Toyota Hilux Hybrid 2024 Launched: Review and Expected Selling Price

Toyota Hilux Hybrid 2024 will officially launch in mid-2024, promising to bring a new driving experience and outstanding performance. However, although the combination of diesel engine and hybrid technology brings “deliciousness”, the price of this car may not be cheap because it is equipped with a 48V battery pack.;

Increased Performance and Fuel Savings

Hilux Hybrid 48V promises 5% higher efficiency than standard diesel powertrains, thanks to an automatic stop-start system in urban traffic conditions. In particular, electric motors help reduce fuel consumption in slow moving situations. These improvements not only increase performance but also reduce fuel consumption, making the Hilux Hybrid 48V an attractive choice in the pickup segment.

Multi-terrain Select System and Enhanced Water Resistance

Not only does it have fine-tuned engine performance, but Toyota also equips the Hilux Hybrid 48V with Multi-terrain Select system, with six different driving modes, from Dirt, Mud, Rock, Sand, Deep Snow to Auto mode. , so that the system automatically chooses the best mode. This increases the Hilux’s ability to operate on all terrains. Furthermore, Toyota engineers have improved the water resistance of the electrical system, helping the Hilux Hybrid 48V overcome water up to 700 mm deep while maintaining stability.

Comparison and Estimated Selling Price

Although the 2024 Hilux Hybrid brings many improvements, it is still far behind its “brother” Tacoma Hybrid with a capacity of up to 326 horsepower. However, with the expected selling price yet to be announced, it will reflect the quality and special features of the car model. It is expected that the Hilux Hybrid 48V will be available on the European market from 2024, especially with the double cabin version (Double Cab). However, with its high estimated price, the Hilux Hybrid 48V will be an option for technology and performance enthusiasts.

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