Should electric folding mirrors be installed in cars? Reputable address?

The mirror is one of the important and necessary parts of any car. Currently, customizing rearview mirrors is very popular in Vietnam. Many people wonder whether cars need to have electric folding mirrors? The article below from CARON PRO will answer all your questions about electric folding mirrors for cars.

What is electric folding mirrors for cars?

Car electric folding mirror

Electric folding mirrors are a car upgrade solution that allows the driver to adjust the inside and outside rearview mirrors using switches or control buttons. Instead of having to adjust the mirror manually, the driver can adjust the mirror with just a button or switch located near the handlebar. Currently, the use of electric folding mirrors is quite popular in Vietnam. Most new, modern cars today are equipped with this function. However, due to head-to-head competition, some car manufacturers have cut back on this effect to reduce prices and increase the competitiveness of their car lines. This has unintentionally made it difficult for users to use. That’s why many people have thought about installing electric folding mirrors for their car for more convenience and better experience during use.

Types of electric folding mirror repair services?

Currently on the market there are two main types of mirror folding: electric mirror and automatic mirror. For vehicles that only have mechanical mirrors (manual folding mirrors), it is necessary to install an additional electric motor to the electric folding mirror. The motor will replace the user’s manual folding and opening of the mirror through button control. click. For vehicles that already have electric folding mirrors, a controller can be added so that the mirror automatically folds and opens when entering or exiting the vehicle by pressing the door open or close on the driver’s key. Among them, the automatic mirror folding service is the most sought after by car owners.

What is the effect of electric folding mirrors?

  • Helps you easily move when going into small alleys or narrow curves, especially during rush hours. You will save more time when you just press the switch to fold the mirror and let the car out of the cramped area, then press to open the mirror and you’re done, without having to stick your hand out.
  • In case the car is running on the road, if there is an accident that causes the mirror to be out of position. Electric folding mirrors have the ability to automatically regain the original mirror position easily. You don’t need to get out of the car or reach out to turn the rearview mirror back, just sit in the car and press the open/close switch to return the mirror to its original position.
  • The electric folding mirror will automatically fold when the car door is locked and automatically open when the driver opens the car door.
  • You can know for sure whether the car is locked or not when you are quite a distance away from the car. When pressing the lock with the remote but the mirror does not automatically fold in, it means the door or trunk is not locked tightly, helping to increase the safety of the car.
  • Electric folding mirrors add modernity and aesthetics to the car, helping the car look neater and more sophisticated.

Are electric folding mirrors harmful to the car?

Electric folding mirrors do not harm the car

This is one of the questions that many people wonder and care about before installing electric folding mirrors for their car because they are worried that it will affect the structure of the car and cause damage to the car during the process. use. Normally, when adjusting electric folding mirrors for cars, technicians make adjustments to ensure the mirrors are suitable and firmly connected to the vehicle’s existing structure. In fact, external accessories such as rearview mirrors will not have much effect on the car’s internal systems and structures. But to ensure the most effective electric folding mirrors for your car, you should still choose reputable maintenance units to avoid unnecessary problems and errors that affect the car.

Things to note when adjusting electric folding mirrors for cars?

Note when the mirrors are electrically folded

Here are things to keep in mind when installing electric folding mirrors for cars:

  • Vehicles that do not have a motor must install an electric motor, an auxiliary switch and a circuit board to automatically fold the mirrors with the door lock/unlock remote.
  • When installing a mirror folding motor, it is necessary to minimize manual folding of the mirror. If you fold the mirror manually too many times, it will affect the transmission gear and motor.
  • Before proceeding with the electric folding mirror, carefully read the instruction manual from the manufacturer or vehicle system to clearly understand the specific information about installing and using the electric folding mirror on your car model.
  • Please ensure that the power supply is suitable for the power folding mirrors. You need to learn about the vehicle’s electrical system and how to connect the electric folding mirrors to it.
  • Choose the right electric folding mirror controller for your vehicle. Make sure this controller is compatible with your vehicle’s electrical system and mirror controls.
  • Before performing the official installation, test the controls and power folding mirrors to ensure they operate properly and in accordance with expectations.

Process of adjusting electric folding mirrors for cars

  • Step 1: Check the vehicle and the mirror’s operation.
  • Step 2: Remove the mirror from the car.
  • Step 3: Remove the mirror plastic cover.
  • Step 4: Install the motor onto the aluminum frame then screw it in place.
  • Step 5: Install the plastic cover to the mirror.
  • Step 6: Wire the power supply for the motor to operate and install the mirror on the car.
  • Step 7: Install the automatic folding/spreading mirror control circuit and switch set.
  • Step 8: Complete installation, check mirror operation.
  • Step 9: Final check to ensure the mirror is working properly.

Time and cost to install electric folding car mirrors?

Each type of electric folding mirror will have a different price and installation time. Below are common cost times for your reference:


A set of automatic folding mirrors usually costs between 1.5 – 3 million VND. Price depends on the complexity of installation and the type of mirror the car owner chooses. For cars that already have a motor, the price will be cheaper, only about 1.5 – 2 million VND. Vehicles that do not have a motor installed will cost about 3 million VND higher.


A set of electric folding mirrors will usually take about 3 – 4 hours to install. Depending on the condition of the car, the installation time will be long or short. For vehicles with built-in motors, installation will be simpler. Just add an automatic mirror folding circuit to the car window, then when you lock the car door, the mirror will automatically fold. If the original car does not have this motor, it will have to be retrofitted and the cost will also be higher.

Address for effective electric folding mirrors for cars?


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