine brake or exhaust brake (if available) to slow down the vehicle. Engine braking uses the engine to safely slow the vehicle. Shift down to the lowest gear and keep the engine brake pedal pressed to control speed.
  • Use the parking brake: If neither the service brake nor the engine brake is working, use the parking brake. Apply the handbrake firmly to reduce the vehicle’s speed. However, be careful and adjust the handbrake pressure to avoid losing control and skidding.
  • Shift to a lower gear or shift: If you still cannot control the vehicle’s speed, shift to a lower gear or shift (if available) to slow down. Shift to the lowest gear to increase traction and reduce vehicle speed.
  • Find an escape route: In case of an extremely dangerous situation, find a way to find an escape route and get out of the pass. Find any safe stops or larger areas to stop.
  • Notify others: Turn on your warning lights to notify of an emergency and request help from others on the road.

Most importantly, always stay calm, find a way to control your speed and find a way out of this dangerous situation.

How to observe blind spots around the car?

The CarOn Pro screen is integrated with Camera 360, with four cameras around the car to help you confidently observe and roll safely on every journey. At the same time, with the “Lane departure warning” feature, reading traffic signs not only helps you avoid breaking the law when traveling but also controls your speed and avoids bad situations from happening.

Camera integrated on CarOn screen

What is the solution to focus more when driving on mountain passes?

Going on unfamiliar roads and mountain passes can often be very dangerous. Just by being distracted like looking at your phone, taking a call or doing personal work, unexpected and unpredictable situations can happen in a split second. So please be absolutely careful and focused when driving.

But with the CARON PRO screen, you can listen, call, request all operations in just “ONE TOUCH” with KIKI voice commands, for example:

🔻 Open map: Directions + By Google Maps/Navitel/Vietmap

🔻Go to YouTube: Open + You want to watch + YouTube

🔻 Open VTV Go: View + channel name

🔻 View weather: Weather + City name

🔻 Call: Call + Name (Call A. Dat)

🔻 Open Camera: Open front/right/left/rear camera – Open Dashboard camera,…

❌ With Kiki voice commands, you can still work without looking at the screen!

=> Helps you focus more, minimize distractions, stay safe and especially avoid “breaking the law”.

Minimize stress when driving on mountain roads?

Entertainment features are available on the CarOn screen

Stressful when driving on mountain passes because of many difficult turns or bumpy roads, the solution to help you drive more stress is here:

With the multimedia entertainment capabilities available on the CarOn Pro Screen, you can: Listen to music, watch movies, listen to online radio, Netflix… to help you relieve stress and have a better trip on the road. your submission.

In addition, the CarOn screen also integrates tire pressure sensors, Dashcam,… and many other features to help you drive safer.

Free gift: VietMap S1 copyright, Dashcam and 32GB USB memory card

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