Distracted driving: Causes and solutions

Loss of concentration while driving can cause many unpredictable conditions that are difficult to control, not only endangering the lives and people around you but also leaving great consequences later. So what is the solution? The article below will answer your questions from CarOn.

Causes of distraction while driving

Fatigue and lack of sleep

Drowsiness while driving

Fatigue and lack of sleep are common causes of distracted driving. Driving for long periods of time, especially in heavy traffic and after a long, tiring day at work, requires constant concentration and quick reactions. Fatigue, drowsiness and lack of concentration can reduce your ability to react and increase the risk of an accident.

Use a cell phone

Using cell phones while driving is one of the major causes of distraction while driving. Send messages, read emails. Notifications on social networks and even taking phone calls while driving are distractions and can reduce your ability to see and react.

Multitasking activities

Eating and drinking while driving

That is performing actions such as: Eating, adjusting the radio station, searching for locations on the map or using other electronic devices while driving. This can also cause distraction and increase the risk of traffic accidents.

Just a few seconds of looking down at your phone or pressing the keypad can cause major changes and risks while driving.

Negative emotions

Negative emotions while driving

Stress, anxiety, anger or being distracted by thoughts unrelated to driving can cause loss of concentration. When your mood is unstable, your ability to concentrate and observe situations on the road will be affected.

Dealing with personal problems or mental distractions can reduce driving performance.

Use of alcohol

Using alcohol while driving

Using alcohol is a dangerous and illegal act. Alcohol has a negative impact on the nervous system, reducing vision, affecting the ability to react and losing concentration. Loss of control and unstable driving ability when under the influence of alcohol pose a great risk to the driver, passengers in the car and those around them.

Solution for loss of concentration

To minimize distraction while driving as well as prevent the consequences caused by this condition, below are some solutions to help you concentrate more when driving.

Drink Coffee, energy drinks

Use Coffee or an energy booster to minimize fatigue and drowsiness while driving. However, please note that their effectiveness is only temporary and can cause many potential side effects that affect health, so use a sufficient and reasonable amount.

Use CARON car ANDROI screen

Nowadays, as the automobile industry is increasingly developing, there are many types of products equipped for cars with many uses to ensure safety such as: Car screen, 360 Camera, Dashcam, reversing sensor. , tire pressure sensor,….

You can refer to ANDROID CARON Pro screen, with many useful features such as:

  • Lane departure warning, speed warning, distance warning
  • Command Kiki’s voice, request all operations with just “ONE TOUCH”: Listen to music, watch movies, listen to the radio, see the weather, etc.
  • Bluetooth connection, Wifi,..
  • Multimedia entertainment: Watch Youtube, VTVgo, Netflix, Facebook, surf the web, etc.
  • Integrated dash cam, 360 degree camera, tire pressure sensor
  • Smart direction maps: Google Maps, Vietmap, Navitel,..
Large screen, entertainment listening to Youtube music

Read more

From there, it can help you focus on driving and move more peacefully with extremely “listening” music and a warning and panoramic observation system that eliminates blind spots.

In addition, answering the phone is no longer a worry. Now you can make phone calls directly on the screen without touching the phone.

Smith System’s famous driving principles:

Aim High in steering: Look further ahead, do not look down at the front of the car or stare at the car in front, but need to have foresight to judge, quickly and promptly recognize and handle if an unexpected situation occurs. go out.

Get the big Picture (Overview): Look at the whole picture, as comprehensively as possible. This will help you observe and predict situations that may occur in front of you to avoid in time.

Concentrate on driving

Keep Your eyes moving (Flexible observation): Don’t just focus on the front, but look at both sides of the car through the rearview mirror. This helps better control the vehicle’s moving space, quickly recognizing the vehicle behind if you intend to overtake.

Leave Yourself An Out: You should keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front as well as the vehicle on both sides.

Make sure they see you (Make sure other drivers see your car): In situations where you want to pass, change direction, turn or merge, always turn on the signal light and honk to ask for directions. Absolutely do not enter the blind spots of other vehicles, especially large vehicles with extremely blind spots. many and high.


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