What is a car headrest? Should I invest in a headrest for my car?

Nowadays, car headrests are car interior accessories that bring many benefits, so they are popularly used by many customers. The article below CARON PRO will share with you basic information, experience in choosing and evaluating headrest products in the most practical way.

What is a car headrest?

Car headrest pillow

A car headrest is an accessory designed to support and provide comfort to the head and neck of the driver and passengers while driving. It is often attached to the top of the car seat and helps reduce stress and fatigue during the trip, while also creating a comfortable feeling.

Structure of car headrest?

The structure of a car headrest pillow mainly consists of two main parts: pillow cover and pillow core:

  • Pillowcases are made from fabrics or leather such as PU leather, PVC leather… which are soft, helping users feel most comfortable. The pillow surface is often designed in the form of a mesh or small holes to create grip for the pillow. pillow and has the best ventilation.
  • Pillow cores are often made of materials that create a soft feeling such as latex, natural rubber, synthetic cotton, and various types of foam.

Uses of car headrests?

Helps reduce neck and shoulder pain

Car headrests are often uniquely designed to support and support the head and neck of the person sitting in the car. The main function of this type of pillow is to reduce pressure on the head and spine, while limiting pain and fatigue in the head, neck, shoulders, and nape areas.

When driving for a long period of time, the neck, shoulders, and nape are susceptible to a lot of pressure due to incorrect sitting posture, and this often causes pain and fatigue. But thanks to car headrests with special support capabilities, this condition can be reduced and bring a more comfortable feeling when sitting in the car.

Prevent fatigue when driving

Another effect of car headrests is to help reduce fatigue. Most pillows are designed with soft cushioning and a structure that hugs the head and neck. They not only provide comfort but also help reduce stress and fatigue when driving on long road trips. In addition, drivers can also use pillows to rest, relax and take a nap while in the car.

Minimize injuries when accidents occur

Another little-known effect of car headrests is to reduce injuries that occur in traffic accidents.

In situations where an accident occurs suddenly and requires sudden braking, the car tends to rush forward. The driver will also be thrown forward, then jerked back according to inertia.

Equipping a headrest in a car will help protect the head and neck of the person sitting in the car more safely, minimizing the risk of severe injury due to collision in an accident. Thanks to the headrest, sudden impacts on the passenger’s head and neck will be dispersed and significantly reduced, ensuring a higher level of safety when unfortunate situations occur.

Increase vehicle aesthetics

Nowadays, with a variety of designs, you can use car headrests to express your own personality and add aesthetic beauty to the car’s interior.

What types of car headrests are on the market?

Natural rubber car headrest pillow

Natural rubber headrest pillow

Natural rubber is a material produced from rubber tree sap. Car headrest pillows made from natural rubber are usually made from 100% natural rubber. This type of pillow has many advantages, including high elasticity, outstanding flexibility, high durability (less collapsing), and provides an extremely soft headrest. In addition, natural latex pillows also have many optimal support designs, helping to provide effective support for users.

In general, car headrest pillows made from natural rubber provide a better experience than pillows made from memory foam. However, this means the price is significantly higher than memory foam pillows. Choosing between these two types of pillows depends on the user’s priorities regarding features and budget.

Memory foam car headrest pillow

Memory foam headrest pillow

Latex (also known as synthetic rubber or Synthetic Latex) is a material developed from Polyurethane (PU) and usually consists of Styrene – Butadiene Rubber (SBR) or Styrene – Butadiene rubber combined with other chemicals. other additives. Many people often misunderstand that young rubber is a type of latex obtained from young rubber trees. However, this is not accurate because young rubber is a form of synthetic rubber, not natural rubber, and does not involve the process of harvesting rubber tree sap.

This type of pillow has many advantages such as light weight, low price, and does not cause an unpleasant rubber smell when first purchased. Memory foam car headrest pillows also have the same elasticity and comfort as natural rubber. The strength of memory foam is that it is easy to shape, allowing for many effective support designs for headrests.

However, compared to car headrests made from natural rubber, memory foam has durability and usage experience that is often unmatched. Natural rubber is still the better choice with better durability and experience over the long term.

Foam car headrest pillow

Foam headrest pillow

PU Foam is a type of sponge made from a combination of Polyol and a mixture of Polymethylene, Polyphynyl, and Isocyanate. Foam car headrest pillows have a low price, providing stable comfort and elasticity. However, compared to rubber, foam often has much less durability. When used for a long time, car headrests made from foam tend to collapse, sag and deform. Depending on the quality and density of the foam, the performance and lifespan of the headrest will vary greatly. While this is an economical choice, those looking for durability and long-term stability often choose pillows made from latex.

Cotton car headrest pillow

Cotton fiber headrest

Microfiber cotton fiber is a synthetic fiber made up of two main components: Polyester and Polyamide. Microfiber cotton fiber is often used to produce car headrest pillows with many significant advantages. The soft, moisture-resistant and antibacterial properties of Microfiber cotton help bring a comfortable feeling and keep the pillow dry and clean.

However, because the pillow filling is fibrous, this can make shaping and support more difficult than, for example, pillows made from latex. Latex pillows can be designed with many different styles and firmnesses to suit the user’s needs and desires, while Microfiber cotton headrests have limited customization of shape and firmness. elastic..

Massage pillow

Massage pillow

The car neck massage pillow is a specially designed pillow that uses rolling balls to perform massage movements to reduce fatigue and pain in the neck, shoulder, and nape areas. When sitting for a long time in one position, the muscles often become tense, and a massage pillow will help massage and soften these muscles, thereby helping to reduce muscle spasticity and muscle pain.

Neck massage pillows usually operate on electrical energy through a rechargeable battery, helping it operate flexibly and conveniently. When activated, the roller balls will move along previously programmed massage paths, creating a massage and relaxation effect for muscles and ligaments.

This not only brings comfort and relaxation to the user while traveling in the car, but also helps improve blood circulation and reduce stress in the body. Car neck massage pillows are often a popular choice for people who often have to drive or sit for long periods of time, helping them maintain better comfort and health.

Should you use headrests for cars?

For drivers who have to travel long distances for hours in the car every day, having a headrest is extremely necessary. This is also an indispensable accessory in the car.

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