What causes a car steering wheel to misalign and how to fix it?

A misaligned car steering wheel is a common problem in the car steering system. This can cause imbalance and make it difficult to drive safely and comfortably. Below CARON PRO will share with you some common causes of misaligned car steering wheels and how to effectively handle this phenomenon.

What causes a car steering wheel to be misaligned?

The car’s steering wheel is misaligned

Due to collision

When the vehicle collides or has an accident, the rotor is strongly impacted and can cause the steering wheel to deviate. This is a common cause of a misaligned steering wheel. To fix it, you need to check and repair the rotor, suspension and steering system, or take the vehicle to a maintenance center for a technician to check and adjust.

Tires wear unevenly

Uneven tire wear can cause the height of the tires on both sides to be uneven, thereby causing the steering wheel to misalign. This phenomenon often occurs when the vehicle moves on steep, rocky terrain, causing uneven wear on the tires. To fix it, you need to check and adjust tire pressure, or replace new tires and re-calibrate the steering wheel.

The steering wheel and steering column have problems

If the steering wheel has a problem, it can cause the car’s steering wheel to deviate to the right or left. In this case, the car owner needs to take the car to a maintenance center or car repair station to check and fix problems with the steering system.

Steering wheel

The phenomenon of steering wheel slippage can cause the steering wheel to misalign. Steering occurs when the driver lets go of the steering wheel, but the vehicle still moves to one side while driving straight on a flat road. When encountering this situation, it is necessary to check and adjust the steering system, including the steering calibration and suspension system.

Harmful effects when the car steering wheel is misaligned?

Harmful effects of a misaligned steering wheel

The condition of the car’s steering wheel being misaligned causes the vehicle’s direction of travel to deviate, making the driver feel difficult when the car does not follow the correct rotation trajectory of the steering wheel. When the car steering wheel is misaligned, the driver who wants to drive straight will have to hold the steering wheel tightly, which causes fatigue and stress for the driver. A misaligned car steering wheel can even easily cause the driver to lose control and can cause serious accidents when driving at high speeds. However, if detected and corrected early this problem can be controlled.

What to do when the car steering wheel is misaligned?

  • First, make sure the handlebars are vertical, meaning the front wheel should be pointing straight ahead.
  • Next, fix the steering wheel and turn off the vehicle engine.
  • Using a screwdriver, open the protective cover of the air bag. Be careful not to unplug the air bag.
  • Using a screwdriver, unscrew the screws on the airbag part to remove the steering wheel. Remember to memorize the position next to the steering wheel shaft to make reinstallation easier later.
  • Place the steering wheel on the mounting shaft so that the wheel direction is fixed vertically as before. Note that if the steering wheel is installed with an offset edge, it will cause the steering wheel to misalign at least about 3 degrees or more.
  • To ensure the steering wheel is aligned with the wheel, place it horizontally.
  • On some car models such as Mercedes-Benz, there is a car angle alignment feature. In this case, just tension so that the angle displayed on the dashboard reaches 0 value and then reinstall the steering wheel as usual.
  • Finally, take a test drive and feel if the steering wheel is installed correctly. If not, you need to remove it and re-align it from the beginning.

Things to keep in mind when adjusting the steering wheel at home?

Note when repairing the steering wheel at home

Adjusting the car’s steering wheel yourself is not too difficult, however, car owners need to be careful because these parts are very sensitive to the airbag system. Setting the wrong steering angle can lead to the airbag being activated at the wrong time. In addition, when installing the steering wheel onto the axle and fixing the wheel orientation, the car owner can use driving experience to ensure the wheel is straight by placing the steering wheel horizontally. Some high-end car models have a feature to measure the steering angle. The car owner only needs to adjust it so that the angle displayed on the screen is 0. In case the car owner does not have much experience in adjusting the car when steering is misaligned, You should take your car to an auto repair garage to get support and fix this problem from a technician.

Reputable car repair address?


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