The most detailed instructions for cleaning car interiors at home

Cleaning the car interior is an important activity in car maintenance. A clean interior not only creates a comfortable and pleasant feeling when using the car, but also keeps the interior space clean and beautiful. In addition, regularly cleaning the interior helps protect the health of the driver and passengers, preventing bacteria, viruses and allergies that are harmful to health. In this article, we will go into detail about how to clean car interiors effectively and safely.

Locations where car interiors need to be cleaned

Car interior cleaning is an important activity to maintain and maintain cleanliness, comfort and safety in the car. Locations that need cleaning include:

  • Seats and upholstery: Seats and seat covers in cars are places that come into direct contact with the body of the driver and passengers. Regular cleaning helps remove dirt, bacteria, sweat and grease, while maintaining the beauty and longevity of the chair material.
  • Floorboards: The car floor is exposed to dust, sand, trash and bacteria from shoes and bags. Cleaning the car floor helps avoid odors and ensures the interior space is always in clean and safe conditions for health.
  • Steering wheel and gear lever: The steering wheel and gear lever are the parts the driver comes into contact with most often when driving. Cleaning them helps prevent bacteria, dirt and grease build-up, while also improving grip and comfort.
  • Control system and control panel: The car’s control system and center console contain many buttons, charging ports and important electronics. Regular cleaning helps ensure stable operation of these devices and avoid damage due to dirt or water.
  • Small gaps and crevices: Small gaps and crevices in the interior are places where dust, trash and bacteria can easily accumulate. Thorough cleaning of these areas helps avoid odors and ensures the vehicle space is always clean and tidy.
  • Glasses and rearview mirrors: Clean windows and rearview mirrors are a prerequisite for clear vision and safe driving, especially in bad weather conditions.
  • Car door: Cleaning car doors helps remove dirt and debris, prevents wear and damage to the door surface, and keeps the interior space always in clean condition.
  • Drawers and storage compartments: Cleaning and neatly arranging the drawers and compartments in the car helps maintain order, creates convenience and prevents unnecessary items from accumulating in the car.
  • Tavan vehicle: Cleaning the car’s tavan helps remove dust and oil, preventing them from falling inside the car and affecting the interior space.
  • Gear lever and accelerator pedal support: Cleaning the surface of the gear lever and accelerator pedal supports increases grip, prevents slipping and ensures safety when driving.

Steps to clean car interior

Cleaning your car’s interior at home is a way to save time and money, and you can also meticulously take care of the car yourself. Below are the steps to clean car interior at home:

Step 1: Prepare tools

  • Vacuuming: Need a car vacuum cleaner or home vacuum cleaner with vacuum function.
  • Surface cleaning: A car cleaning kit includes soft towels, brushes, brushes, microfiber cleaning cloths and car interior or skin care products.

Step 2: Vacuum

  • Use a car vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the floor, seats, car doors, and van.
  • Focus on small gaps and crevices to remove accumulated dirt.

Step 3: Clean the surface

  • Use a car vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the floor, seats, car doors, and van.
  • Focus on small gaps and crevices to remove accumulated dirt.
  • Use a soft cloth or lightly wet microfiber cloth to clean the upholstery, steering wheel, gear lever, dashboard and other parts of the interior surface.
  • For leather surfaces, use a special cleaning product for car leather and wipe gently so as not to damage the material.
  • Use a brush and brush to clean small gaps, crevices, ventilation slots and water slots in the car.

Step 4: Clean the glasses and rearview mirrors

  • Use a soft cloth or car window cleaning paper and glass cleaning solution to clean the window glasses and rearview mirrors.
  • Carefully clean off smudges and fingerprints on the glass to enhance visibility while driving.

Step 5: Arrange and clean drawers and storage compartments

  • Empty the drawers and compartments and arrange them neatly, removing unnecessary items.
  • Wipe the storage compartments with a wet cloth or clean cloth to remove dirt and stains.

Step 6: Clean the car floor

  • Use soapy water and a brush to clean the car floor, and dry with a clean towel.
  • If there is a mat, remove it to clean and hang it to dry before placing it back.

Step 7: Treat bad odors

  • Use car deodorizer products or place dehumidifier boxes in the car to absorb odors and maintain a fresh-smelling interior space.

Step 8: General cleaning and finishing

  • Thoroughly check the entire interior, making sure to clean all gaps and other locations.
  • Finally, use a layer of interior wax or interior surface cleaner and protectant to keep the car looking new and durable.

With these simple cleaning steps, you can take care of your car’s interior effectively and economically. Remember to clean periodically to keep your vehicle clean and comfortable to use.

Should I use an outside interior care service?

In recent years, many interior care services have opened and developed strongly in our country. This makes many car owners wonder whether they should clean it themselves at home or seek outside professional interior care services. Basically, there will be the following advantages and disadvantages:

Clean car interior at home


  • Cost savings: Cleaning car interior at home is cost-effective compared to using a professional service. You just need to invest in some basic cleaning tools and interior care products.
  • Flexible time: You can perform car interior cleaning at home at any time that suits your schedule.


  • Requires time and effort: Cleaning car interior at home requires you to spend time and effort to perform the job meticulously and in detail.
  • Potential ineffectiveness: If the correct methods and products are not used, at-home cleaning may not be as effective as a professional service, reducing its ability to remove stubborn stains and odors.
  • Not up to professional quality: Self-cleaning at home cannot achieve the same quality and effectiveness as professional car interior cleaning services, due to the lack of specialized equipment and techniques.
  • Limitations in troubleshooting:
  • If you discover a serious problem in your car’s interior such as holes, cracks, damage… you will not have the skills or tools to handle it professionally.
  • Needs patience and skill: Car interior cleaning requires patience and skill in handling stubborn stains and small, hard-to-reach details.

In short, cleaning car interiors at home can be suitable for those who like to take care of their cars themselves and save money. However, if you want to ensure higher quality and efficiency, you should consider using a professional car interior cleaning service.

Interior cleaning at car care centers

Before and after cleaning the interior at CarOn


  • Professional and quality: Car care centers often have staff who are highly trained and experienced in cleaning car interiors. They use high quality care products and techniques to ensure interiors are cleaned and protected to the best of their ability.
  • Modern equipment and technology: Car care centers are often fully equipped with modern equipment and technology such as industrial vacuum cleaners, high-pressure water cleaners, dehumidifiers, ozone mist sprayers… to help carry out the cleaning process effectively. effective and fast.
  • Solve interior problems: A car care center can help you solve more complex interior problems such as yellow stains on leather seats, cracks, scratches or unpleasant odors.
  • Save time: Bringing your car to a car care center saves time and effort compared to cleaning it yourself at home.
  • Various services: Car care centers often provide diverse service packages, from basic interior cleaning to deep cleaning, odor treatment, skin renewal, skin care… helping you choose the service that suits your needs. your needs and budget.


  • High cost: Interior cleaning services at car care centers often cost more than doing it yourself at home.
  • Depends on the center: You must take your car to a service center, which may not be convenient if the center is not close to where you live.

Car interior cleaning costs

The cost of cleaning a car interior will depend on many factors such as: Region, vehicle model, service package, etc. But in general, the price will range from 1-2 million VND/package.

On the market today, there are many centers providing car interior cleaning services, however, for in-depth and quality cleaning, highly skilled technicians and professional tools are needed. However, not every place has modern equipment, so you should go to reputable car care facilities and centers to use the service with full specialized equipment. Please ask carefully about the price before doing it, and the implementation process.

A reputable address you can refer to is CarOn Care. This is a chain of professional car care centers present in many provinces and cities. With a team of skilled and experienced technical staff, modern equipment and reasonable prices. CarON is trusted and trusted by many customers when using the service here.

And to preserve the car’s interior, users should also pay attention to limiting eating, smoking and using smelly items while in the car. After eating and drinking, vacuum and clean up immediately to avoid future odors.


CarOn Pro – 5S standard car service system


💡Car interiors need regular cleaning and detailed maintenance to avoid deterioration and provide a comfortable space for users.

🚙At CarOn, car interiors are carefully cleaned and maintained down to every small detail with the following 10-step process:

1️⃣Clear clean up utensils

2️⃣Clean foot mats

3️⃣Vacuum dust and trash on seats, car floors, dashboard, etc.

4️⃣Clean the car ceiling with multi-purpose solution

5️⃣Clean the dashboard, seats, taps, and doors.

6️⃣Clean the inside of the glass door

7️⃣Clean the car floor

8️⃣Maintenance of leather and plastic details

9️⃣Spray deodorant in the car

🔟Check and maintain vehicle parts and engines

👉With the above 10 steps, CarOn ensures to bring satisfaction to customers and drivers when using car interior cleaning and maintenance services at any of the system’s facilities.

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Caron Pro is trusted and known by customers as a chain of 5S standard auto repair service centers. With extremely modern equipment, genuine spare parts, skilled technicians, a full range of services at extremely affordable prices and quality. With a variety of services and products, CarOn is committed to providing the most dedicated quality and service.

Please contact us immediately via Hotline: 1900633612 or 0919009069

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Lot P3, Thi Cam Street, Xuan Phuong, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
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