Start Stop Smartkey – A new trend worth investing in for cars?

Start Stop Smartkey is no longer a new concept for today’s enthusiasts of learning about automotive technologies. However, not everyone understands the detailed structure and operating principles of this smart key system. Today’s article by CARON PRO will help you gain useful knowledge about this smart key so you can use it most effectively.

What is Start Stop Smartkey for cars?

Start Stop Smartkey

Start-Stop Smart Key (also known as Smart Key) is an electronic key used for cars, electric motorbikes and gasoline-powered cars with remote control technology to start and stop the engine quickly. convenient and safe way. Smart Key uses wireless signals for control to unlock doors and start the car. Currently, Smart Key is very commonly used on new car models such as Toyota, Honda, Hyundai…

Although increasingly popular, some low-cost car models are not equipped with push-button start systems and Smartkeys. It is thought that Start Stop Smartkey sets will only appear in high-end cars, but with today’s constantly developing technology, installing smart keys for mid-range cars is no longer difficult.

Structure of Start Stop Smartkey for cars?

  • Remote (remote control): Remote control helps users unlock the door and turn off the burglar alarm light remotely without needing physical contact with the car. Users can press the button on the remote to unlock the door and press again to lock the door.
  • Start-Stop key (or start button): In the car, instead of using the key to start the engine, the user can place the Smart Key near the front window or in the vehicle’s recognition area and press the “Start” button. (start) or “Stop” to control the vehicle’s engine.

What are the features of Start Stop Smartkey for cars?

High safety

When you install the Start Stop Smartkey button start system and smart key for your car, only the smart key containing the installed key encryption can unlock the car. If the key does not contain the key encryption, the system will prevent the car engine from starting even if you press the Start Stop button. Therefore, compared to using traditional mechanical locks and keys, Start Stop Smartkey is much more secure.

Start/shut down the engine via button

When using the Start Stop kit, you will not need to insert the key into the ignition every time you start the car. Because Smartkey will automatically send signals to the system. If the key coding is correct, you can just press the Engine Start Stop button to start/stop the vehicle.

Lock/unlock the door when the key is far/near

Through the button on the Smartkey, you can remotely open or lock the door, lower or close the window glass remotely. Some Start Stop kits also have the feature to automatically unlock the door when the Smartkey is near the vehicle within a radius of 1 – 5 m. Similarly, when Smartkey leaves the vehicle more than 1 – 5 m, the system will automatically activate the door lock.

Alarm when detecting a car door being smashed/scraped

The Start Stop Smartkey system has the function of locking the steering wheel and detecting when there are unusual external forces acting on the vehicle while the vehicle is locked. If an intruder wants to break in or open the door, the system will alarm.

Automatically open/close the trunk

If your car has an electric trunk feature when installing the Smartkey kit, the trunk will automatically open/close if the smart key comes close.

Start/shut down the vehicle remotely

Many Start Stop lines today are also equipped with a remote start feature. You can start the car remotely via Smartkey. This utility helps the car start and turn on the air conditioner early, giving you a cool, comfortable space when entering the car. Similarly, you can also turn off the car engine remotely via Smartkey.

Forgotten key warning

Some smart keys also have an additional warning feature when the car owner forgets the key in the car.

Connect to smartphone

Some modern Start Stop Smartkey lines today also have the ability to connect to smartphones very conveniently.

What types of Start Stop Smartkey are popular?

Start Stop Smartkey Ntek

Start Stop Ntek

Start Stop Smartkey PKE

Start Stop PKE

Start Stop Smartkey Fuji

Start Stop Fuji

Start Stop Smartkey Ovi

Start Stop Ovi

Start Stop Smartkey Karpro

Start Stop Smartkey Kapro

Start Stop Smartkey SKS premium

Start Stop Smartkey SKS

Start Stop Smartkey Ruby

Start Stop Smartkey Ruibin

Start Stop martkey MyKey Premium

Start Stop Smartkey My Key

Instructions for using the Start Stop button?

Start the car:

  • Put the keys in the car
  • Adjust the gear lever to P or N position
  • The foot pedal holds the brake and the hand presses the Engine Start Stop button until the car starts
  • Turn off the car engine: Press and hold the Engine Start Stop button for more than 3 seconds

Turn off the electrical system:

When you are not stepping on the brake, with each press of the Start Stop button, the vehicle’s electrical system will move in the following order: OFF > ACC > ON > OFF. Orange is ACC and blue is ON.

Some other cases:

Pressing the Start Stop button will turn the car off immediately, when the car is moving at a speed of less than 10 km/h.

In case the vehicle loses its brakes or the accelerator pedal is stuck, pressing the Start Stop button for more than 3 seconds will turn off the engine. Note that this operation should only be used in emergency cases because it can affect the car’s engine and transmission system.

Instructions for using Smartkey?

Depending on the features, the Smartkey smart key will have different button icon symbols.

Basic Smartkey lines usually have 3 buttons:

Basic Smartkey key
  • Button with closed lock symbol: press once to lock door
  • Button with lock symbol to open: press once to open the door
  • Button with car symbol: press once to open the trunk

Some more advanced Smartkey lines will have the following additional buttons:

Upgraded Smart key
  • Button with speaker symbol: press once and the car will flash lights and make a sound to easily identify the car’s location to help find the car quickly.
  • The button with the 2x symbol or lightning bolt is the remote ignition button: press the door lock button once, then press the 2x button (or lightning bolt) twice and the car will automatically start; Press the 2x button (or lightning bolt) once to turn off the device

Things to note when using Start Stop Smartkey?

Things to note when using Start Stop Smartkey:

  • Manual transmission vehicles should not be started remotely because many drivers have the habit of leaving the vehicle in gear, only pulling the handbrake when the vehicle stops. At that time, if you accidentally press the remote start button on the Smartkey, the car can run on its own, which is very dangerous.
  • Do not use the smart key when the battery is low or near TV towers, radio stations, airports, or near devices with strong radio waves.
  • You should not share your keys with wireless devices or electronic devices such as smartphones and laptops.
  • Do not leave the controller in places with high temperatures, humidity or strong magnetic fields.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using to start the vehicle properly.
  • You should not buy Start Stop using a fixed code because thieves can use a frequency detector to steal the code. So please prioritize choosing Start Stop to use the change code.
  • Be absolutely wary of cheap Start Stop: There are many cheap Start Stop lines on the market, some even costing only a few hundred thousand. You should avoid buying these types because they are susceptible to risks due to poor quality. Some cheap models with remote start feature often crash the system if the engine is started/shutdown continuously.
  • Need to ensure correct installation techniques: For custom vehicles, installing Start Stop will require intervention in the vehicle’s electrical system. Please contact reputable maintenance and repair centers and facilities when you need to install a smart key lock for your vehicle or when you have problems with your existing smart key lock. This helps ensure product quality, reliability and safety.

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