Why should you use My Key – Remote ignition?

If you are using a car, especially if you own a car from brands like Kia or Hyundai, you have probably heard of the Mykey device – Remote ignition. This article will bring you useful information about Mykey, so you can make the right purchasing decision.

My key – What is remote detonation?

As the name suggests, Mykey – Remote Start is a special tool for cars, allowing the car owner to remotely activate the start. With simple operation, just press the start button on the key or use the Mykey application on your mobile device, you will immediately be able to start the engine. Besides the ability to enable remote start, Mykey also possesses many other useful functions to help bring maximum benefits to users.

Features of My Key – Remote detonation

Mykey is a product commonly used for car models from Korea such as Kia or Hyundai that have an automatic transmission start button, possessing many outstanding features such as:

Start and start the engine remotely

When using Mykey, you can remotely start the engine at a distance of up to 70m when using the phone and 200m when using the key. This allows you to prepare the car in advance by starting the engine and turning on the air conditioning before getting in the car.

However, after 15 minutes if no one enters the car, the engine will automatically turn off. This is a fuel-saving feature for the car, preventing the car owner from accidentally pressing or forgetting to let the engine run unnecessarily.

Open the door when approaching and close the door when going away

This feature is also highly appreciated because of the convenience it brings. According to the settings, when the car owner holds the key close to the car, the door can automatically open. On the contrary, when you take the key out of the car for about 6 seconds, the door system will automatically lock and the rearview mirror will be folded in to ensure vehicle safety.

Open the car with a password without using a key

This is a special feature of Mykey that many people love, allowing you to lock and unlock your car with a password. This means you don’t need to carry a key and you can still turn the car on and off normally. This feature is especially useful in case you forget or lose your keys, or when you want to go out and don’t want to bring your keys with you.

To use this feature, you just need to hold the button on the door handle for a few seconds, then the system will notify you with turn signals and a warning horn. Then, you just need to enter the password to open the door. You can absolutely set your own password.

Turbo Timer feature

Normally for Turbo vehicles, the engine needs to rest for about 1-2 minutes before shutting down, especially after the vehicle has just operated at high intensity. Mykey’s Turbo Timer feature helps save this waiting time. After you take the keys and leave the car, this feature will keep the engine idling for 90 minutes before the engine turns off completely.

To activate this feature, after you take the key and leave the car, just press the button on the door handle once to activate the Turbo Timer feature.

Start the anti-theft system after leaving the vehicle

Mykey device can start the anti-theft system 10 minutes after leaving the car. This feature ensures the safety of your personal vehicle, avoiding intrusion by anti-theft thieves 10 minutes after you close the door and leave the vehicle.

Signaling by sound and light from afar

This feature of Mykey brings convenience to car owners when searching for cars in the parking lot. With just a press of a button on Mykey, you can find your car’s location thanks to the sounds and flashing lights emitted from afar. You will find this feature extremely useful when you park in crowded areas or large shopping centers.

Advantages and disadvantages of remote ignition

With the above outstanding features, the remote starter also has advantages and disadvantages such as:


  • This is a set of products that plug in specifically for the car
  • Brings safety to users
  • Does not affect the vehicle’s original system


  • High price. The price of this device is about 5,500,000 VND depending on the supplier.

Where is a reputable place to buy and install a remote starter?

You can choose to buy remote starters on genuine e-commerce sites. In addition, you should go to authorized authorized dealers to buy quality products. Besides, most auto service centers and car garages sell this product. One address that you can refer to is CarOn. With the motto of top quality, CarOn will bring you the most genuine products and professional Mykey installation service.


CarOn Pro – 5S standard car service system

Caron Pro is trusted and known by customers as a chain of 5S standard auto repair service centers. With extremely modern equipment, genuine spare parts, skilled technicians, a full range of services at extremely affordable prices and quality. With a variety of services and products, CarOn is committed to providing the most dedicated quality and service.

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