What basic information do you need to know about car audio systems?

With the development of technology, car audio systems are increasingly advanced and diverse, meeting the diverse needs of users. However, to fully enjoy the in-car audio experience, it is necessary to clearly understand the basic information related to this system.

This article CARON PRO will introduce the basic information you need to know about car audio systems. From understanding how the system works, the main components, to the latest technology and what to keep in mind when choosing the right sound system for your car.

What is in the car’s original sound system?

The speaker systems on different car models will be customized to suit each segment, from popular cars to high-end cars.

For popular cars priced under 1.3 billion VND:

  • In the B and C segments such as Toyota Vios, Hyundai Accent, Honda Civic, Hyundai Elantra, they are often equipped with 4 – 6 speakers, including 4 door speakers and 2 treble speakers.
  • In the A-class segment such as Kia Morning, Hyundai i10 or Vinfast Fadil, it is often equipped with 2 front door speakers or 4 door speakers.
  • In the D-segment segment such as Mazda 6 and Vinfast LUX A, they are often equipped with 8 speakers, including 4 door speakers and 4 treble speakers. Door speakers on popular cars usually have a diameter of 6.5 inches, thin magnets and 25W RMS power. The treble speaker is smaller in size, about 2 inches in diameter, located in column A or on the car’s center console.

In general, the sound systems on cars priced under 1.3 billion VND are usually only average, enough to listen to. If you want to have a high-quality sound experience in a car, with clear frequency ranges, especially low Bass or high Treble ranges, it is difficult to achieve that.

Meanwhile, high-end car models such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Audi often cooperate with famous audio brands such as Burmester, Bose or B&O to install car speaker systems. These sound systems come in many options, from 13, 16 to 26 speakers. In particular, the speakers are placed in many different positions in the car to create a surround sound effect.

Types of speakers installed in cars?

Classify car speakers according to audio frequency

  • Bass speaker: This type of speaker is responsible for reproducing sound in the frequency range from 20 Hz to 500 Hz. Bass is often expressed through instruments such as drums and bass guitars and produces a deep, tight, round and powerful sound. A good bass is judged based on its deep, tight, round and powerful properties. On the contrary, if the bass is of poor quality, it can cause a buzzing, low sound, thin, short and lack of power.
  • Mid speaker: This type of speaker plays back sound in the frequency range from 500 Hz to 6,000 Hz. Mid sounds are the most common sound spectrum in nature, including human voices, ocean waves and the cries of most animals. Our ears are most sensitive and accurate in this frequency range. Mid sound is considered good when it comes to clarity, detail and clarity.
  • Treble speakers: Treble speakers are in charge of sound playback in the frequency range from 6,000 Hz to 20,000 Hz. Treble is the delicate, tinkling sound of metal instruments and orchestration in a piece of music. If bass is the “backbone” that guides the rhythm of a piece of music, midrange is its “soul”, then good treble will create detail, vividness and an important highlight on sound quality.

The higher the frequency, the faster the speaker membrane is required to vibrate. For the diaphragm to vibrate faster, the size of the diaphragm needs to be smaller. Therefore, treble speakers, which serve the highest frequency range, are often the smallest in size. Bass speakers, which serve the lowest frequency range, are usually the largest in size.

Classify car speakers according to structure

  • Coaxial car speakers: Coaxial speakers are designed with sub speakers installed on the same axis. Usually includes a bass/mid speaker and a treble speaker installed on the same structure. The bass/mid speaker is usually placed in the front and is larger in size, while the treble speaker is placed behind or on top of the bass/mid speaker. The coaxial design makes the speaker compact in size and easy to install, commonly used in car audio systems.
  • Component car speakers: Component speakers include separate speakers and an additional crossover. This system includes separate bass/mid speakers, separate treble speakers and a separate crossover to adjust the audio signal. Bass/mid speakers are often installed in the door or in the cabin, while treble speakers are placed higher, such as on the A-pillar or on the dashboard. The component design decouples the speakers and crossover, providing customization and improved sound quality, while creating a more polarized and clear sound.

The difference between coaxial car speakers and component car speakers lies in the structure and customization. Coaxial speakers are typically simpler and common in standard car audio systems, while component speakers offer better separation and tuning, suitable for high-quality audio enthusiasts. and want to customize the sound system as you like.

Popular types of car speakers?

Treble speakers for cars

Treble speakers for cars

In popular cars, there are usually two treble speakers installed in positions such as column A, mirror base or above the car’s dashboard. Treble speakers are responsible for reproducing sound in the highest frequency range and providing the delicate, tinkling sound of metal instruments mixed in a music track. This is the frequency range that determines the detail and uniqueness of the music.

Therefore, audio players who want to improve sound quality within a budget often choose to change the pair of treble speakers. The cost of upgrading car treble speakers usually ranges from about 2 million VND for a pair of treble speakers. This helps significantly improve the sound quality and detail of the car audio system without having to invest too much in your budget.

Bass speaker level for cars

Bass speaker level for cars

When you want to install a subwoofer for your car to enjoy good bass while keeping the price reasonable, there are many suitable options. The market today offers many types of car subwoofers, including cheap car subwoofers. However, the most common is to install a car electric subwoofer under the seat for basic audio configurations.

Installing a car electric subwoofer is a basic method that many people choose to upgrade the car’s sound system. The electric subwoofer helps supplement the bass range – an important ingredient in every song and also the most recognizable sound. In particular, this solution is suitable for people who like to listen to EDM music, remix music, where the bass is emphasized.

The electric subwoofer is designed in the form of a box, and comes with a small power amplifier integrated inside. Usually installed under the passenger seat or placed in the trunk or luggage compartment. The price of genuine car electric subwoofers usually ranges from 5.5 million to 8 million VND. Some popular and popular brands in this field include DLS ACW10, DR10A, Focal, Awave, Nakamichi, Hertz and Helix.

Car wing speaker level

Car wing speaker level

When looking to upgrade your car door speakers to suit your diverse musical tastes, from pop to ballads to boleros, there are a number of factors to consider. Custom door speakers produced by audio brands often have larger magnets and better diaphragm materials to improve oscillation, creating unique sound quality. Loudspeakers also often come with a crossover device to divide the frequency bands to the corresponding speakers. The treble strip is divided into treble speakers, and the bass strip is reserved for bass speakers. A pair of basic door speakers costs about 4 to 5 million VND per pair.

One point to note is that when the car door speaker has a much larger capacity than the original speaker, you need to add an amplifier to provide enough power. For example, if the original speaker has a capacity of 25W, while the custom speaker has a capacity of 100W, you need an amplifier with a minimum capacity of 75W/channel to activate the wing speaker. If you don’t have a strong enough amplifier to meet the capacity, the sound may be distorted and shrill when heard at high volume levels. Make sure the amplifier is connected correctly and is capable of providing enough power to deliver powerful, quality sound from the upgraded door speakers.

Full car audio configuration

A full car audio system includes a number of important devices such as a player, car amplifier, door speakers, subwoofer (can be electric or air sub), and audio signal processor. DSP (Digital Sound Processor) sound and noise insulation system. Audio players will depend on their favorite music taste and the space in the car to choose and connect each device accordingly. Thanks to that, when customizing a full sound system, players can optimize the sound experience according to their personal preferences. By choosing and combining the right devices, they can achieve high-quality and harmonious sound, providing the best music experience in the driving space.

Should I install car speakers or not?

With cars in the low-cost and mid-range segments, the original sound system is often not outstanding or impressive. Therefore, many drivers have decided to upgrade their car’s sound system to have a better and more stylish sound experience through car speaker tuning. This is the right choice, especially if you have the financial ability to invest in car speaker tuning, because:

  • Tuning car speakers helps improve sound quality. When watching movies or listening to music, the sound will become much clearer and more vivid.
  • Adjusting car speakers does not affect the sound system or other parts of the car.
  • In addition, good sound from the car speaker system also helps mask surrounding noise, creating a more private and relaxing space.

Reputable car speaker repair address?


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