Is charging an electric car really more cost-effective than filling up with gas?

A study in the United States has revealed that charging an electric car is often more expensive than refueling an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. According to specific data, traveling 160km will cost about 9.78 USD (equivalent to 232,000 VND) for an internal combustion engine vehicle, while for an electric vehicle, the estimated cost is 15.97 USD (equivalent to 379,000 VND).

Some people used to think that charging an electric car would be more economical than refueling a car with an internal combustion engine. However, recently, a study in the United States showed different results showing that for every 160 km driving distance, a vehicle using an internal combustion engine can be more economical than charging an electric car.

With pickup models, Anderson Economic Group has said that the cost to fill up diesel for every 160 km of an internal combustion engine pickup is about 17.10 USD, while an electric pickup will cost about 17.72 USD (equivalent to 420,000 VND) for charging at home for the same distance. Charging an electric pickup truck at an average charging station will cost about 26.38 USD (equivalent to 389,000 VND) for the same distance.

“Amid possible increases in electricity prices and falling gasoline prices, most conventionally fueled vehicles will have lower operating costs than electric models in the first half of 2023,” the research team said. … However, driving an electric vehicle can still help drivers save some costs compared to driving a vehicle with a high-power internal combustion engine, especially vehicles using premium gasoline fuel. Notably, for those who charge their vehicles at home, new generation electric pickup trucks have almost the same fuel price as pickup trucks using traditional gas or diesel internal combustion engines. .”


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