The price of class B2 driver training service in Hanoi is more than 15 million VND

By 2024, the price of class B2 driver training services in Hanoi has been set at 15.59 million VND, according to the latest announcement from the 14th Meeting of the Hanoi People’s Council on June 6. twelfth.

Resolution Setting Prices for Training Services

At the above event, delegates of the Hanoi People’s Council passed a Resolution on training service prices for 30 elementary-level occupations applied in the field of vocational education. Applicable subjects include vocational education establishments, establishments with vocational education activities, vocational education management agencies, and relevant agencies, units and individuals.

Training Service Price Details

The price of class B2 driver training service, one of 30 applicable occupations, is determined to be 15.59 million VND. Other occupations include air conditioning repair, hairstyling design, cell phone repair, motorcycle repair, and computer hardware repair, with corresponding service prices.

Funding and Implementation

The service price application date is from 2024, implementation funding will come from the state budget and other legal funding sources. Among the 311 vocational education establishments in Hanoi, there are 215 non-public establishments, accounting for 69.13%, with especially high socialization ability.

In addition, the Draft Law on Road Traffic Order and Safety stipulates the exchange and re-issuance of driving licenses according to new classifications. Class B2 will be issued to drivers of passenger cars with up to 9 seats, trucks, tractors with a cargo volume not exceeding 3,500 kg, and other vehicles specified for class B.

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