Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2023 with a new 2-tone version has officially launched in the Vietnamese market, bringing consumers new experiences with many notable improvements. This article will review the car’s outstanding features and attractive incentives awaiting customers in November.

The exterior is sporty and unique

The new version of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is not only a color innovation but also brings a completely new look with a carefully tweaked exterior. The steering wheel and front bumper are painted black to make it stand out, while the black wheel rims completely show luxury and strength. Exterior paint color options such as Red – Black, White – Black, Black will make the car unique and individual.

Safety features

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2023 is not only beautiful but also safer with the addition of the Tire Pressure Sensor system (TPMS). This enhances the ability to monitor and maintain tire pressure, ensuring the safety of your journey.

Interior and engine

The high-quality leather interior and 8-way electrically adjustable driver and passenger seats remain the same from the previous version, while the 8-inch LCD digital dashboard and 8-inch entertainment screen with connectivity Android Auto and Apple CarPlay ensure a modern and convenient driving experience.


Mitsubishi Pajero Sport still uses a 2.4L diesel engine with electronic variable valve control technology, and the Japanese automaker’s signature Super Select 4WD-II 2-wheel drive system. Notably, the selling price of the new version has not increased compared to the previous version, but customers who buy a car in November will receive 100% registration fee support and 1 year of free physical insurance, total value. incentives up to nearly 160 million VND.

With the perfect combination of modern design, safety and special incentives, the 2023 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 2-tone version promises to be the ideal choice for car enthusiasts in the Vietnamese market. Male. Don’t miss this special opportunity this November to own this classy and comfortable car!

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