What are the signs that you need to maintain your car steering wheel?

As we know, steering wheel is an indispensable and extremely important part of a car’s steering system. It not only helps to drive and control the vehicle safely, but also ensures the stability and flexibility of the vehicle when traveling on the road. However, due to the impact of time and use, the car steering wheel can be damaged. Therefore, today we will learn about the signs that you should maintain your car’s steering wheel. By recognizing and handling car steering wheel problems promptly, you can ensure safety and smoothness in every trip. Let’s explore together!

What is a car steering wheel?

Car driving ruler

The steering wheel on a car is an extremely important part, built firmly and ensuring durable operation. However, after a period of use, especially on electric power steering racks, problems may occur. The car steering system is designed to control and guide the car easily through the steering wheel. Today, many cars use rack-and-pinion steering, connecting the steering wheel to the front wheels.

This system allows the driver to turn the steering wheel left and right, causing the steering wheel to move accordingly. Power steering pumps make driving much easier than old cars without power steering.

Some modern car models use electric power steering instead of hydraulic power steering. In other words, the steering wheel converts the rotation of the steering wheel into translational motion and helps the wheel rotate left and right.

What is the use of the car steering wheel system?

Uses of car steering wheel

Vehicle orientation

The steering wheel helps determine the direction of the car’s movement when the driver uses the steering wheel. When the driver turns the steering wheel, the steering wheel ensures that the front wheels also turn in the corresponding direction, allowing the vehicle to turn in the desired direction. The steering wheel system is designed so that the driver can control the vehicle easily without difficulty.

Stabilize the vehicle

The steering wheel plays an important role in keeping the vehicle moving stably. It ensures that the wheel stays in a fixed position during driving, allowing the driver to turn the wheel and maintain the same direction of travel without difficulty.

Control tire wear

The steering wheel plays a role in adjusting the position of the front wheel, helping to reduce uneven tire wear. By aligning the wheel angle, the steering wheel helps keep the tire moving at the required angle and minimizes wear.

Reduce steering wheel vibration

The design of the steering wheel helps reduce vibration on the steering wheel when driving in poor road conditions. This is achieved through the ability to reduce vibration on the wheels and transmit less vibration to the driver’s handlebars.

When do you need to maintain your car’s steering wheel system?

You should maintain your car’s steering wheel system according to the manufacturer’s instructions and follow the prescribed periodic maintenance schedule. Normally, the recommended tire maintenance schedule is from 20,000 to 50,000 km or 1-2 years. This ensures that steering system components are inspected, adjusted and replaced at the right time.

What are the signs that you need to maintain your car steering wheel?

The steering wheel needs maintenance

Strange noise when driving

The most obvious sign that a car’s steering wheel is broken is a rattling noise when cornering or turning the steering wheel. This could be a sign of a worn wheel or a need for lubrication. You may also hear a squeaking sound while driving, due to friction in the steering system or lack of lubrication.

The steering wheel is heavy and returns slowly

When your car’s steering wheel has a problem, you may feel the steering wheel becomes heavy right after starting the car and the steering process becomes slow. The cause is often due to worn or problematic parts such as the steering shaft and U-joint.

Tires wear unevenly

When the steering system is not working properly, it can lead to uneven tire wear. This can happen when the steering wheel is not aligned correctly or other parts of the steering system are worn. If you notice uneven tire wear, you should check the steering system.

Power steering oil leak

A damaged steering system can cause oil leaks in the power steering system and starter components. If you notice frequent oil leaks or have to frequently top up your power steering system, it’s a clear sign that your car’s steering wheel needs to be checked and maintained.

Problems in driving

If you have difficulty turning the steering wheel, have an unusual feeling when steering, or have uneven heavy and light intervals, the car’s steering system may be having a problem. This could be related to a bent steering wheel or other components in the system that are worn or broken

Benefits of car steering wheel maintenance?

Increase tire life and limit damage

Maintaining the steering wheel ensures correct wheel angle, reduces uneven wear and limits tire damage before time. Having the wheels placed at the right angle and parallel to each other will help the tire operate smoothly and prolong its life.

Reduces drag and fuel consumption

A well-maintained steering wheel will help ensure uniform and correct wheel angle. This reduces drag as the vehicle moves and helps save fuel, as the vehicle runs smoother and without unnecessary resistance.

Reduce costs and environmental pollution

Regular maintenance reduces the need for tire replacement and reduces the amount of tire waste released into the environment. By maintaining the correct wheel angle, tire usage becomes more efficient and helps reduce the amount of waste that pollutes the environment.

Guaranteed accuracy and safety

Maintaining the steering system ensures the accuracy of the steering system and reduces the risk of abnormal steering phenomena. This creates stability for the vehicle and ensures safety for the driver and passengers. By eliminating vibrations from the steering wheel, the driver feels more comfortable and secure when driving.

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