ANDROID BOX CARON CB8 – The pinnacle of car technology

Using the original Zin screen is too boring. You want to be less boring but don’t want to change the Zin screen? No problem, because CARON’s Android Box CB8 is here, the optimal solution to make your Zin screen smarter and more convenient than ever.

In particular, no cutting, no impact on the vehicle structure, quick and easy installation directly via the vehicle’s USB/HDMI port. With modern technology, great configuration and many utilities. Certainly, BOX CB8 will bring a surprisingly smooth and enjoyable experience on the car that you definitely should not miss.

Salient features

  • Split screen multitasking
  • Command KIKI voice
  • Integrated 3 smart maps
  • Multimedia entertainment
  • Remote vehicle positioning and management
  • Wifi connection, 4G SIM
  • Integrate peripheral devices
  • Integrated voice commands on the steering wheel
  • Bluetooth connection, hands-free calling

Gifts included with the product

  • Free VietMap S1 copyright
  • Free USB 32GB Gen 3
  • Mini HDMI
  • Free home installation support
  • Warranty up to 3 years
  • 1 for 1 error within 12 months

Outstanding features available on Android Box CB8

CARON ANDROID BOX CB8 possesses many outstanding features, with a huge configuration of 4GB RAM. 64GB ROM, the most powerful and powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chip today will give you a smooth and convenient experience in the car.

Command KIKI voice

ANDROID BOX CB8 has a voice command feature activated through the KIKI voice assistant, this is a valuable utility that helps users drive hands-free and more safely. With the ability to understand the voices of 3 regions: North – Central – South and respond to commands quickly, thereby helping your travel process be hands-free, eyes-free, focused on driving, and safe to travel.

You just need to “Press the steering wheel button” or touch the “KIKI icon” and then give a command, for example:

  • Directions to West Lake using Google Maps
  • How is the weather today
  • Call A Phong
  • Play music by Le Quyen,…

Multimedia entertainment

Entertainment on Android Box CB8

In complete contrast to the original screen, CarOn Box CB8 gives you a completely new experience. You can watch movies, browse websites, listen to music, listen to news on many platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Messenger, Netflix, CHplay,… just like a smart tablet.

In particular, you can also make requests through KIKI voice assistant without touching the screen. Creates more flexibility, convenience, safety and concentration when driving.

Integrated 3 smart maps

Directions on screen using Android Box CB8

Installing CarON Android Box CB8 in your car, you will experience the 3 most popular and smart navigation software today including: Google Map, Navitel, Viet Map. You can also use the road map even when Offline (No network) so you can completely confidently travel on all roads without worrying about interruptions.

With just one command like: “Directions + Address + Application (Google Maps/ Navitel/VietMap). You can enjoy diverse features and choose applications that suit your needs, quickly, easily, safely and conveniently.

Split screen multitasking

Android Box CB7 has a split-screen multitasking feature that helps users enjoy multiple features at the same time on the screen. You can divide the screen into 2 equal parts or adjust the size as desired, for example: left half of the screen “Listen to music” right half “View map” or left half “Watch movies” right half “Surf” web”.

This feature provides flexibility and convenience in using in-vehicle functions. You can track essential information and control functions easily without switching between applications.

Bluetooth connection

Utilities on Android Box CB8

You can connect Bluetooth directly to your phone, allowing contacts and calls to be synchronized to the car screen. You can also give KIKI voice commands when you want to make a call to a friend in your contacts. As simple as: “Call A Phong” then the screen will automatically make the call without having to touch the phone. This helps you free your hands and eyes, increasing safety and convenience while driving.

Connect peripheral devices

– With the ability to connect to a Dashcam, CARON BOX CB8 allows you to view and record images from the Camera directly on the car screen. This gives you a clear view of the vehicle’s environment and records incidents in traffic. You can also use Dash Cam features such as recording videos or reviewing recorded images.

– In addition, you can also connect the tire pressure sensor to the CARON BOX CB8 screen and provide information about the pressure of each tire directly on the large screen. You can monitor and check tire pressure easily. When there is a problem, the screen will display and alarm if the tire pressure is too high or too low, helping you detect the problem and have timely solutions, ensuring safety during travel.

Connect Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Connect Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Android CarOn Box CB8 supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, allowing you to enjoy iOS and Android operating system features and applications on the car screen. Helps bring iPhone applications and functions to the car screen in a smart and convenient way. You can access and use applications such as phone, messaging, music, maps and other entertainment applications on the CarOn screen. All operations and operations on the screen will be controlled through a simple and easy-to-use interface, with the support of the touch screen and control keys on the steering wheel.

Wifi connection, 4G SIM

Wi-Fi connection and 4G SIM on the CarOn screen open up a large Internet access space and continuous connectivity, providing a great multimedia online experience in the car. You can continue to work, entertain, watch movies, listen to music and interact online even while on the go.

You can also download your favorite applications on CHplay such as Youtube, Facebook, VTVgo, Game,…’

Voice integration on the steering wheel

CARON BOX CB8 integrates a voice command button on the steering wheel, providing convenience and safety when controlling functions and features on the Android screen.

With the integrated voice command button on the steering wheel, users can easily control the CarOn car screen with just their voice, without having to touch the screen or press buttons on the dashboard. By using voice commands, users can perform many functions such as navigation, changing songs, calling, sending messages, etc., thereby helping to reduce distractions and increase concentration while driving.

GPS positioning via CarOn Tracking

The CarOn Display provides GPS navigation through the CarOn Tracking app developed by CarOn Software Engineers. With this application, you can track and locate your vehicle’s location accurately and conveniently.

Provides you with detailed information such as: “Current location of the vehicle, travel speed, stops – parking, storing trip history up to 365 days,…” From there, you can monitor and protect wealth
Personal products are safer.

Contact Hotline now: 0961.247.360 for free consultation and installation support nationwide

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