Toyota Crown Sport launched: Stronger than 300 horsepower, many equipment like a racing car, more and more like Ferrari

Toyota Crown Sport, the sportiest version of the new Crown line, has officially launched with strong improvements, giving drivers a unique and luxurious experience. This article will review the outstanding features of this car model, and compare it with competitors in the segment.

Unique Design, Reminiscent of Ferrari Purosangue

Toyota Crown Sport is not just a car, but a mobile work of art. Its design has attracted the attention of fans globally, being compared to the famous supercar Ferrari Purosangue. With its sporty chassis and sophisticated accents, the Crown Sport is sure to satisfy those who love exclusivity and luxury.

PHEV Hybrid Powertrain

One of the most unique features of the new Toyota Crown Sport is the PHEV plug-in hybrid powertrain. The combination of a 2.5L gasoline engine and 2 electric motors with a lithium-ion battery delivers up to 302 horsepower, far exceeding previous versions. The ability to run 90 km solely on electricity is a great advantage, while also helping to minimize fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions.

Outstanding Sports Experience

The Toyota Crown Sport PHEV is not only a beautiful car, but also a powerful sports car. A reinforced chassis, tweaked adaptive suspension, and 20-inch ventilated discs highlight the car’s sporty character. The special brake system with 6-piston discs like on racing cars increases braking performance and ensures safety.

Cabin Interior

The Toyota Crown Sport’s cabin continues to be impressive with My Room Mode, allowing the driver to rest comfortably while the car is charging. One-piece sports seats and glossy black details contrasting with red accents create a luxurious and dynamic space. The ability to reverse charge with a 1,500W source is also a significant convenience.

Starting price

With unique improvements and features, Toyota Crown Sport has a reference starting price of 7.65 million yen, equivalent to about 1.3 billion VND. This is a worthwhile investment for those who want to own a luxury and high-performance sports car.

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