Sunshades for cars – A great summer assistant worth investing in?

Sun visors for cars are one of the important accessories that help protect you and your car from harsh sunlight. When you use a sun visor properly, it not only helps reduce the temperature inside your vehicle, but also protects interior surfaces from the effects of UV rays and reduces the rate of fading. In this article, CARON PRO will share with you what you need to know about car sunshades.

What is a car sun visor?

Car sunshades

Car sunshades are an extremely useful product, helping to cover and protect the driving glass and the space inside the car. Not only are they designed to be thick, they are also made to be waterproof, providing good heat and sound insulation for the vehicle. That helps the car not only resist heat but also keep the space inside the car quieter.

Not only does it cover the windshield, the sun visor also has the ability to prevent harmful effects on plastic and rubber parts of the car’s interior accessories. Thus, they ensure aesthetic elements and keep these details from being deformed or affected by the negative effects of sunlight.

Types of car sunshades?

Sun visor covered in windshield

Sun visor covered in windshield

The sun visor covered in the windshield is sealed inside the glass frame, providing excellent shielding effect and creating an aesthetic highlight for the vehicle. One notable benefit of using a windshield sun visor is the peace of mind it provides. With the installation inside the windshield, car owners do not need to worry about the sun visor being blown away by the wind or being at risk of being stolen. The sun visor becomes safe and creates peace of mind for the car owner during use.


  • Waterproof and highly durable
  • Compact and lightweight so it can be used while driving
  • There is a rubber adhesive that easily sticks to the glass
  • Folds easily after use


  • It is not possible to cover the entire car glass surface
  • The rubber stopper will lose its stickiness after a period of use

Front glass cover

Front glass cover

The sun visor covering the windshield is a light-weight tarpaulin that is easy to remove and move. This product is equipped with an effective heat-insulating silver layer, which helps protect against ultraviolet rays and solar radiation. With this ability, the sunshade ensures effectiveness in blocking the sun.

Sun visors come in many different sizes, suitable for a variety of vehicle models. In particular, they are often used when parking overnight or in hot conditions. When parking the car overnight, the sunshade helps reduce the temperature inside the car and protects the interior from direct sunlight. On hot days, sun visors are the ideal choice to limit sunlight and reduce the temperature inside the car, providing comfort when returning to the car.


  • Capable of completely covering the car’s front glass surface
  • Compact and easy to carry on the road
  • The thickly designed barrier layer helps cool down effectively
  • Prevents vehicle tires from being covered in dirt and impacts
  • Limit scratches to the glass when other objects fall

Defect: Cannot be used while driving

Uses of car sun visors?

Uses of car sunshades

Prevents heat absorption

Car windshield is a part of the car that has the ability to absorb large amounts of heat. The reason for this phenomenon is due to the large area and large tilt of the steering glass, increasing the surface exposed to sunlight compared to other locations on the vehicle. This leads to increased heat and creates a hot, stuffy, uncomfortable feeling for those sitting inside the car.

Most car windshield sunshades are equipped with a layer of aluminum-coated canvas on the surface, which reflects sunlight and reduces the ability to absorb heat into the car. Thanks to this, they improve the interior air and provide comfort when entering the car under harsh sunlight.

Prevent UV rays and solar radiation

One of the important uses of car windshield sunshades is the ability to block ultraviolet (UV) rays and solar radiation. Thanks to the reflective aluminum coating on the sun visors, they help limit the direct impact of UV rays and solar radiation on the car’s interior.

Protects the interior of the car

Sunlight not only heats the air inside the car, but also harms interior components such as the dashboard, leather and rubber parts of the car. Direct sunlight can cause these parts to become brittle, crack, deform and lose their appeal.

If exposed to the sun for too long, the car’s interior can be damaged, and having to repair or replace these parts will be expensive. But when carefully shielded by the sunshade, sunlight does not come into direct contact with the dashboard and interior compartment, helping to increase the lifespan of these parts and maintain the vehicle’s aesthetics.

Experience in choosing to buy effective car sunshades?

Experience in choosing car sunshades

Classified according to usage needs

Car windshield sunshades are often divided into two types: fixed and removable. Each type brings different experiences. In general, a removable sun visor is preferred because of its versatility. When not in use, you can easily remove it and store it conveniently.

Effective sun protection

When choosing a car windshield sunshade, it is important to prioritize the product’s ability to protect against sunlight, UV rays and solar radiation. Usually, people will choose sun visors that are thick and have a reflective design to prevent sunlight and heat from penetrating inside the car.

Material of sun visor

Currently, sun visors are made from many different materials such as PVC, fabric, aluminum coating, etc. Each type has a different design and usage (some are mounted on the outside, some are mounted on the inside of the car). , as well as advantages and disadvantages and different prices. To meet usage needs, buyers can choose the appropriate product. However, you should choose a sun visor with an aluminum-coated surface because this material is considered to have high thermal insulation ability, helping to prevent heat impact on the vehicle.

Style and size

Before buying a sunshade for your car’s windshield, consider the actual style and size of the car. This helps you choose the right design and fit, avoiding the need to cut and adjust during installation.

Product price

In fact, many shoppers often prioritize cheap products without paying attention to quality. This can lead to the wrong purchase of poor quality products. Therefore, it is important to consult prices, product quality and buy from reputable, genuine addresses to ensure your benefits.

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