Tips to avoid tire explosion in the hot summer?

During the hot summer, a tire burst is an incident that everyone wants to avoid. High temperatures and harsh road conditions increase the risk of tire blowouts, causing dangerous and frustrating situations for the driver. However, with simple and effective tips, you can avoid this situation and ensure safety when traveling. Join CARON PRO to learn the secrets to avoiding tire blowouts in the hot summer so you can have a safe driving journey.

What causes car tires to explode?

Cause of car tire explosion

The temperature outside is too high

A car tire exploding while moving is not a rare incident, especially in the summer. In hot weather combined with dust and pollution, the weather becomes hot and the asphalt surface temperature increases. The tire, which is in direct contact with the road surface and is subject to great heat, gets hot and the pressure in the tire increases, leading to the tire bulging and bursting.

Car tire is under-inflated

When the tire does not have enough air, the weight of the vehicle will directly impact the tire, causing the tire to come into contact with the hot road surface and easily explode. It is important to ensure that tires are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Car tires are too inflated

Researchers have shown that tires should not be over-inflated in hot weather. Excessive pressure will cause tire inflation, increasing the risk of explosion. Check and adjust tire pressure regularly, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

The pressure between the tires is not equal

When the pressure between tires is uneven, one or two tires will have to work too hard, increasing the risk of tire explosion. You should check and adjust the pressure evenly on the tires to avoid this imbalance.

Overload weight

Overloading is a common cause of tire blowouts because the vehicle weight exceeds the tire’s load-carrying capacity, causing the tire to overwork its capacity and leading to reduced durability and blowout resistance. Please comply with the allowed load weight and do not overload the vehicle.

Frequently travel on uneven terrain with many potholes

Traveling on uneven, rough and potholed roads creates strong vibrations for the tires. This can weaken the tire and increase the risk of a blowout. Adjust your driving speed appropriately to reduce vibration on difficult terrain.

Car tires are too worn or expired

Tires that are old or have been used for too long are no longer able to withstand high pressure and are susceptible to explosion when traveling in hot weather. You should replace your tires on time according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and periodically check the condition of your tires to ensure they are reliable.

What are the consequences of a car tire exploding while moving?

Consequences of car tire explosion

Lose control

When a tire blows out, the vehicle can suddenly lose control. A blown tire can cause loss of traction, cause the vehicle to skid, and easily lead to an accident.

Accidents and injuries

A tire blowout can cause a rapid loss of control, leading to a collision or crash into obstacles or other vehicles on the road. This could cause an accident and cause injury to both the driver and passengers.

Car damage

A tire blowout can cause damage to other parts of the vehicle. Loss of control and collisions can damage the suspension, steering, and other vehicle components.

Braking action is delayed

When a tire blows out, the vehicle’s braking ability can be seriously affected. This causes loss of good control when braking, endangering the driver and other vehicles on the road.

Repair and replacement costs

A tire blowout can cause serious damage to the tire and other vehicle components. Repairing or replacing damaged tires and components can entail a significant expense.

Therefore, to avoid the serious consequences of tire blowout, regular maintenance and inspection are recommended to maintain tires in good condition, periodically check tire pressure and performance, and replace old tires when necessary. In addition, drivers need to comply with safe speeds and avoid strong impacts on the tire to reduce the risk of tire explosion and ensure safety on the road.

Tips to protect car tires in the hot summer?

Tips to protect car tires

Check your tires regularly

Regularly checking tires, especially before departure, is an important measure for drivers to always be proactive in every journey. Carefully inspect the tire’s appearance for any unusual problems. Even when the vehicle is rarely used, tires can still wear out, so checking and adjusting appropriate tire pressure is still necessary.

Among the tires, the front tire is an extremely important factor and should be checked carefully. If you encounter a tire burst situation on the front wheel, use the best available tire to replace it and install the spare tire in place of the rear wheel.

Maintain a reasonable speed, do not carry too much weight

When you drive at high speed, the friction between the tire and the road surface creates high temperatures, increasing the temperature of the tire. That’s why experts recommend that in hot weather you should not drive too fast, especially when going through curves. Driving at a reasonable speed reduces friction and saves energy, while also reducing the risk of tire overheating.

In addition, in hot weather, do not carry too much weight. Excessive load weight on the vehicle will increase the pressure on the tires. This means the tire has to endure greater pressure than normal, causing increased temperature and the risk of tire explosion. Therefore, in the summer, consider removing unnecessary items and limit overloading, to reduce pressure on tires and ensure driving safety.

By maintaining a reasonable speed and not overloading, you can reduce the risk of your tires overheating and protect them from potential problems in hot weather.

Inflate to standard pressure

Normally, each type of tire will come with standard parameters. To avoid the risk of tire explosion, especially in hot weather like today, inflating tires to the correct standard pressure is considered very important.

When overinflated, the tire becomes more rounded, and the main part of the tire has more contact with the road surface. This can lead to faster wear and increase the risk of tire blowout.

However, you should not let the tires be too soft. When the tire is too soft, the surface in contact with the road increases, causing friction and increasing tire heat. If you drive at high speed in hot weather, the risk of a tire burst will be very high.

Therefore, it is important to maintain tire pressure at the recommended level. This helps the tire perform better, reducing the risk of uneven wear and tire explosion in hot weather conditions.

Change car tires periodically

Normally, after traveling about 40,000 – 50,000km or using for 5 – 6 years, car owners should consider replacing new car tires. However, if the vehicle must frequently travel in harsh terrain or weather conditions, the vehicle owner can rely on the actual condition of the tire to decide to replace the tire appropriately.

Give your car a rest when traveling long distances in the summer

Researchers have shown that in hot weather conditions exceeding 40 degrees, pickup truck tires will increase in temperature up to 60 degrees after driving about 50km. If you continue to move in these conditions, the tire will continue to accumulate heat and the tire pressure will gradually increase. Therefore, when driving long distances in the hot summer, it is necessary to have a reasonable rest mode for the vehicle, to help the tires and engine not operate at excess capacity.

Avoid parking in hot weather

Parking your car in the sun for long periods of time can damage the paint and tires. In addition, if there are items in the car such as gas cylinders or carbonated drink cans, they can create a risk of fire and explosion due to heat accumulation. To avoid these problems, it is best to choose a shady parking spot. If you cannot find an ideal parking location, car owners should also use measures such as using a sunshade to protect their beloved vehicle.

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