Tesla Recalls More Than 2 Million Vehicles in the US: Adding Safety Warnings and Updating Autopilot Software

Tesla is conducting a large recall in the US market, affecting more than 2 million of its vehicles, to upgrade software and add safety warnings to the Autopilot driver assistance system. This decision was made after the US Federal Transportation Administration (NHTSA) reported on defects in Autopilot, posing potential safety risks when used.

Prepare for the Biggest Summon in Tesla History

This is considered the largest recall in Tesla’s history, including almost all of the company’s car models in the US market. The goal of this recall is to ensure that drivers can maintain attention and control of the vehicle more safely when using the Autopilot self-driving system.

Conclusions from NHTSA’s Assessment

In the recall filing, Tesla announced that Autopilot’s control software may not be effective enough to prevent drivers from using the feature properly, increasing the risk of a crash. NHTSA representative Ann Carlson shared at a hearing that “one of the things we determined is that drivers are not always paying attention to driving when the Autopilot system is engaged.”

Investigating Safety Warnings From NHTSA

NHTSA conducted a more than two-year investigation to determine whether Tesla models warranted adequate driver attention. This investigation was launched in August 2021, when the agency continuously received information about fatal accidents related to the Autopilot feature.

Improves Safety and Driver Attention

Tesla is committed to updating the software over the air, incorporating new controls and adding warnings to encourage drivers to stay focused and in control of the vehicle when Autosteer is activated. This is an important step to reduce risk and increase the safety of Tesla vehicles on the road.

List of Affected Vehicles and International Response

Affected vehicle models include Model S (2012-2023), Model Transport Canada also announced that Tesla will recall 193,000 vehicles to address issues related to Autopilot. It is still unclear whether China will issue a recall request.

This information highlights the importance of maintaining safety and driver attention during the development and use of self-driving technologies in modern cars. For Tesla vehicle owners, software updates are an important part of ensuring a safe and efficient driving experience.

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