Car is losing gas: Causes and solutions

Have you ever encountered a situation where your car is out of gas? When driving, there may be a situation where the car loses gas. This is a condition in which the driver steps on the accelerator pedal but the vehicle does not respond or loses power, causing inconvenience and danger while driving.

So what is the cause? How to prepare?. The article below will answer you!

The reason the car lost gas

Out of fuel


One of the main causes of gas loss is because the car runs out of fuel. This usually happens when the fuel in the fuel tank or the fuel sensing system is not working properly. When the fuel tank is empty, the engine will not receive a sufficient fuel supply to operate, leading to throttle loss.

The car’s fuel system includes: Fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel pipe, fuel control valve and fuel sensor. Some problems that can occur in the fuel system that cause low throttle include:

  • Broken fuel pump: If the fuel pump has a problem or is broken, it will cause the car to lose throttle
  • Clogged fuel pump: If the fuel pump is clogged with dirt or impurities, the fuel flow to the engine will be reduced, leading to loss of throttle.
  • Fuel pipe leak: If fuel leaks, the car can also cause short of throttle
  • Damaged fuel control valve: A fuel control valve that is not working properly can also be the cause of low throttle. When the valve does not open or close at the right time, the correct amount of fuel is not supplied to the engine to operate.

Problems in the electrical system

The electrical system in a car plays an important role in providing power to the engine and other systems. If the engine electrical system or ignition system has a problem, the car may lose throttle.

  • Weak battery: The battery provides power for the starting system and electrical equipment in the car. If the battery is weak and does not provide enough power, the engine cannot start and will lose throttle.
  • Ignition system problem: The ignition system is responsible for creating electrodes in the combustion chamber to light the flame. If the components of the ignition system are not working properly, energy is not transmitted to the combustion chamber, causing low gas.

Exhaust gases cannot escape

This is also the cause of the car losing gas. The cause is often due to the catalyst overheating and melting inside, causing the exhaust gas circulation to be reduced. When exhaust gases cannot escape, they bounce back inside, reducing the efficiency of the combustion process.

The timing belt is broken

The timing belt plays an important role in connecting the flywheels of the camshaft and crankshaft to help them work together. When the timing belt is worn or slipped, it will greatly affect the engine ignition process. Because a worn or slipping belt can cause a certain engine cylinder to close or open prematurely, leading to misfire. This causes many serious effects to the engine, causing the car to vibrate, jerk, lose throttle, etc.

How to fix when the car is out of gas

If your car experiences a lack of throttle, the owner should check and handle it as soon as possible because the longer you wait, the more serious the car’s condition will be, especially when the car is climbing a hill. If there is not enough gas, it will be extremely dangerous.

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