What type of Taplo carpet should I buy for my car? Advantages and disadvantages of each type

Dashboard carpet is a decorative part installed on the dashboard surface of the car. With a variety of materials such as: natural leather, artificial leather, PVC and many different fabrics, taplo carpets not only have the ability to protect the taplo from negative impacts from the outside environment but also bring beauty. and unique style for interior space.

So what type of carpet should you buy? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type? The article below CarOn will answer your questions.

What is the importance of Taplo mats for cars?

Car dashboard mats

Car dashboard mats play an important role in protecting the dashboard and enhancing the aesthetic value of the car interior. Here are the main benefits of using taplo mats:

Protect Taplo from sunlight and environmental damage

One of the main factors that damage taplo is sunlight. Sunlight can cause fading and deformity of the taplo due to high temperatures. The taplo mat is designed to cover the taplo, helping to limit direct sunlight contact with the taplo surface, keeping it always new and not damaged by the impact of sunlight. In addition, taplo mats also block dirt, insects and other environmental agents, helping to keep the taplo always in the best condition.

Keeps Taplo clean and durable

The dashboard mat creates a protective layer for the dashboard surface, helping to prevent dirt, hair, sebum and other liquids from sticking to the dashboard. This helps maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the taplo throughout its use. In addition, dashboard mats also help protect dashboards from scratches, collision damage and abrasion from daily use. This ensures that the taplo will always retain its shape and be highly durable for a long time.

Aesthetics for the car

Taplo carpets have the ability to create aesthetic highlights for the car’s interior space. With a wide range of designs and colors, car owners can choose dashboard mats that suit their personal style and aesthetic taste. The delicate combination of dashboard mats and other interior elements such as seats, steering wheel and other decorative details, creates a harmonious and beautiful whole.

Enhance comfort and driving experience

Dashboard carpets not only beautify the car interior, but also play an important role in enhancing comfort and driving experience. Dashboard mats have the ability to reduce noise and vibrations from under the car floor, creating a quieter space and helping to enhance a more comfortable driving experience.

In addition, dashboard mats also have heat insulation properties, helping to reduce the temperature inside the car on hot days. This helps create a cooler and more comfortable driving environment, while minimizing the use of air conditioning and saving energy.

Besides, taplo carpets also bring personalization to the car interior space. Car owners can choose dashboard mats with prints, logos or unique patterns to create a unique interior space. This not only makes the car unique, but also shows off the owner’s style and personality.

Types of car taplo mats

Sheepskin taplo carpet

Sheepskin taplo carpet
  • Advantage:
    • Luxurious feeling: Sheepskin taplo carpets create a soft, luxurious and high-class feeling in the car interior.
    • Good insulation: Fleece has good thermal insulation, helping to keep the temperature inside the car stable and comfortable.
    • Anti-slip: Wool taplo mats have high friction, helping to avoid slipping of items placed on the taplo.
  • Defect:
    • Difficult to clean: Wool easily traps dust, hair and other dirt, making cleaning taplo carpets difficult.
    • High price: Wool carpets often cost more than other types of carpets, requiring higher financial investment.

Taplo Carbon carpet

Carbon dashboard mats
  • Advantage:
    • High durability: Carbon dashboard mats have high durability and abrasion resistance, helping to protect the dashboard from scratches and damage.
    • Light and thin: Carbon dashboard mats have a thin and light design, do not hinder vehicle control and do not add to the weight of the car.
  • Defect:
    • Limited sun protection ability: Carbon has limited UV protection ability, cannot protect the taplo from the effects of sunlight to the maximum.
    • Lack of aesthetics: Carbon dashboard mats have a simple design and do not create an aesthetic highlight for the car interior.

Felt Taplo carpet

Felt Taplo carpet
  • Advantage:
    • Soft and warm: Felt dashboard mats create a soft and warm feeling in the car interior.
    • Noise reduction: Felt has the ability to absorb sound, helping to reduce noise and vibrations in the car.
  • Defect:
    • Easy to collect dust and difficult to clean: Felt taplo carpets easily collect dust, hair and other dirt, requiring periodic cleaning to keep the carpet clean.
    • Impact of water: If felt taplo carpet comes into contact with water, it can cause damage and discoloration.

Fabric taplo carpet

  • Advantage:
    • Variety of colors and designs: Fabric taplo carpets are available in many different colors and designs, allowing you to choose to suit your personal style and taste.
    • Soft and smooth feel: Fabric dashboard mats create a soft and comfortable feeling when in contact with the steering wheel skin and dashboard surface.
  • Defect:
    • Difficult to clean: With fabric taplo carpets, cleaning may be more difficult than with other types of materials. Dirt, hair and liquids can stick to and stain the dashboard, requiring you to use special cleaning methods or take it to the laundry to clean.
    • Not waterproof: With fabric dashboard mats, if liquid spills in from above or from equipment in the car, the water can seep through the carpet and wet the dashboard, causing damage to the surface and possibly causing mold if not handled properly. dry properly.

Fur taplo carpet

Fur taplo carpet
  • Advantage:
    • Create an aesthetic highlight: Fur carpets create a unique aesthetic highlight and personalize the car interior.
    • Soft feel: Fur provides a soft and warm feeling in the car.
  • Defect:
    • Difficult to clean: Fur easily collects dust and hair, making cleaning taplo carpets difficult.
    • Not suitable in wet environments: Fur taplo carpets are not suitable in wet environments, because they can adhere to water and harm the taplo surface.

Note when buying taplo carpets

  • Size and suitability for vehicle model: Make sure that the dashboard mat has the appropriate size for your vehicle model. Check the specific size of the taplo to choose the right product and fit the taplo surface correctly.
  • Anti-slip material: Choose a dashboard mat with an anti-slip layer on the bottom to ensure it does not slide or move when you drive. This will keep the carpet stable and prevent distractions while driving.
  • Waterproof material: If you prioritize waterproofing, choose taplo mats made from waterproof material such as PVC. This will help protect the dashboard from water and liquid impacts and prevent damage.
  • Easy to clean: Choose taplo carpets that are easy to clean and maintain. Taplo carpets can collect dust, hair and dirt, so choose a material and design that is easy to clean. Additionally, learn how to clean and maintain the taplo carpet to maintain it in the best condition.

Avoid buying cheap products

  • Poor quality: Cheap taplo carpets are often made from poor quality materials and production processes, leading to low durability and performance. They can quickly deteriorate, lose color, or not meet anti-slip and waterproof requirements.
  • Reduced safety: Poor quality dashboard mats may not meet safety standards, such as the material not causing glare when driving during the day or not obstructing visibility.
Note when buying cheap taplo carpets

Where to buy reputable Taplo carpets?

Currently, in Hanoi, there are many places selling taplo sun protection mats. However, to buy good, durable and beautiful taplo carpets, you should prioritize choosing reputable stores that have been operating for many years.

Addresses selling high-quality car taplo heat-resistant mats that receive a lot of positive feedback from customers are:


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