When making offerings to a newly purchased car, what do you need to prepare?

When buying a new car, many people believe that offering the car is a traditional ritual to bring luck, peace and protection to the car and the user. Worshiping cars not only has spiritual significance but also creates cultural beauty and honors the importance of transportation.

So what do you need to prepare, what is the offering, let’s find out in the article below!

The importance and meaning of offering a new car

Good luck and peace

Worshiping a newly purchased car is considered a ritual that brings luck and peace to the car owner and users. It is the hope of avoiding accidents and risks during the journey

Create cultural beauty

Car offerings are one of the traditional cultural beauties of many ethnic groups.

  • Worshiping a newly purchased car will help them feel more secure when traveling on the road, help them steer steadily, and avoid accidents and collisions…
  • Offering a new car also helps them express their desire to be blessed to have more customers, more favorable service business, etc., helping the car to be less damaged…

In many localities, people not only perform offerings to buy new cars, but they also perform offerings to passenger cars and even newly purchased motorbikes.

What to prepare?

Preparing offerings depends on many factors such as locality, area, etc. But basically there will be the following items that need to be prepared:

Prepare the offering tray
  • 1 Vase of chrysanthemums 3-5-7,… Cotton (odd number)
  • 1 Fruit plate (five fruits)
  • 1 plate of rice, salt (granulated salt)
  • 1 pile of votive money
  • Savory dishes (chicken, sticky rice, boiled meat, etc.)
  • Incense, 2 candles
  • White wine
  • Bowl and chopsticks

A prayer to worship a car

Namo Avalokiteśvara Bodhisattva!

Namo Pure Sea Bodhisattva Assembly.

Namo Dharma Bodhisattva Buddhist Sangha.

  • I respectfully bow to the Buddhas, the Bodhisattvas of the three generations in the ten directions, the Arhats, the Holy Sangha, the Dharma Protectors, the Kien Lao Earth Spirit Bodhisattva, the Ten Traveling Dharma Protectors.
  • I respectfully bow to the Gods of the City Emperor, the Gods, the Holy Spirits, the Presiding Gods, the Gong Tao Judges, the Five Directions, the Traveling Messengers, the Five Roads, and the Ly Vuc Judges.
  • I respectfully bow to Mr. Duong Nien Thien Quan Song Vuong Hanh Khien, God of the Five Paths and Warriors, and Lam Cao Judge.
  • I respectfully bow to Ban Gia Tho Cong Dong Tru Menh Tao Phu Dinh Phuc Than Quan.
  • I respectfully bow to the spirits, ghosts, and mortals in our native grounds.

Today, day… month… year… Solar calendar (on day… month… year… Lunar calendar).


We include: Child, name:…, date of birth… and… (if available).

Our family has all the precious blessings and is able to buy a car with license plate…

Owned by:…, with the intention of using it to…

We hope you will prove it to us. We invite you to come to the altar to enjoy the offerings and bless your child and the car with the license plate… to travel safely and do business always conveniently, everything will be successful, pray for wealth, pray for wealth. beneficial beneficial.

Please bless me and my family to be safe when operating this vehicle, for the driver, the driver and the passers-by.

I respectfully ask my bondholders to resolve the unjust accusations from many generations, without harming or negatively impacting the safety of vehicle operation.

We are young, immature, and our understanding of the spiritual world is still limited, so if we make any mistakes, we respectfully hope that our superiors will be merciful and forgiving.

We respectfully apologize and give thanks.

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Namo Amitabha Buddha!

Should you offer your new car in the house or in the yard?

The ceremony to worship a car, a newly purchased motorbike or any other type of vehicle is all done in the yard. Except for special cases that cannot be replaced, worshiping ceremonies can be done at home.

What direction should I place the car?

When making offerings to a newly purchased car, you need to pay special attention to the direction in which the front of the car is placed, this will also affect the presentation of the offering tray.

Normally, the homeowner will place a tray of offerings at the altar of gods and ancestors and a tray outside near the car with the meaning of giving alms to the souls who died on the street or in the market and cannot be worshiped.

If you are more careful, the homeowner can see if the direction of the front of the car matches his or her feng shui direction to bring luck and convenience.

Besides the above notes, you also need to choose a location for the new car offering ceremony that is clean and dust-free to show your respect to your superiors.

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