“New Generation Mitsubishi Pajero: Beautifully Designed and Expected to Launch Late Next Year”

Mitsubishi is preparing for the launch of a large SUV, possibly a new version of the Pajero, which is expected to be launched late next year. The latest information from sources in Japan has revealed that the company has teased plans to launch 16 new car models in the next 5 years, including at least 2 SUV models, including a body-on-frame vehicle. block and a vehicle that shares a chassis with the Triton.

Predicting the Design and Identity of Vehicle Models

PPV – Pickup Passenger Vehicle, is a vehicle that uses a pickup chassis but is optimized for families. The PPV car in the photo has a 99% chance of being a Pajero Sport, while the 3-row SUV is a Pajero. Photo: Mitsubishi.

Predictions say this large 7-seat SUV could be Pajero, one of Mitsubishi’s iconic cars. Meanwhile, Pajero Sport is also rumored to have a new version, expected to launch in 2025.

Pajero – “Heart of the Brand”

Koichi Namiki, Mitsubishi product strategy manager, asserted that the Pajero is “the heart of the brand.” He emphasized that, although it is possible to cooperate with partners, Mitsubishi will not borrow the chassis of another brand’s vehicle for Pajero. This view is also agreed by the CEO of Mitsubishi Australia, placing Pajero in a special position in their product portfolio.

Expected Launch Date

According to the plan, the 3-row SUV, believed to be the Pajero, is expected to launch at the end of 2024. Meanwhile, the new Pajero Sport will have its debut in 2025. Mitsubishi Australia CEO, Shaun Westcott, confirmed the company “definitely has new large SUVs launching in the coming years,” demonstrating its commitment to growth and innovation in the car market.

Platform and Chassis

While information about the Pajero Sport has been confirmed to share a chassis with the Triton, information about the Pajero’s platform is still a mystery. Mitsubishi leaders have ruled out the possibility of using the Nissan Patrol’s chassis, simply borrowing “some systems and components.”

Mitsubishi promises to bring a new and modern look to the new generation Pajero, preserving the value and spirit of this car line. We will continue to update details as new information becomes available about this large SUV from Mitsubishi. Don’t forget to follow Tapchioto.vn to not miss any updates about the car world!

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