What is the price of electric car battery charging service in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, there are two units providing electric vehicle charging station services, including VinFast’s system and EVIDA Company with the smart electric vehicle charging product EBOOST.

According to information from the Ministry of Transport (MOT), currently, the electric charging station system with the highest coverage in Vietnam is VinFast’s system. VinFast electric charging stations are located at parking lots, bus stations, apartment buildings, offices, shopping centers, rest stops, and gas stations along highways and national highways. VinFast develops a charging station system with more than 150,000 charging ports for electric motorbikes and electric cars, spread across 63 provinces and cities.

The electric charging station system with the highest coverage today in Vietnam is VinFast. (Illustration)

Another business that also provides charging solutions for electric vehicles today in Vietnam is EVIDA Company with the smart electric vehicle charging product EBOOST. EBOOST is providing design, installation and operation of electric vehicle charging station systems with more than 850 charging points nationwide.

Regarding electric charging price, VinFast currently offers an electric car charging price of 3,210.9 VND/kWh (equivalent to level 5 electricity price announced by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on May 4, 2023).

The unit charging price at EBOOST’s public charging station is 8,900 VND/kWh, excluding activation fee of 4,900 VND/charge for motorbikes and 19,900 VND/charge for cars.

According to the Ministry of Transport, currently, Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) has also joined in with products developed by the Central Electricity Electronics Production Center (under EVN). Before becoming a commercial product, EVN tested and installed and operated electric car charging stations at a number of locations including: Central Power Corporation headquarters, PVOIL petrol stations in the city. Da Nang city… Currently, EVN has completed and handed over 6 charging stations to customers, expected to be installed in Hanoi. This is the first fast charging station for electric cars with a Vietnamese brand from a manufacturer that does not make cars.

Some brands such as Porsche, Audi or Mercedes-Benz have also set up charging station systems for customers, but the number is still limited, most are only installed at the company’s showrooms or factories. Brands like Audi or Mercedes-Benz all plan to expand their charging station systems, especially in big cities. Audi Vietnam representative said that it plans to expand about 15 more charging points in Ho Chi Minh City in the near future.

In addition, a series of world-leading businesses in the field of charging station systems for electric vehicles have also expressed their intention to expand the electric charging station business market in Vietnam such as Siemens, Charge+, ABB.

Although the number of electric charging stations is increasing significantly each year, it is necessary to continue to add solutions to improve the quality of Vietnam’s existing infrastructure. “, commented the Ministry of Transport

Source: Auto Pro

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