What is electric car seat adjustment? Reputable address?

When driving or sitting in a car for a long time, drivers often easily experience shoulder and neck pain. The condition occurs because the driver is not sitting comfortably or sitting in the wrong position for a long time. The cause is also from the car’s seat system. Because the process of adjusting traditional driver’s seats is too difficult, having to adjust many times but still not finding the appropriate position, many drivers skip the task of adjusting the seat. This has a negative impact on the user’s health and causes neck and shoulder pain. Therefore, the appearance of the car electric seat system is a solution to help drivers improve their health. They help car owners easily adjust and use the seats without too much manipulation.

The article below CarOn Pro will introduce in detail about adjusting electric seats for cars, the outstanding advantages of adjusting electric seats, the implementation process and notes to know when adjusting electric seats for cars. car. Hopefully through this article, you will better understand nano coating technology and the benefits it brings to your car.

What is electric car seat adjustment?

The car has electrically adjustable seats

Electric seat adjustment for cars is an improved solution to replace the operations of adjusting car seats from mechanical levers to electric ones. Instead of having to use your hands to do it, after adjusting the electric seat, we will use the buttons to adjust the car seat to suit the occupant. Adjusting electric seats for cars not only adds electric adjustment, position memory, heating, ventilation, and massage features, but also brings more comfort. Car users will no longer feel difficult or cumbersome, but will instead experience more convenience and comfort with electric seats.

In the past, customers would prioritize electric seat adjustment for the driver and passenger seats, but today, with the need to use the car to bring the best experience, especially family cars, the rear seats are also increasingly available. receive more and more attention.

Structure of electric seats

Electric car seats designed with special features will have a more complex structure than regular seats.

  • Chair frame: is the main structure of the chair, including cushion and backrest. Chair frames are often made of steel or aluminum alloy to increase rigidity and durability.
  • Control system: this is the main part to control the position of the chair. The control system for electric seats is often integrated on the head of the seat or possibly on the steering wheel. The user will control it with buttons or switches.
  • Sensors: integrated in the chair to detect the position of the chair, the position of the user and other position changes.
  • Actuator: is the part that helps the chair move in the direction of up, down, forward, backward, reclining, etc. The actuator of the electric chair is controlled by an electric motor, gear transmission systems and air system. compressed.
  • Other parts: includes the remaining parts of the chair such as air pump, massage modes and heating options.

The above parts will work together so that the electric seat can be adjusted to the desired position and create the most comfortable sitting position for the user.

Popular types of electric car seat adjustments today

Some types of electric seats are popular

Currently, electric seat adjustment services for cars are often divided into 3 popular types with different prices. Depending on needs and financial capabilities, users can choose to use the appropriate electric seat adjustment service:

  • 4-way seat adjustment: This is the most basic type of electric seat adjustment including up, down, forward, and backward adjustments.
  • 6-way seat adjustment: This is an improved chair to bring a better experience to the user. In addition to basic functions such as up, down, forward, and backward adjustments, it also has a 120-degree reclining mode. recline 180 degrees.
  • 10-way chair adjustment: This is the most modern type of chair and is popular with many users today. This chair will include many basic adjustments such as adjusting up, down, forward, backward, reclining to more advanced functions such as massage, spine support, etc.

In addition, users can also add features such as: memory position, heating or ventilation on the electric seats. Some types of chairs also have the ability to maintain seat height, adjust the appropriate distance from the seat to the steering wheel, etc. to help users reduce shoulder and neck pain.

Vehicles can have electrically adjustable seats

Today’s electric car seat adjustment service can be performed for all car models on the market today that want to upgrade seat amenities like those on high-end cars. Some popular car models often have electric seats such as: Toyota Starex, Innova, Honda City, Mazda, Ford Transit, Mitsubishi Xpander…

Should electric seats be adjusted for cars?

The answer is that adjusting electric car seats will depend on each person’s preferences and needs. Here are some factors for you to consider when evaluating whether or not to install power seats for your car:


  • Shorten the time and process of adjusting the seats: Instead of having to bend down, bend over or move just to manipulate the hands and move the seats in the car, which is difficult and time-consuming, after adjusting the seats, adjust the power to the car. Users can easily adjust the position and recline of each chair. Pressing the button on the electric lever makes adjusting the seat easier and faster.
  • Comfortable and pleasant experience when using the car: Because each person will have a different body shape and sitting posture, so manufacturers have designed electric car seats with a range of operation. Wide dynamic range with multi-directional adjustment and multiple support functions. Depending on each person’s height and body shape, the user can adjust it to the corresponding position. Besides, the function of moving forward, backward, high and low adjustable in 8 directions and 10 directions integrated with the spine massage mechanism, air release will create comfort for the person sitting, ensuring mental alertness and thereby ensuring the health of the person sitting. driver while driving.
  • Increase comfort and class for the interior compartment: Modern electric seat models today not only have many beautiful and eye-catching designs but also bring many smart, modern and luxurious amenities to the interior space. car interior.
  • Safety support: Electric seats contribute to driver safety by helping to adjust the distance between the driver and the steering wheel, thereby facilitating vehicle control.


  • Complicated: The process of installing an electric seat is quite complicated, including: removing the mechanical seat, then installing the switch and adjusting it, reconnecting the electrical wire to make the chair work. Therefore, if you need to adjust electric seats for your car, you need a highly qualified technician to do it.
  • Loss of car seat warranty: Installing an external seat means losing the warranty for this part of the car. When buying a car, users will have a warranty package for car parts including the mechanical seat system. If electric seats are installed, this part will not be warranted by the car company.
  • High cost: The cost of adjusting electric seats for cars is currently quite high and in addition, you will also have to pay additional service fees to use the electric seat installation service at reputable car tuning centers.

How much does it cost to adjust electric seats for cars?

The price of the electric car seat adjustment service depends on the vehicle model and level of difficulty as well as whether or not additional utility options are equipped. Dealers will quote a suitable combo price. Below is a popular price list of electric seat adjustments for popular vehicles for your reference:

  • 4-way electric seat adjustment: Price 8,000,000 VND
  • 6-way electric seat adjustment: Price 10,000,000 VND
  • 10-way electric seat adjustment: Price 13,000,000 VND

Besides, users can also equip electric seats with more advanced functions depending on usage needs and from there the cost of adjusting electric seats for cars will also increase correspondingly from about 10 – 40 million VND depending on type and depending on the user’s needs and finances.

Note when adjusting electric seats for cars

Note when using electric seats

When adjusting electric seats for cars, users need to keep in mind a few things while operating and using them to maximize the effectiveness of electric seats:

  • The chair needs to be adjusted to suit the user’s height, width, and desired needs. This will help users feel comfortable when using the chair and provide maximum support for driving.
  • Users need to ensure safety when adjusting the seat, especially while driving. Stop or park the vehicle in a safe place before adjusting the seat.
  • So that the driver can have the best driving position and minimize wrist fatigue or back pain when driving for long periods of time. Users need to pay attention to the position of other parts of the vehicle, such as the steering wheel, brake pedal, gear lever and accelerator.
  • Pay attention to the position and direction of movement of the seat sliding mechanisms when adjusting the seat. Because if you do not use them properly, they can cause unpleasant noises that affect your comfort when using electric chairs.

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