The most effective way to remove odors in the car

No matter how well you take care of your car, it still smells like the new car interior, the smell of food, cigarettes, and air conditioning. Not only does it lose comfort and ease, it also affects your health and driving experience. So what is the cause? How to handle? The article below CarOn will answer your questions!

Causes of bad odor in the car

  • Smoke: Cigarettes have the ability to retain odors for a long time, this is also the main cause of bad odors, unpleasant and difficult to remove. They will stick to the car’s interior, ventilation system, etc.
  • Food: Food waste and debris from food falling in the car can cause a foul odor, which can last for a long time.
  • Animal: Many car owners have a hobby with pets and let them travel with them in the car. When their fur falls out and their smell will also stay, causing a bad smell.
  • Waste: If the car is not cleaned regularly, garbage accumulates and bad odors from the garbage can also spread in the car.
  • Body odor: Especially in the hot season, when you first get into the car, the air conditioner is not cool enough, you sweat and stick to the seat, which can also cause a very long-lasting odor.
  • Weather: With Vietnam’s climate, during the season there will be humidity, fungi and bacteria will grow in a humid environment. Especially for closed spaces like in the car, not only does it smell but it can also easily cause mold.

So how to handle it, below are a few tips for you to refer to!

Cleaning recurrent

Regular cleaning is an important measure to keep the car space clean and limit odors. You can do it:

  • Clean the interior: Use a multi-purpose cleaning solution or a solution specifically for car interiors to clean surfaces including: Seats, dashboard, steering wheel, gear lever, etc. Also, don’t forget to wipe Clean the windows
  • Vacuum and remove dirt. Use a vacuum cleaner or soft brush to vacuum dirt in the car. Pay attention to door cracks, narrow areas, and exhaust slots to remove dust and small debris.

This takes a lot of time, so if you don’t have time, bring your car to an auto service center to clean and take care of the car as quickly as possible. And if you haven’t found a reputable center yet, go to CarOn’s “5S STANDARD AUTOMOTIVE CARE SERVICE SYSTEM” for dedicated service at the most affordable price.

Use natural flavors

Using natural fragrances is a safe method to deodorize the car’s interior. Some things that can be taken advantage of are:

  • Lemongrass: Lemongrass is a popular natural flavoring used to scent cars. You can choose conditioners with your favorite scent and place them under the seat or hang them on the rearview mirror to spread the fragrance in the car. Quantity from 1-2 bundles
  • Pineapple: I won’t peel or cut it, but put it under the chair
  • Pandan leaves: A type of leaf with a natural, benign scent, you can also tie them up and divide them into 2 bundles. 1 bundle to put under the seat and 1 bundle to put in the back trunk!
  • Coffee: Coffee has a characteristic aroma and also has the ability to deodorize. You can put a few roasted coffee beans in a small bag, hang it in the rearview mirror or leave it in the ventilation door. Coffee will help absorb odors and create a pleasant aroma in the car space.
  • Car suspension essential oil

Please note that you should only leave it for 1-2 weeks, because natural fresh products can spoil and be counterproductive!

Use specialized products

In addition to using natural fragrances, there are many specialized deodorizing products on the market specifically designed to eliminate odors in cars. Here are some effective deodorant product options:

  • Deodorizing spray: Deodorizing spray is a popular product with the purpose of removing odors specifically for cars. You only need to spray a small amount of product on the interior of the car such as: Seats, carpets. taplo,…
  • Odor absorbing gel: Deodorizing gel is a gel product that can absorb and eliminate odors in the car space. Place the gel in suitable locations in the car, such as on the dashboard, seat box or trunk, so that the product is in direct contact with the air and effectively deodorizes.
  • Car perfume: Car perfume is a popular choice for providing a pleasant scent in the car. There are many types of car perfumes with diverse scents for you to choose from. Spray a little perfume on the surfaces of the car space or use perfume forms hung on the rearview mirror to create a long-lasting fragrance.
  • Other deodorizing products: In addition to the above products, there are also other types of deodorizing products such as activated carbon containers, deodorizing balls, or deodorizing sticks. Place these products in many locations in the car to eliminate odors and make the car space smell fresh.

There are many types of products that help deodorize the car, but they are only temporary solutions, because they only remove odors for a certain period of time and are not thorough. Especially bad odors like seafood, cigarettes, etc. So choose deodorants with negative ions, which kill the odor at the root. Negative ions have the ability to disinfect and kill bacteria. They create highly charged space molecules, reducing the number of bacteria, viruses and odor-causing microorganisms in vehicle spaces.

If you haven’t found any products yet, try looking at the product “NOTA AIR BALANCE”

Nota Air Balance perfume is a special perfume line introduced and launched by the Nota brand. Nota Air Balance is the perfect combination of natural fragrance and effectiveness in deodorizing and freshening the space.

Compact design, easy to install without cutting or connecting, affecting the vehicle structure. At the same time, you can adjust the time and level of fragrance release extremely conveniently via the company’s phone App.

Deodorizing technology using NEGATIVE ION (-)

Negative ion deodorization technology in Nota Air Balance perfume is an advanced and effective method in eliminating odors and creating a fresh space.

  • Operating principle:
    • Negative ion deodorizing technology works by creating negatively charged negative ions.
    • Negative ions will be generated by an electrical source and emitted into the car’s interior space through Nota Air Balance perfume.
  • Deodorizing mechanism:
    • When negative ions come into contact with unpleasant odor molecules in the air, they will interact and absorb these odor molecules.
    • This process helps deodorize the root, completely eliminating unpleasant odors instead of just covering them up like regular perfumes.
  • Benefits of negative ion deodorizing technology:
    • Effective deodorization: Negative ion technology helps eliminate original odor molecules, ensuring the car’s interior space is always fresh and fragrant.
    • Cleans the air: Negative ions also have the ability to clean the air by removing dust particles, bacteria and other pollutants in the vehicle space.
    • Create an airy space: Negative ion technology helps reduce odors and create a fresh and airy space.
  • Safety and convenience:
    • Negative ion technology is considered safe for human health and does not cause irritation to users.
    • Nota Air Balance perfume has been specially designed to distribute negative ions gently and reasonably, without causing inconvenience or affecting driving comfort.

Ozone deodorizing technology (Exclusively available only on Nota)

  • Ozone technology is a technology that uses ozone (O3) to treat and remove pollutants and unpleasant odors in the environment. Ozone is a chemical compound consisting of three oxygen (O), Ozone technology is widely used in fields such as: water treatment used to purify and remove unwanted bacteria and viruses, Air treatment cleans the air by removing toxic substances and unpleasant odors, deodorizing cars and electronic devices.

Release fragrance from the car air conditioning system

Released by the car’s air conditioning system

Releasing scent through the car’s air conditioning system is a unique feature of Nota Air Balance perfume, helping to bring a pleasant and fresh scent to the car’s interior space.

  • Air conditioning and fragrance system:
    • The car air conditioning system has the function of adjusting the temperature and circulating air in the car.
    • Nota Air Balance perfume is designed to be gently sprayed into the air conditioning system during operation.
  • Fragrance release process:
    • When the air conditioning system operates, air from outside will be drawn in and pass through the system.
    • Here, Nota Air Balance perfume is gently sprayed into the air stream passing through the air conditioning system.
    • Small particles of perfume will combine with air molecules and be dispersed throughout the car’s interior space.
  • Efficiency and convenience:
    • The process of releasing scent through the air conditioning system helps spread the scent naturally and evenly throughout the car’s interior space.
    • The scent has a strong and long-lasting effect, creating a pleasant and fresh feeling for the driver and passengers.
    • This feature helps ensure an enjoyable driving experience and creates a comfortable feeling in the interior space.

Quick installation, does not affect the vehicle structure

Nota Air Balance perfume is designed to be compact and easily installed in the interior space of the car without requiring cutting or affecting the vehicle structure.

  • Quick installation time:
    • The installation process of Nota Air Balance perfume is very simple and quick.
    • In just about 15 minutes, users can easily install perfume into the car’s interior space.
  • No splicing required:
    • With a special design, Nota Air Balance does not require any cutting or structural changes to the vehicle.
    • Users just need to place Nota Air Balance perfume in a suitable location in the car, such as on a cup holder or in a small compartment.
  • Does not affect vehicle structure:
    • Nota Air Balance’s compact and seamless design ensures it does not affect the vehicle’s structure and design.
    • The perfume is designed to ensure aesthetics and safety when used in the interior space of the car.
  • Compact size:
    • Nota Air Balance has a compact design, making it easy to fit in narrow spaces of a car.
    • The compact size of the product does not take up too much space and does not obstruct the driver and passengers.

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