Should you install fenders on your car?

Should you install fenders on your car? This is a question that many car owners often ask when considering additional accessories for their vehicle. Mudguards, also called fenders or mud guards, have the role of preventing dust, mud, water and other impurities from entering the body of the vehicle. However, is installing fenders really necessary or just an optional option? Let CARON PRO answer those questions through the article below.

What are car fenders?

Car fenders

Car fenders (wheel fenders) are an additional accessory installed on cars, with a wide design and the ability to cover the wheel. They are designed to reduce mud splashing on vehicle bodies, pedestrians and other vehicles.

This accessory appeared in the 1930s and today has become an indispensable detail for cars. Current fender covers are often designed around the outer edge of the wheel or have stylized details to create an aesthetic highlight.

Current car fender covers are often made from fiberglass or ABS plastic, with light weight, flexibility and high durability. They are commonly used on many vehicle models such as SUVs, hatchbacks, pickup trucks, off-road vehicles, sports cars, etc. In addition, manufacturers also provide many different designs and models of fender covers. , creating diversity and choice for customers.

With car fender covers, you can protect your vehicle from dirt, rocks and mud, while adding beauty and sophistication to your vehicle.

What is the effect of fender covers for cars?

Effects of car fenders
  • Protect the body and rear of the car: In rainy and windy weather conditions, car fenders help prevent mud from sticking to the body and rear of the car. This keeps the vehicle clean and prevents damage from constant exposure to dirt and water.
  • Protecting wheel wells: Car fenders also play an important role in protecting wheel wells. When the vehicle is exposed to dusty roads or passes through wet areas, the fenders prevent dust and water from penetrating the wheel wells. This helps prevent oxidation and damage to components such as brakes and suspension.
  • Easy to clean: An important advantage of car fenders is the convenience of cleaning. The plastic part of the fender is designed to be smooth, helping to limit dirt and dust from sticking to it. When cleaning is needed, just wash or wipe the fender surface, and the car will become clean quickly.
  • Aesthetics and creating a new look for the vehicle: Car fenders not only have a functional effect but also play a role in creating the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle. There are many different fender designs and styles, from traditional to modern, which help highlight the tires and add visual appeal to the vehicle’s exterior.

What types of car fenders are popular on the market?

Car fenders

OE Style fenders

OE Style car fender accessories are a suitable choice for classic cars. This type of fender is highly appreciated for its sophistication, harmony with the vehicle’s exterior and brings a new experience to users.

Personal style fenders

Personality style car fender accessories have a similar design to OE Style, but are more compact and have personality. Although its size is smaller, it still ensures the ability to block fenders and highlight the tires, especially on vehicles with large tires.

Pocket/Bolt style fenders

Pocket/Bolt style car fender accessories have a sturdy and sturdy structure, providing good protection for the vehicle, especially in the fenders. The cladding surface is equipped with floating bolts, creating a strong and impressive feeling for the car when moving on the road.

Modern style fenders

This modern-style car fender does not have a unique structure like other types, but it has high rigidity and minimizes mud splashes on the car body and pedestrians. Modern car fenders are designed to be smooth, with no screws floating on the tire surface. Even so, it retains its fender protection and at the same time adds beauty to the vehicle once installed.

Are car fenders really necessary?

When traveling in rainy, stormy weather and through flooded roads, cars are often covered in mud, causing loss of aesthetics. This is a common problem for vehicles in Vietnam during the rainy season. Therefore, equipping fenders is necessary to minimize mud sticking to the body and rear of the car, as well as easily clean the car after driving in the rain or when passing through muddy areas. swamp.

Above is all useful information about installing car fenders. If you decide to equip this accessory, users should choose a product from a reputable manufacturer and suitable for the vehicle’s style. In addition, car owners should take their vehicles to professional service workshops for the best support.

Instructions for installing car fenders effectively at home?

Install car fenders effectively at home

Car fender covers are an accessory that is easy to install at home. To ensure dimensional accuracy and avoid warping during installation, follow these steps:

  • First, turn the wheel all the way to one side to create space to install the fender.
  • Test the fender against the rear tire and clean it with water, then wipe dry. Check the fender size to see if it is suitable. If it meets the standard, use the sharp tip to reposition the position where there are no screw holes.
  • Use a screwdriver to hold the car fender pin.
  • Finally, use vehicle screws to attach the fender. In case you do not have the screws that come with your car, you can use the screws that come with the set to fix the car fender.

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