What is a car navigation device? Should a car navigation be installed?

In today’s technological age, car tracking devices have become an important tool to monitor and protect cars. But do you know exactly what a car navigation device is and whether you should install it in your car or not? In this article, we will learn about car navigation devices, along with the benefits of installing it.

What is a car navigation device?

Car navigation device

Car GPS, also known as car GPS, is a technology that uses the global positioning system (GPS) to determine the exact location of a car in real time. It provides information about location, speed, direction of travel and other related information, allowing users to track and monitor their vehicles.

Types of car navigation?

Wireless positioning

Wireless positioning

Battery-operated wireless locator. Usually, it is attached to the vehicle via magnets.


  • Compact design makes it easy to install and does not hinder vehicle control.
  • Quick installation: Wireless navigation devices do not require complicated installation wires, saving time and effort when installing them in the car.
  • Flexible location options: You can hide the wireless positioning device anywhere in the vehicle as you like. This provides more flexibility and security for more effective vehicle monitoring.


  • Need to replace batteries and check regularly: Because they use batteries to operate, wireless positioning devices need to be checked and replaced periodically to ensure stable operation. Therefore, it requires more frequent care from the user.
  • Limited operating time: Wireless positioning devices have limited operating time due to battery limitations. When the battery runs out of power, the device will stop working until the battery is fully charged again

Wired positioning

Wired positioning device

The wired navigation device uses the vehicle’s battery power and connects to the vehicle via a wire.


  • Stable operation: Because it uses power directly from the car battery, the wired positioning device operates stably for a long time without depending on the battery. This ensures the device is always ready for continuous operation.
  • There is battery backup: In case the vehicle’s power source is interrupted, the device can still operate using a backup battery to help maintain positioning for a short time.


  • Complicated installation: Due to the connection via wires, installing a wired car navigation device is more complicated than a wireless one. It requires care and meticulousness in handling and connecting wires.
  • Easy to detect: Because it is connected to the car via a wire, the installation location of a wired navigation device is often easy to detect, so car thieves can track down and remove the device.

How does car GPS navigation work?

Principle of operation of car navigation device

Car navigation devices operate through the process of transmitting and receiving information via artificial satellites worldwide according to the following mechanism:

  • Analyze and process GPS waves: The device receives GPS waves from the global positioning system (GPS). GPS waves contain location and time information from satellites. The device analyzes and processes GPS waves to calculate its most accurate location.
  • Send processing results to the management server: After processing, the device sends the results to the management server system. This server contains management software developed to receive and process information from car navigation devices.
  • Develop features according to needs: Based on data received from the positioning device, the management server system can develop additional features to suit the user’s needs. These features can include location monitoring and reporting, movement history storage, security alerts, and more.

Uses of car navigation?

Uses of car navigation
  • 24/7 online car monitoring: The main function of the car navigation device is to manage and monitor the car anytime, anywhere. Through the car navigation device, the driver can track the travel itinerary directly, determining the exact location of the vehicle in real time on the map. This is very useful in cases where you lend your car to others, rent a car, or do business in passenger and cargo transportation services.
  • Anti-theft: Currently, most car navigation device lines are integrated with many modern anti-theft features, such as: recognizing the car’s on/unlock status, warning when the car is stolen. external impact, warning when the vehicle is moved out of position, warning when the vehicle goes out of the set limit area, warning when the positioning device is powered off,…
  • Find a stolen car: In case your car is stolen, you can locate the car’s location online on a map to quickly find it again.
  • Review the vehicle’s travel history: Car navigation devices are also equipped with the feature of storing the vehicle’s travel history. You can review your travel history data when needed.
  • Sound monitoring: Some high-end car navigation devices also have the ability to monitor sound and record sounds in the car.

Should I install a navigation device for my car?

Car navigation device is a useful tool that helps us manage and monitor vehicles effectively. It is considered an important solution to minimize the risk of theft and loss of property in the vehicle. This device not only supports transportation and car rental service businesses, but is also very useful for regular car users. Therefore, installing a GPS navigation device for cars is necessary and worth investing in for your “beloved car”.

How to install a navigation device for a car?

How to install a navigation device for a car can be done as follows:

Step 1: Determine installation location:

First, you need to determine the location to install the navigation device in the car. The installation location should ensure the safety and security of the device.

Step 2: Connect the wiring system:

Next, you need to find and connect the negative (-) and positive (+) terminals of the car’s power supply and the navigation device. This usually involves connecting the locator’s power cord to the power source in the car’s electrical system.

Step 3: Install accessories:

Then, you need to attach the navigation device’s included accessories, such as the antenna and iReader (if applicable). These accessories help enhance signal reception and precise positioning.

Step 4: Connect the power cord and check:

Next, connect the car’s power cord to the navigation device. Once connected, check the indicator light on the device to confirm operation. Once all the LEDs are lit, the locator is ready to operate.

Note: Installing positioning devices can be complicated and requires technical knowledge. If you are not confident in installation, please consult experts or a professional shop to do this.

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