Scratched windshield: Causes and solutions

The windshield is one of the most important components of the driving system. It is located at the front of the vehicle and plays an important role in protecting the driver from environmental factors such as wind, rain, dust, insects and ultraviolet rays. In addition, the windshield also plays an important role in providing clear and safe vision for the driver when driving the vehicle.

However, a common problem that driving glasses often encounter is scratches, so what is the cause and how to handle it. Let’s learn about the article below

Cause the steering glass is scratched

  • Collision with hard objects: When driving on the road, the windshield can collide with hard objects such as rocks, tree branches, or other foreign objects. These collisions can cause scratches on the glass surface. drive.
  • Impact from the environment: The surrounding environment can also cause scratches on the windshield such as sand, dust, chemicals, etc. impacting the glass surface and causing scratches.
  • Improper cleaning: Using hard materials to clean or rubbing too hard can also cause scratches on the windshield. Using incorrect or abrasive cleaners can also damage your vehicle’s glass.
  • Strong impact: Traffic accidents or collisions with other hard objects can also cause serious scratches or breaks on the windshield.

How to handle scratched steering glass

Polish car windows

There are many tips to simply apply toothpaste or use nail polish to remove scratches on your car. However, this method is ineffective and also time-consuming. According to experts, the most effective way to treat scratched windshields is to polish and remove scratches with chemicals for specialized cars.

This chemical often contains the ingredient Cerium Oxide, which not only helps remove scratches but also removes yellow stains, restores the windshield and the brightness of the vehicle’s windshield.

Procedure for dealing with scratched steering glass

Step 1: Clean the steering glass surface

Step 2: Wet the windshield

Step 3: Shake the bottle of polishing solution well, apply/spray evenly on the surface of the car glass

Step 4: Use the machine to polish the surface of the glass for 10-15 minutes

Step 5: Use a smooth cloth to clean the glass surface

Glass welding

Glass welding is using glue to seal and fix cracks. Before welding the glass, the worker will clean the crack, then inject glue to fill the crack depending on the color of the glass.

Replace new windshield

When the glass is cracked, it is considered the best solution. However, replacing new glass will cost more (in case car insurance is not applied). The price of genuine car windshields currently ranges from several million to several tens of million VND depending on the vehicle. On the other hand, when replacing new glass, installing it accurately and ensuring safety standards is as difficult as original glass. Therefore, if replacing a new windshield, priority should be given to replacing glass from the manufacturer.

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