Things to know about car windshields?

For a car, the windshield is like a protective shield of the car that is directly affected by the environment such as: harmful UV rays, light, foreign objects, thunderstorms, dust… So it plays a very important role in your beloved car. However, many people may still not understand the information they need to know about car windshields. The article below from CARON PRO will help you solve this problem.

What is a car windshield?

Car windshield

A car windshield is a transparent layer of glass covering the front of the vehicle, a force-resistant glass material with the task of protecting users from dust, foreign objects, and toxic air. Because it is transparent glass, the driver can still ensure full visibility ahead, ensuring safety during travel.

The car windshield is a very important part equipped in the front of the car. It has the effect of protecting the people sitting in the car from rain, wind, dust, etc. At the same time, it also helps perfect the vehicle structure to ensure safety. The driver has good visibility and can easily control the vehicle. This is probably the closest large-sized part on the car, after the chassis. Although it has a simple structure, the windshield plays an important role and is a necessary device on every vehicle.

Structure of car windshield

Structure of car windshield

The structure of a car windshield includes 2 layers:

The outer layer is tempered glass and the middle layer is polyvinyl butyral (PVB). Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is a clear, colorless, amorphous thermoplastic material that can be produced by reacting polyvinyl alcohol and butyraldehyde. The PVB layer adheres tightly to the glass layer, serving to absorb force before collisions. These two layers will be pressed tightly together under high pressure and temperature, thereby forming a windshield for the car.

Classification of car windshields

On the market today, there are many types of glass that are qualified to make car windshields, of which the two types of glass that are most popular with customers are:

  • Tempered glass: This type of glass is produced in a salt bath at a temperature of 400 degrees Celsius, capable of withstanding 7 to 10 times more impact force than normal glass. When broken, they crumble into tiny particles, helping to increase driver safety when encountering strong collision situations and limit high damage.
  • Safety glass (laminated glass): Equipped with an additional layer of plastic to help increase the durability and flexibility of the glass. When this type of glass is broken, it will not shatter but just crack. Therefore, you can only peel them off in large pieces. According to some scientific studies, laminated glass cannot be broken by existing glass breaking tools on the market. Laminated glass is made to reduce the risk of the driver being thrown out of the vehicle in the event of a strong collision.

Regardless of the type of glass, a car windshield has the effect of protecting people in the car from external physical agents, ensuring as much safety for the user as possible, in addition to the two types of windshields. As commonly used as above, there are still many other types of windshields on the market such as those that can change color at night but are not commonly used.

Uses of car windshields?

Uses of windshields

Car windshields protect the safety of drivers and passengers. Along with that, it helps people in the car not to be affected by external factors such as: harsh sunlight, thunderstorms, strong winds, dust, and avoid collisions with strange objects during the trip.

In addition, car windshields also help airbags pop out easily and in the right position when a strong collision occurs. The airbag in the front of the car is located in two locations: the steering wheel and in the dashboard, the car’s windshield ensures the position of the airbag during a collision.

Things to note when the car windshield has problems?

The windshield has a problem

After a period of use, the car windshield can also be damaged like other parts of the car. A common problem with car windshields is broken or cracked glass due to accidents or other objects falling in. When driving on roads with lots of gravel and rocks, they can bounce up and fall on the car. windshield, causing the windshield to crack. This condition can get worse as the cracks lengthen due to shaky or bumpy travel. Here are some things to note when your car windshield is cracked or broken:

• When a car windshield is cracked, you should clean the crack to prevent dirt and water from getting in. This will help the new crack ensure clarity after welding.

• Limit vehicle use because changes in temperature outside the vehicle can cause small cracks to become larger and can cover the entire windshield.

• Do not touch the crack while repairing the machine because the oil from your hands will reduce the effectiveness of the repair and sometimes just a light touch will widen the crack.

• Do not slam the door or trunk, but lower the window glass a little to avoid further damage to the glass.

When you detect cracks or damage to the windshield, bring it to the nearest maintenance location as soon as it is still small dots.

Reputable car maintenance address?


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