Car air conditioner has a bad smell: Causes and solutions

Air conditioning plays an important role in ensuring air, comfort, and coolness in the car. However, the problem that many people encounter when using the air conditioner is “FORTY SMELL” which not only causes discomfort for the driver and passengers but also causes a number of side effects. So what is the cause and how to handle it? The article below CarOn will answer your questions.

Cause of bad odor

Air filter is dirty

The air filter has the function of filtering out dirt, mold, pollen, leaves, etc., so in a short time the car air conditioner filter will become very dirty.

This is the reason why the air conditioner filter needs to be replaced every 20,000km of operation. If you are slow to replace the air filter, the dust filtration efficiency will no longer be high and the air quality will not be guaranteed.

This is one of the reasons why car air conditioners smell, and even reduces the performance of the air conditioner, causing the air conditioner to cool slowly and consume more fuel.

The door air filter bag is dirty

The inlet air filter bag is an important part of the car air conditioning system. It helps prevent bacteria, dust particles and other waste from the outside air from entering the vehicle. However, if the air filter bag becomes dirty, it can become the source of bad odors in the car air conditioning system. Waste and bacteria accumulate on the air filter bag, creating the ideal environment for the growth of odors.

Amount of water accumulation

During operation, the car air conditioning system creates accumulated water from the air cooling process. This water is usually directed out of the vehicle through the drain pipe. However, if the drain is clogged or not working properly, water can accumulate and become hidden in the system. This creates favorable conditions for bacteria and mold to grow, causing unpleasant odors.

The interior smells

If the interior is not cleaned regularly, food debris and accumulated moisture can also cause odors and attract bacteria. Clean regularly and use deodorizing products to eliminate odors in the interior.

How to handle when the air conditioner smells bad

Check and filter the air

The air filter in your car’s air conditioning system can become dirty and accumulate residue, causing odors. Check and replace the air filter according to the maintenance schedule to ensure the air is filtered clean and cool.

Use a deodorizer

You can place a car deodorizer in the car compartment to absorb and eliminate odors. Choose specialized deodorizers for cars and follow the instructions for use.

Clean and disinfect the air conditioning system

Cleans surfaces and components of car air conditioning systems to remove residue, bacteria and mold. Use specialized car cleaning and disinfection products to ensure effectiveness.

Check and clean water pipes

Check the car air conditioning system’s drainage pipe to make sure it is not clogged. If there is any residue, clean the drain using a small tool or vacuum.

Change the car air conditioning mode

When not using the vehicle, turn off the air conditioning and open the vehicle doors to help ventilate and air the vehicle compartment. This helps reduce humidity and prevent the build-up of odors in the car.

Check and clean the control unit and fan

The control unit and fan in the car air conditioning system need to be inspected and cleaned to ensure correct and efficient operation.

Clean car interior

Clean car interior

Cleaning the car interior regularly is an important part of maintaining cleanliness, airiness and avoiding odors. Remove trash and small debris, vacuum, clean surfaces, wipe glasses, deodorize, etc. with specialized tools. If the parts are old or severely degraded, they should be replaced.

How to prevent air conditioning when the car smells

– Regular cleaning: Clean your car interior periodically to remove dust, dirt and debris. Vacuum clean surfaces and crevices regularly to prevent buildup of waste and bacteria.

– Avoid eating and drinking in the car: Avoid eating and drinking in the car, especially smelly foods. If it can’t be avoided, make sure to clean up after you finish and don’t leave food scraps behind.

– Get into the habit of turning off the air conditioner and turning on the fan 2-3 minutes before turning off the car’s coolant. This helps prevent air conditioners from condensing, replace air conditioner filters, clean air conditioners on time, limit smoking, etc.

– Take outside air to help make the air in the car more airy, take inside air if the outside environment has a lot of polluted dust and smells.

Wind inside – wind outside the car


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